The Noble Indian Civilizatiion
Bernard Shaw opined that  all prophets were killed in their own lands ( Jesus, Socrates. Bruno, Mansoor et al ). May be this is true in other civilizations, but not in the Indian !

For instance, Satya Sai Baba declared Aham Brahmasmi and he has millions of followers worldwide. Same is the case with Amma & Sri Sri. Ramana Maharshi & Aurobindo are considered as Sages who reached Brahma Padam. In other words, Indian Civilization has only revered its prophets !

And, if her detractors want to call that Doctrine “ Hindu Supremacy Ideology “, it is their privilege !
In Indian Civilization, no one packs off one’s parents to Old Homes. Parents are revered  and respected, and even after they move to the Subtle Physical Universe at death, they are honored with Pithru Tarpana.
In Tarpana, we invoke the Seven Sacred Rivers, Ganga cha Yamuna chaiva Godvari Saraswati / Narmada Sindhu Kaveri Jalesmin Sannidhim Kuru, we beg forgiveness from parents as well as the Lord, Samasta Aparadham Kshamaswa Akhilesa, thus throwing away the Papabhara ( weight of sins committed ) and attain mental peace.
If you want to call its Rationale “ Hindu Supremacy Ideology “, you are simply disproving what you intended to prove.

India is a Civilization which instructs its people to get up during Brahma Muhurta time ( around 0430 AM ), say Good Morning to Deity and all, Suprabhatham,  and consecrate to the Divine. The Divine is understood as the Self Principle tenanting the  Sky of Consciousness of the Heart of All,  Hrid Chid Akasa and Which pervades the Universe, being transcendent, immanent & Cosmic.
Life has an ultimate purpose, Self Actualisation, Kaivalya, which should be pursued and attained ( Swa Vimarshah Purusharthah ). There are Four Purusharthas or Driving Forces – Artha/ Wealth, Dharma / Righteousness, Kama / Ambition & Moksha / Self Actualisation, of which Moksha / Self Actualisation is the Highest.