Words of the Sanctuary
A stands for Abhaya Vachanas,
Lterally " Words of the Sanctuary",
Great Aphorisms of Jnana Yoga,
Or mighty Commandments of Bhakti Yoga.
A stands for Aham te Sarva Papebhyo Mokshayishyami,
I shall deliver thee from all sin and evil !,
As we find that we are more purified,
When we tread the Path Celestial.
A stands for Anityam Asukham Lokam,
That this world is ephemeral and evanescent,
That there is no perpetual happiness beneath the Moon,
And that  Happiness can be got only from the Invariable !
The Main Abhaya Vachana is Ma Chiita Sarva Durgani,
By giving thyself up in heart and soul to Me,
Thou shalt overcome,
All difficulties by My Grace !
Another One is Na Me Bhakta Pranasyati,
My devotee shall never perish !
My Hands will lift him above,
And he will be given Self Actualisation.
This Sanctuary is sought in vain,
By the mundane, the worldly, the profane.
All being undecipherable,
To the unprepared spiritually.
A stands for Akhileswaram Atma Roopam Brahmam cha Sarvam,
Being, as Matter, Energy or Consciouness, is conserved,
That is, it can neither be created nor destroyed,
This is Brahm, the Self which pervades the Universe !
By Me, this vast Universe,
Is pervaded eternally,
Maya tatam idam sarvam,
Jagat Avyakta Moorthina.
Another Abhaya Vachana is Ananyaschintayantomam,
I take care of the devotee's welfare, material and spiritual,
I intend to give him both Bhukti and Mukti,
I will see to that he shall not want, Yogakshemam Vahamyaham.
A stands for Aila Gita,
Saga of King Porus and his romance with a celestial nymph,
Urvashi had told him that women are cruel,
But he heeded her not.
Indulging in sensous pleasures,
He knew not the loss of Ayus,
Then one day Conscience, Thy Voice,
Called him to Thy Bhakti Yoga Great !
Ultimaty he declared that
All sensory pleasures are temporary,
Gaadam Nirdhya bhooyo Yuvati sukham idam,
Kshudrameveti Gayan !
A stands for Asha Vakra Gita,
Song of Eternity of a Sage,
Full of transcendental wisdom,
Dealing with Being Absolute !
In Whom All This shines,
Like a Serpent on a Rope,
Know that thou art Bliss Absolute,
And knowingly tread the earth !
Yatra Bhasayati Visvam,
Kalpitam Rajju Sarpavat,
Ananda ! Param Ananda,
Sa Bodhasthvam Sukhe Chara.
A stands for Atma Bodha,
That superb non-dualisitic treatise by Sankara,
About Absolute Being as the Self,
And the Universe as  Becoming !
Know that Light Supernal,
Which illumines all is Brahm, Self !
Yena Sarvam idam Bhati,
Tad Brahmethyavadharayeth !
Another Commandment is Yoga Yukto Bhava,
Be in tune with the Cosmic,
Let thy will be in tune with Cosmic Will,
And thy mind in tune with Cosmic Mind !
Another Command is Yogastha Kuru Karmani,
Established in Being, perform action,
Like all the impulses of Cosmic Intelligence,
Remain united near the Source.
A stands for Atma Jnana Viheena Mooda,
That great formula of Sankara in Bhaja Govindam,
Renounce Lust, Anger, Avarice, Jealousy,
And thou shalt be He - Soham ( Aham Sa ) !
Kamam, Krodham, Lobham, Moham,
Tyatvatranam Pasyati Soham
Atma Jnana Viheena Mooda,
The Pasyante Naraka Nigooda ! 

O Motherly Affection forgiving all,
O Emblem of the Love of Father,
O Imparter of Science & Philosophy,
Thou art Knowable , but  Indescribable !

Thettethum Porukkonnaree Matru Valsalyathe,
Nal Pithavin Snehathin Uthamam Prateekathe,
Jnanavum Vijnanavum Arulum Ee Gurutvathe,
Njeyavum Avarnaneeyam avum Ee Daivathe !


Another Commandment is Nimitta Matram Bhava,   Just Be,
Be an instrument in My Hands,
As I have destroyed thine inner enemies,
Paving the  way for Self Actualisation.
Arise, O Noble One, gain eternal fame,
Vanquish enemies and enjoy Kingdom of Heaven.
Tasmat tvam Uthishta. Yaso Labhasva,
Jithva Satrun Bhoomkshya Rajyam Samriddham