A stands for Ananta  Vai Veda,
That Vedas have no beginning and end
That that Infinite Mass of Infinite Knowledge of the Infinite,
Is infinitely Infinite in its infinite nature !
Vedas are the Encyclopaedia of SCI,
Not only SCI, but all sciences eighteen,
Its Emblem is the formidable Tree of Knowledge,
With Poetic Meters as its branches !
Oordha Moola Madha Sakha
Aswatham Prahur Avyayam
Chandamsi yasya parnani
Yastham Veda sa Vedavith
A stands for the Art of Divine Symbolism,
Many of the Eternal Qualities are deified,
The Absolute Self as Time, Space and Wisdom,
Are the Kala Purusha, Visva Purusha and Veda Purusha.
The Body of The Eternal,
Is Immutable Law,
The Mind of the Eternal,
Is the Cosmic Mind, Mana Sudhamsu.
The Voice of The Eternal,
Are the Sages,
Siddhodaya Swara Gana,
Who live in Union.
The Sleep of The Eternal,
Is the Sleepf of Superconscience,
The Breath of the Eternal,
Is the Infinite Vedas !

The Head of The Eternal,
Is the Empyrean,
The Feet of the Eternal,
Is the Inferno.
The Generative Organ of The Eternal,
Is Prajapati,
The Testicles of the Eternal,
Are the Mithras !.
The Veins of The Eternal,
Are the Rivers,
The Hairs of the Eternal,
Are the Mountains !
The Movement of The Eternal,
Is Time , gamayantu Kalah!
The Corporeal Frame  of the Eternal,
Is the Universe.

The Back of the Eternal,
Is Mighty Evil !
Prishtandva Adharma iha deva,
He is both Good and Evil !
The Navel of the Eternal,
Are the mighty Oceans,
Kukshi Samudra Nivaha
And His Heart, Avyakta.
Avyakta is that state,
When all the three natural attributes,
Sattwa, Rajas and Thamas,
Find their perfect equilibrium !

The Teeth of The Eternal,
Are the constellations great,
Tara ganascha Radana,
And His teeth wicked, Death !
The Smile of The Eternal,
Is the Cosmic Illusory Power,
Maya Vilasa Hasitam,
When Thou deceivest Thyself !
The Eyes of The Eternal,
Are the formidable Jyotis Sastra,
Jyotisham chakshushee cha,
His Third Eye !
Of all the fourteen parallel Universes, O Love Divine,
The Inferno, they say, is Thy Feet,
Evam Chaturdasa Jagatmayatham gathasya,
Paatam Easa ! Tava Pada Talam Vadanti.
Thy Face Jana and Thy Head, the Empyrean,
Sirasthava samastha mayasya Satyam !
Thy Glance is Moksha, Self Realisation,
Nishvesha vishva rachana cha kadaksha moksha !
The Seventh Heaven, the Empyrean,
Is Satya Loka in the Indian !
The Inferno , famous after Dante,
Is Paatala in the Indian !
In the other Symbolism of the Veda Purusha,
The Absolute Self as Wisdom Eternal,
His Eyes are Astronomy and Astrology,
And His Feet, Poetic Meters, Chandas !

With Phonetic adorning His Face,
And His Voice, the Sevenfold Music,
His Nose, Linguistics,
And His Ears, Science of Definition !
In the other Symbolism of the Kala Purusha,
The Absolute Self as Time Eternal,
Aries is His Head and Taurus, His Face,
Cnncer, His Heart and Pisces, His Feet !