Union via Love vs Union via Wisdom
A stands for Anusandhanam Swaswaroopasya = Bhakti,
True enquiry into nature of the Real I is Bhakti, Love,
A state where there is no Vibhakti, Vi meaning without,
Non separation from the Eternal, Absolute Self !
Sing, Heavenly Muse, how the aesthetically superior Bhakti Yoga,
Towers above other Yogas; the intellectually superior Jnana,
And the ethically superior, Karma,As worship of Thee,
Universal Beauty Beyond Compare, brings Mukti effortlessly.
Sing O Deity of Eloquence, how distant is the result of Karma,
Work is Worship, Duty is Divine, Kartavyam Yogam Uchyate,
How Upanishadic Wisdom, or Science of Absolute, is difficult,
Only unalloyed Love for Thee is the noblest and the best !
We reiterate our definitions,
Jnana Yoga is Union via Wisdom,
Karma Yoga is Union via Action,
And Bhakti Yoga is Union via Love.
Mukti, Self Actualisation, Union via Wisdom
Yukti, logic , reason
Bhukti, material welfare, enjoyments sensory,
And Bhakti , Union via Love.
The Ninefold Bridal Mysticism,
The Nava Vidha Bhakti Yoga,
Consists of Hearing Kirtans, consecration,
Servicing, worship, comradeship & sacrifice.
( Swaswaroopasya Anusandhanam Bhaktirithi
 Abhideeyate - Sankara ).

Definition of Bhaga and Bhagavan
In yet another esoteric Symbolism, the Prema Purusha,
The Absolute Self as Love Immortal,
Is the Personification of Six Qualities Great,
Bliss, integrality, potency, fame, prosperity and Wisdom.
One of the best definitions of Bhagavan,
Is Bhavam Nihatya Yogam Dadati iti Bhagah,
He who destroys wordliness and imparts Bliss,
Bha taken from Bhava Sagara and Ga from Yoga.
Not only has He undergone Transmutation,
But He can transmute others too,
He who had reached the altaltissimo of Yoga,
The Actualisation of the Mighty Self !
In another definition, Bha stands for Bhoomi, Earth,
Ga for Gagan, Ether, Va for Vayu, A for Akasha,
N for Neer, and so we have the Elemental Five,
And the Pancha Bhootatmaka Purusha is Bhagavan ! 
Situated centrally, in the Chariot of the Body,
The Controller of All, the Absolute Self,
Favors elements positive and destroys the negative,
In the mighty inner war, out of Boundless Love !
How can Wisdom conflict with Love ?
If the highest Wisdom be Love ?
How can Action conflict with Love,
If Love in Action is Non Violence ?
Scholars will go disputing till Eternity,
Which Yoga is greater amongst the Threefold Yog !
Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga or Karma Yoga,
Bhakti, obviously, as the highest Prudence is Love !
Thus it is said that Union via Love,
Is the simplest and the best !
Amongst the Yogs Triune,
As the highest Virtue is Love !

Since Jnana Yoga can give Mukti,
Bhakti Yoga can give Mukti and Bhukti,
Powers both eternal and temporal,
As the highest temperance is Love !

Distant and Far is the result of Karma,
Jnana is difficult to comprehend and dolorous,
But different is Union via Love, Anvayam Bhakti Yoga,
As the highest fortitude is Love !
Thou hast declared,
That Bhakti Yoga is greatest,
For, the Bliss that accrueth from Thee,
Is unparalleled under the Sun !

I crave not the Empyrean,
Nor the Bliss of Self Actualisation,
Nor the Ashta Siddhis,
The paranormal powers of Yoga !
May I ever be in communion with Thee,
So that I always have Thy Grace !
May that Almighty Love,
Pulsate in my veins forever !
As per Thy Command,
Embrace Universal Love,
Thou art the Revealer,
Thou art the Redeemer !
Like a politician, Dante defected,
From Jnana Yoga to Bhakti,
Then his heirophantess, teacher, Beatrice,
Praised him for his intelligence !
Revealed to Bhakti and veiled from Mukti,
And transcending Yukti, are strange benedictions !
They say, a Jara Bhava , partiality exists in Brahm,
Who graces more Bhakti Yoga than others !
Sing , O Deity of magniloquent fecundity,
How simplicity is the best city,
The great city which the great Gandhi loved,
The simplest and the best is Bhakti !

It is said that Bhakti can sway Brahm,
As a monarch sways his dominions,
On the contrary, Jnana will not be able to see,
A glimpse of the Lord's Mighty Feet !
The Principle of Highest First,

The Gold of the Miser,
The Bride of the Youngster,
The Empire of the Emperor,
The Scientifc Mystery of the Scholar
Literature and Poetry of the good,
The Nihil of the Atheist,
The Heaven of the Karmik,
ANd Cosmic Consciousness of the Yogi,
The Self's favorite, Highest Liked, Swa Abheeshta is He !
The Code which none has deciphered,
The Mystery which none has solved,
The Secret of the mighty Philosophers,
That Unknown is He !
Sing O Deity of Silver tongued oratory, What is the need
Of Prayer or Meditation, or other Yogic techniques,
When Thy Mighty Name on our lips,
Immerses us in Bliss transcendent ?