Be With Me Eternally
Art  Thou not the Self, who is immutably,
And becomes eternally, in eternal successions of Time ?
Art Thou not Absolute, Infinite, Uncreate,
Be with me eternally.
Didnt Thou declare,
I will be with thee eternally,
Anuvrajami Aham Nityam?,
O Self, Who Alone is Everlasting !
Did not Thou declare,
Why fear when I am here.
Put all your trust in Me,
I shall guide and guard you..
When Life's problems overwhelm me,
I seek refuge in Thee, O Self !
Then I hear the Eternal Voice,
Fear thou not, for I am with thee !
My prayer is not like Kunti's,
Give me sorrow lest I forget Thee !
But Santapam arutharuthe, no more sorrow,
As enunciated in a Thiruvathira song !
Havent Thou given the Abhaya Vachana,
Thou shalt overcome all, by My Grace ?
That Thy Devotee shall never perish,
Na Me Bhakta Pranasyathi.
Thou art the Jivatma of Yoga,
The Khudi of Persian Mysticism,
The Sacred Masculine of Gnosticism
And the mighty Brahman of Vedanta !
What is there to fear,
When Thou as the Absolute Self,
Transcending Space, Time and Causality,
Tenants the Hrid Chid Akasha ?
What can all these trials and tribulations,
Do to the Birthless, the Eternal One,
Whom the sword cannot pierce nor wind dry,
Whom jail cannot confine nor gallows end ?
Thou art seated in hearts of all,
Overruling their actions and words,
Imposing Thy Universal WIll over all,
Making Destiny, the greatest Justice !
O Mighty Self, be with me eternally,
I am but a frail human creature.
Only Thy Presence can divinise,
A mortal like me, prone to errors human.
Be with me always, O Noble One,
Arise and do Thy Work Divine,
Thy comradeship, Sakhyam, is most Blissful,
The Greatest Bliss in this world mundane !


Be with me, O Great One,
Renouncing me never,
Be with me eternally,
O Mighty, Everlasting Self !
Mangalam Guru Devaya
Mangalam Jnana  Dayine
Mangalam Prema Roopaya
Mangalam Loka Mangalam !