Sacred Music Therapy
If the healing power of  Sound
Is the famous Music Therapy,
Then healing power of  Divine Sound,
Is Sacred Music Therapy.

Medicus curata, natura sanat,
It is Nature that heals, while the physician treats.
Prakriti has the power to heal,
Purusha also has that power great.
In other words, it shoud be,
Deus Curata, Natura Sanat,
Both  Purusha and Prakriti are healers,
Being both eternal.

Bhajan is derived from Bha and Ja,
Bha signified by Bha, Divine,
Ja indicating Janayitri, Generatrix,
Both standing for Nature and He !
Bliss chemicals are the Healers,
Dopamine, serotonin et al.
Lack of Bliss chemical, Dopamine,
Is the cause of Parkinson's.
What is Music, after all ?
But Confluence of Lyrics, Dance & Instrumentals?
Geetham, Vadyam tadha Nritham,
Trayam Sangeetham uchyate.
Sacred Music Therapy can heal,
As it can generate Bliss within,
And that Bliss can annihilate,
Sorrow innate in mind human.
Bhajans can generate Bliss,
They are part of Bhakti
Bhajans are mood changers,
Bhajans can heal a lot  !
"I dwell not in the Empyrean,
Neither in Sun or in Moon,
I reside there always,
Where My Sacred songs are sung!"
He prefers Bhakti Yoga,
To Yogas other Three,
You can toy with Brahman,
With adequate Bhakti.
He had hid HIs Secrets,
From mighty Jnana Yoga.
Most of His unknown mysterIes
Are revealed only to the Bhakta !


Psychiatry  was redefned by Dr Sandweiss,
As the Sai Chiatry  of Love
Universal Love is the Healer,
The true Lord Dhanvantari..
The full form of SAI BABA is,
Sai And I are Both Being & Awareness,
He is Hippocrates, He is Dhanvantari,
And all Miracles emanate from Him.