Two World's Largest Democracies.


Two of the world's largest democracies.
Ruled by Philosophia Perennis,
By Integral Yoga & Gnosticism,
Combine together to implement World Peace.

The Grand Democratic Alliance is initiated,
Australia, Japan, UAE and Zion join,
Along with France and other Euro powers,
To crack down on terrorism and to free Indo Pacific !

In terms of military manpower,
India remains the numero uno,
With 7 million nationalists ready to sacrifice,
And with 4 million defence personnel !

Eagle Elephant combination is extolled,
As a combination almost invincible !
America gets immense manpower,
And India, sophisticated weapons !

At present level of development,
India needs Western technology.
America needs military manpower,
And with India as ally, it is win win !

India needs more markets,
To expand trade and exports.
West can help her immensely,
And she will rise as Universal Guru !

With a billion tonne food production,
India is the granary of the world,
Manpower and raw material are her forte,
US gets access to them !

Now with Japan, Zion,
And European Trinity,
As Allies, will do India good,
Even economically, if not politically.

The think tank of the Nationalists,
After they came to power in 1999,
Opted for a military pact with US,
Knowing that it is Win WIn !

America represents material freedom,
India represents spiritual freedom,
Both Spirit and Matter become One,
By this Grand Union !

Moscow Socialists are pro Russia,
Beijing Socialists are pro China,
Congies are in between,
Only the Nationalists are pro India !
Pak President remarked once
Differences must be decided on cricket grounds.
It seems he is far away from Truth,
As decided they are normally on battlegrounds. 

The largest English speaking nation on earth,
India is good at language skills
English remains as the link language,
The lingua internationale !

Because of language skills she became
A potential software super power !
Skills in Sanskrit made her become,
The Universal Guru par excellence !