A stands for Anantaguna Krishna,
Playing in the world as Sat Chit Ananda,
Even though 64 skills have been attributed to Him,
He remains as a man of infinite arts.

Just like His Color blue,
Which represents Infinity !
Or His Cascading Hair,
Which are the Poetic Meters !
Universes Two * Seven,
Constitute His Mighty Body,
With the Empyrean as His Head,
And the Inferno as His Feet !
His Glance is Salvation,
His wicked teeth, Death ineluctable,
His Voice, the Voice of Sages,
And His Teeth, the Constellations !
A stands for Anthropomorphisation,
Assigning human features to Deity
If we are cats, ours will be a Cat God,
With all feline features added to Him !
With Moon signifying His Mind Universal,
His back portion is Adharma, Evil,
In Theology, He is completely Good,
But in Philosophy, He is both Good and Evil.
The problem of Evil, therefore,
Vexes only Theology, not Philosophy !
The Problem of Evil dispirited,
St Bernard and St Augustine !
Isnt the Self Witness,
To all crimes ?
You have excluded Evil,
The Evil which is formidable.
Putting all blame
On a sinister Satan,
Will solve no problem,
As human negative aspect is strong.
His generative organ, Prajapati,
His testicles are the Mithras !
His Smile, Cosmic Illusion,
And His Movement, Time inexhaustible !
Entire animal kingdom,
Is He Only !
Cosmos is His Play,
His Own Projection !
Microbes view our bodies,
And see Universes !
We are microbes and Universe,
Is the Perfect Individual !
Universe is the Perfect Individual,
Averred Aristotle.
This is the concept of Visva Purusha,
Of Indian Philosophy.
He, as Cosmic Man,
Pervades everywhere.
Maya Tatam idam visvam
Jagat Avyakta Moorthina !
His true nature is as Time,
His Movements are known to Him only.
Bhagavan Kala Vedasya
Gatim Bhagavato Nanu.
This corresponds to the Occidental view,
That inscrutable are the Ways of Providence !
Even the Rishies know not,
His methods inscrutable !
The Philosopher King of Geetha remains,
As one of the greatest !
As great as Aurelius and Augustus,
As Kings Janaka and Nimi.
His Wisdom perennial is Gita,
Rightly defined as Philosophia Perennis !
His Navel, the Oceans,
And rivers, His veins !
His Hairs, the Mountains,
His Language, Silence !
Be ever victorious,
O Almighty Love !
Forgive our transgressions,
Have mercy on us.
Samastha Aparadham
Kshamaswa Akhilesha !