A stands for the   Art of Poetry,
Art of generating the Fulness of Beauty,
That Art which uplifts thee and make thee realise,
In this body of earth, the luminous Kingdom of Heaven !
Yoga for Poetry
Poets are born, not made,
Even though Milton was a made Poet !
He had lived laborious days,
To master every portion of the Bible !
If Venus is in the Second House,
A Poet Laureate is born !
Dwiteeyastho yadi Bhrighu,
Kavyalankara Sastravan.
Amongst Poets, I am the planet Venus,
Kaveenam Usana Kavee.
Venus represents Aesthetics, Poetics & Rhetoric,
Kavya Komala Vagvilasamathulam.
Venus was in the Second in the Charts,
Of Tennyson, Byron, Tagore and Aurobindo.
Second is the House of Speech,
And Venus or Poesis dances on the tongue.
Heavenly sorrow, divinest Melancholy,
Is the sign and symptom of Spiritually.
Why devotees suffer more than the others,
Is an unknown, divine secret !
Urukkidunnu Mizhineerilittu,
Mukkunna muttam Bhuvanaika Shilpi,
Manushya Hrittam Kanakathe Etho,
Panitharathin Upayuktamakkan
Tha Master Melter melts us in  tears,
Melancholy marks us for her own,
He breaks our hearts only to remake them,
In an act of Creative Destruction divine !
Longfellow referred to Dante,
As one of the greatest poets ever !
"I enter, I see thee in the gloom,
Of the long aisles, O Poet Saturnine !"
He was called Poet Saturnine,
Because Melancholy planet
Was rising at his nativity !
And had influenced him greatly !
"Tuscan, thou wanderest through the realms of gloom,
And in thy bosom, what human sympathies,
What soft compassion glows in the skies,
The tender stars with their shades lamps relume".
A mendicant, he ate the bitter bread of others,
But repaid their meagre gifts with Immortaliy.
In the courts of princes, he was a by word,
And was mocked by children, like the Hebrew Prophet !
Longfellow's tribute to Dante,
Is reminiscent of Tagore's tribute to Aurobindo !
O my friend,O Voice Eternal, of the Great Soul of India,
Rabindranath, O Aurobindo, Bows to thee !
It is said only a Genius,
Can appreciate another.
Similarly, only a Poet,
Can appreciate another.
Sukaveer Sabda Soubhagyam,
Sat Kaveer vetti Napara.
This was endorsed by Kalidasa,
India's premier Poet.
Marlowe pictured the Titanic Man,
The Master Scholar as  Dr Faustus,
A figure inspired by Paracelsus,
Companella and Giodarno Bruno !
"Learned Faustus, to know the secrets of Astronomy,
Written on the roof of Jove's high firmament,
Did scale himself to Mount Olympus up,
And even to the heights of Primum Mobile !
Hamlet referred to his father thus
"Hyperion's curls, the front of Jove Himself,
The eye of Mars born to threaten and command !
Wisdom of the Heavens was beloved to Shakespeare !

That the Universal Will is reflected in the Heavens,
Was voiced by Shakespeare and Origen.
"The Heavens blaze for the death of Princes",
And Origen believed them to be omens and signs !

Te man who built the St Paul's Cathedral in London,
Was Sir Christopher Wren, a Professor of Astronomy,
And well versed in the Wisdom of the Heavens,
And a man who integrated both Science and Wisdom.
Central figure is that of a Lamb carrying a Cross,
Installed when Sun crossed the Vernal Equinox,
Lamb indicating qualities of patience, meekness and resignation,
Qualities found in those who are the followers of Law Eternal.