The Grandest Concept
Greatest concept known to Man,
Averred Somerset Maugham,
Author of the celebrated Razor's Edge,
Is the concept of the Absolute !
And, pray, what is the Absolute?
It is One, Immutably Homogenous,
Infinite; and this definition surpassed,
All other definitions of Truth !
Absolute Maximum has been defined by many,
As Great Geometer, by Plato,
As Great Geometriciser, by Spinoza
And as Great Geometrician, by Cheiro.
There was another definition which stood out,
The DIvine as an Infinite Sphere,
With center everywhere, circumference nowhere,
Defined by the divine Hermes Trismegistus !
So far, the best scientific term for the Divine,
Was the Infinite, Satyam, Jnanam, Ananatam Brahma .
But Absolute contains Infinity in Itself,
And became the most scientific term !
Absolute implies non relative,
As Infinite implies non finite,
Being implies Becoming,
As Becoming, Being !


Yes, G William Friedrich Hegel,
Author, Encyclopaedia of Philosophic Sciences,
Had fathered the greatest concept known to Man,
The concept of the Absolute !
What does the Hegelian Three Phase Dialectic mean?
It depicts the struggle of Being for Self Realisation
Through the famous Three Phase Dialectic,
Of Theis, Anti Thesis and Synthesis !
The Absolute is Being,
The Absolute is Becoming,
The Absolute is Spiritual,
And the Absolute is Nothing !
Rationalism made a hasty retreat,
The so called Egalitarianism,
The true opiate of the people,
Had to go on exile !
Atheism and Agnosticism seemed hollow,
Devoid of any logicality !
Egalitarianism, the Gospel of Envy,
Substituted as the Opiate of the People !
Aurobindo differed from the orthodox view,
By Absolute, he meant not the non relative,
But an Absolute which takes relativity in its embrace !
Absolute is everywhere, every finite is an Infinite !


The Absolute Being,
Splits itself into Real and Ideal,
And while splitting so,
Maintains an Absolute non chalance !
The Absolute Being,
Projects Itself as the Relative Triad,
Of Jagat,Jiva and Para,
But remains absolutely Absolute !
When Absolute is minussed,
From the Absolute, only Absolute remain,
Poornasya Poornamadaya,
Poornamevava Shishyate !