Rise from Negative to Positive
A stands for Apara, Relativity,
Ever since Einstein, Relativity rules everywhere,
Space and Time, hitherto considered absolute factors,
Are indeed relative, as is the Universe, in Space, Time, Causality !
Sing, Heavenly Muse, how there are two types of Reality,
Relative Reality and Absolute Reality,
How Absolute Reality is absolutely Real,
While Relative Reality in only relatively real !
Education also has two aspects,
Absolute and Relative,
Itee hi yad Brahmavido Vadanti,
Para chaivapara cha.
Relative Knowledge, Apara Vidya,
Deals with the sciences of the Relative.
Absolute Knowledge, Para Vidya,
Deals with the Science of the Absolute !
What is Para Vidya, Absolute Knowledge ?
It is the Knowledge of the Substratum,
The Noumena behind the phenomena,
The Purusha behind Prakriti !
The Science of the Absolute,
Towers above all sciences Relative,
As the only real Knowledge,
Is the Knowledge of the Superconscient Absolute.
Poorna Vastu ka saastra
Sab Apeshik Sastr se ooper hai
Kyomki ek keval Jnan
Tureeya Brahm ka jnan hai.
Tatra Para,
Yaya tad   Aksharam Adhigamyate.
Para Vidya, Absolute Knowledge,
Is only about the  Indestructible.
A stands for Asato Ma Sat Gamaya,
The injunction of this Great Science,
To rise from Non Being to  Being,
Darkness to Light and from Death to Self !
Asato Ma  Sat Gamaya
Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya
Mrityor Ma Amritam Gamaya
Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti
Sing, O Deity of Eloquence , how perfection
Has to be worked out
How harmony has to be established
How everything should be integrated !
And how difficult it is
As the Almighty created imperfection and chaos,
Dellberately flawing the perfection
Of His own material Creation !
Omnipotent Wisdom created this world,
Prajna Prasruta Purani,
And it was an evil, imperfect, sorrowful world,
That even Lord Buddha had critisised !
"How could it be that Brahm,
Can make a world so miserable,
And, if All Powerful, leave it so !
He is not Good and if not All Powerful, not God"
The perfect atheist is the Divine, averred Thoreau.
Poonthinkalil Pankam Anachu Dhatav,
Apoornathakke Virachichu Vishvam !
For imperfection was earth made ?
For imperfection was man made ?
Creationism theorists could not explain,
The problem of Evil.
Nihilism theorists could not explain,
The problem of Sorrow.

Prima facie, it seems so,
As we find a topsy turvy world,
Suffering good and thriving Evil,
In a Mammon worshipping world.
With the vicious thriving and the virtous suffering,
And Ethics and Morality seemingly irrelevant,
Only a bat can see realistically,
This topsy turvy world.

We are confronted by qualities negative,
Imperfection, disharmony, death,
Non Being, darkness, ignorance,
These are merely the first terms of the Formula.
They to us are Unintelligible,
Till we have worked out the wider terms,
And reinterpreted the formulary.
Understanding why it has been given.
They are the initial discords ,
Of the Musician's harmony.
They are the Negative,
From which we rise to the Positive !
Arent these trials and tribulations,
These impediments and hindrances,
Given for added strength, enlarged Vision,
And training for spiritual Victory ?
We are given the Commandment, Nivarthadwam,
Transcend, that is, Retire from Gross to Subtle,
From Subtle to the Unmanifest,
And then retire from retiring !
Another one is Nis Traigunyo Bhava,
Be without the three attributes of Nature,
Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas are actual robbers,
They rob you, impelling thee to action !
Another one is Yogastha Kuru Karmani,
Established in Being, perform Action,
So that all thy actions will be in tune with Universal Will,
Which is reflected in the heavens above !
O Mighty One without a Second,
Thy Mysteries are known only to Thee !
Adviteeya Thoo, Akaala Nirbhaya,
Atma Linga Shiva Thoo....