Apostle of Oneness
The Master Idea of Unity was born here,
Advaitam Janicha Nattil,
Here Nativity of the Apostle of Oneness occurred,
Adi Sankaran Janicha Nattil.
It was Kerala who promulgated the Grand Mystic Tie,
Which not only unites all men into Brotherhood,
But all the elements of the Cosmos into Unity,
Known to the Sages as Advaita Vedanta Sastra !
Yet Kerala has been devoured,
By many pseudo idelologies,
As many of her intellectuals could not understand,
The scientific concept of the Absolute !
Did not Plato and Pythagorus averr,
That those caught up in the morasses,
Of diversity and change,
Are not Philosophers true ?

While fools sees diversity,
The Ontologist sees Unity,
His intellectual energy balanced here,
The black account of human Nescience !
No wonder Max Mueller hailed Him,
As one of the greatest
If i believe in any body in this world,
It is Sree Sankara of the East.
What Emerson said of Plato,
Can be said about Sankara
Sankara is Philosophy
And Philosophy is Sankara.
A Parallel to Emerson's Seven Great Men,
Kalidasa, the Poet,
Aurobindo, the Writer,
And Sankara, the Philosopher.


Kapila, the Sceptic,
Brahma Gupta, the Astronomer,
Raman, the Mystic,
And Asoka, the Man of the World
It is not easy to reach Divinehood,
And climb the Mount of Omniscience !
He did it within a span of 33 summers,
Defeating world class scholars !
He carried on his work of World Redemption,
Till Light invaded his being entirely,
Till negative forces were destroyed completely
And perished the Adversary Force !


Modern Science arrives at Unity,
Sum Total Universal Energy is One.
It is the Same Universal Substance,
Composing the differentiated parts of the Universe !
This Sum Total Universal Energy includes,
Parallel Universes and Multiverses,
The constellations and the galaxies,
Dark Energy and Dark Matter,
And black and white holes, quasars and pulsars !
This Sum Total Energy is conserved,
As it knoweth no destruction or creation !
The Law of Conservation of Universal Energy !

This Great Law of Nature Universal,

The Absolute, the One Universal Substance,
Which is in Itself, which is Itself,
Conceived by Itself, as it cannot by conceived by another.
This Great Philosopher procalimed it long ago,
Even before the Advent of Modern Science
That Unity is Reality and Diversity is illusory,
Maya Matram Idam Dvaitam, Advaitam Paramarthata
Many consider Him an Incarnation,
He is part of the Guru Parampara,
Of Masters Divine, beginning from the Lord,
With the Yogi Trotaka at the end.
Narayanam padmabhavam Vasishtam
Shaktim cha Tat Putra Parasaram cha
Vyasam Sukam Gowdapadam Mahantam
Govinda Yogeendra matasya Shishyam
Tat Trotakam varthikakara manyan
Asmat Guroon Santhathamanathosmi.
We bow to the tradition of Divine Masters,
Stretching from the Eternal Lord,
To Brahma, Vasishta, Sakti,
And to his son Parasara
To Vyasa, Suka, Gaudapdam,
And to the great Govinda Yogeendra,
To Sankara, Padmapada,
Hastamalaka and Trotaka !
To Him who wrote commentaries,
On Sruthis, Smritis and Puranasa,
To Him who showed the irrefutable Logic,
The Logic of the Absolute !
Sankaraam Sankaracharyam
Kesavam Badarayanam
Sutra Bhasya Krutau Vande,
Bhagavantau Puna Puna
To Him who became divine,
Through the Alchemy of Yoga,
To Kesava, To Badarayana,
And who gave the Greatest Instruction !


O Kerala, within thy mind noble,
Burned all discords snd concords !
Thine was the Yogic Vision,the Rapture, ,
The madness of minds noble !


That which errs not nor subsides,
But waits with patience infinite,
Until its foreknowledge is actualised,
And fufilled becomes its dream !