A S T R O   M Y S T I  C I S M
A stands for Astro Mysticism,
Anthropomorphisation & Deification,
Of the powerful Entities, the Wanderers, Planets
Who are the instruments of Providence.

Dante saith. The Good which doth satisfy
And revolve the whole realm thou art climbing,
Maketh its Providence a virtuous   Power,
In these great heavenly bodies.
Solar Mysticism and Lunar Mysticism,
Are parts of Astro Mysticism,
Known as Jyotir Yoga in Sanskrit,
They are other methods of Unio Mystica !
Worship of Sri Yantra,
Is Lunar Mysticism,
As Moon is the Symbol,
Of the Universal Mind !
Sree Yantra Worship,
Is when Self is worshipped,
Using geometrical patterns,
Of the Great Geometer !
With four triangles of Purusha,
And five inverted triangles of Prakriti,
With symbols of 15 Lunation & 16th, Transcendence,
Sri Yantra Worship is Lunar Mysticism.
The Sun causeth the mighty seasons,
Autumn, winter, spring and summer in the Occident,
Vasanta, Greeshma, Varsha, Sarat, Hemanta and Sisira,
Ushna, Shaitya and Varsha in beauteous Kerala !
He causeth vegetation,
And from vegetation cometh food.
He is the cause of the computation of Time,
And his longitude is the first computed.
He is known to be the First Deity,
Adi Deva Namastuhyam
In Mythology, his chariot is drawn by horses seven,
VIBGYOR, the seven colors of the Spectrum.
Diurnal motion,
Keepeth time eternally.
Giant suns greater than ours,
Maintain like distance !
A stands for Angani Kala, Limbs of Time,
The Twelve Houses of the Zodiac are the 12 Limbs,
Of ours, exactly as in the Cosmic Man, the Kala Purusha,
With Aries as His Head, Taurus Face and Pisces Feet !
As Above So Below is known as the Law of Correspondences,
There is correspondence between Heaven & Earth,
As the Divine is Mathematical Harmony,
And all parts of Universe Complex obey Deity's immutable Laws !
The ignorant knows not inner principles,
The inner Self or the inner Serpent, Kundalini,
Their ignorance makes them think others are superstitious,
The ignorant have no place in the Age of Enlightenment !
The Sciences Eighteen intuitive of Indian Philosophy,
And Her Eighteen Liberating Arts ,
Are not " superstition, myth, paganism or witchcraft",
But is as musical as is the Veena of the Deity of Wisdom !
A stands for Arka Shambhu, the Classification of Deities,
Anthropomorphisation of the Nine Revolving Heavens,
Sun - Siva, Moon - Durga, Mars - Skanda et al,
Which is based on Traigunya Vishaya Veda.
Arka Shambhu Udeeritho HImakaro,
Durga Balonyasya cheth
Kalyadya Kuja Rasi gascha Dharanee
Putra Sutha Shanmugha
Sree Ramadyavatara Vishnur uditha
Soumyotha Vishnur Guru
Shukra Syath Gana Nayako Bhagavathee
Mandasthu Sastha Maya.
Worldly man tells Yogi,
Self Actualisation is a selfish desire,
Nee ottayil Brahmapadam Kothikkum
Tapo nidhikkentoru Charitharthyam ?
Thou want the Empyrean, Brahma Padam,
While thy fellow beings languish in mud below,
Thou want the altaltissimo of Self Actualisation,
Isnt thy desire selfish to the very core ?
Moksha is a selfish desire indeed,
As the whole world is sunk in sorrow,
Caught in the grip of Ignorance Absolute,
Caught in worshipping Wealth, Wine and Women !


Answer to that question lies,
In Aurobindo's immortal lines.
" I climb not to Thy Everlasting Day
As I have shunned Thy Eternal Night.
Thy servitudes on Earth are greater,
Than all the glorious liberties of Heaven,
Too far Thy Heavens for me from suffering men,
Imperfect is the joy not shared by all".