A stands for  Azheekkullil  Dinakaran Maranju,
Amma's superb Poem about the Divine,
That all this is s master play of the Divne,
Visva Shilpiyude   Vikritikalalle !
Azheekkullil  Dinakaran Maranju ,
Anayunna Pakalin Thengaluyarnu,
Visva Shilpiyude   Vikritikalalle,
Vishadhamentinu Nalinangale. 
( The Sun went down in the Occident sea,
A groan arose from flickering Day,
O Noble Ones,why this melancholy,
When all this is a Comedy Divine? )
A stands for Akhilanda Rajante Vinoda Rangam
That this is s Playground of the Eternal,
And this world is sunk in sorrow,
Avante Vinoda Rangam, Ee Lokam Sokapoornam.
A stands for Atmanatmanam Udhareth,
Redeem your Self by the Self,
A stands for Atmanam Avasadayet Na,
Do not curse your Self.
For the Self can make you,
He can also break you !
For the Self is Self's best friend,
As well as his great enemy
A stands for Atmaiva hi Atmano Bandhu,
Positive  Mind is your friend,
It can take you to Self Actualisation,
Granting you the Divine Crown !
A stands for Atmaiva Ripur Atma cha.
Negative Mind is your Enemy.
It is a major block,
To Self Actualisatiom.
Udhare Atmaymanam
Natmanam Avasadhayeth
Atmaiva hi Atmano Bandhu
Atmaiva Ripur Atma cha.
A stands for Adi Ananta Adbhuta Roopa,
Thou art the Primal One, Infinity and of Form Wonderful,
Also A stands for Ananda Dhata, Asrita Valsala,
Characteristiics of the Universal Lord !
A stands for Ascharya vat Pasaythi Kaschit  Ena
All findeth the Self as some Wonder !  
A stands for Ascharya vat Vadati Thadiva cha Anya
Some speak of the Self as some Wonder !  
A stands for Ascharya vat cha eva Anya Srunothi
All hear of the Self as some secret Wonder !  
None knows it in reality,
Sruthvapetham veda na Kinchi Kaschit.
A stands for Aila Prag Urvashee,
Wherin a King, caught in the morasses of sesory pleasures,
Comes out of it, due to Thy Grace,
And ultimately merges with Thee !
A stands for Ajnanam Girathi,
Which is the definition of the Guru,
He is the dispeller of Nescience,
Girathi Ajnanam Sa Guru.
A stands for Aham Na Manas Buddhi Ahamkara,
That the Self is Attributeless, sans Mind, Intellect and Ego,
As the Self transcends all, being incorporeal,
Yatho Vacho Nivartante Aprapya Manasa Sah
A stands for Aham Siva Kevalam,
That which remains after Negation is Self,
The Upanshadic Method  of Neti, Neti,
Because the Negative is less limiting than the Positive.
When I say I am not this, not this,
I can negate every thing except the Self Consciousness,
Thadhai Kova Sishtah,
Sivoham, Sivoham, Siva Kevaloham.
A stands for Antaryami,the Indweller,
As He is immanent in all,
Also Cosmic and Transcendent,
His triune characteristics.