The Greatest  Bliss   is Bridal Mysticism,

Where Self is the Lover, Self is the Bride !

That Bliss cannot be rivalled,

That Bliss for which the world's derelict sorrows yearn!


The One became the Many,

For sheer Self Delight,  Rasa.

So poets gave him a good Definition,

Raso Vai Saha.


Intercourse with  the Self

Is Happinesss galore

Bliss terrestrial

Is nothing before bliss celestial


For sheer delight of being, Rasa,

The Pure Existent exponeniated itself !

Plunging Itself into billions

To actualise Its Diversity.


All Teachers are actually Thee !

Do not they impart wisdom,

Which is essentiallyThine

Via the garb of science ?


Subliminal mind in us

Should open to Universal Mind

Subliminal Vital in us

Should open to Universal Vital


All sciences have been revealed by Thee

Who doth emparadise my mind

All sciences 18 are essentially Thee

As are the 18 Eternal Arts !


The wise exult in Thy  Celestial Geometry,

The Geometrical Beauty of  Creation,

Enhanced by Circles and Triangles

Verily Thou  art the Great Geometer !


Mathematical precision gave Thee

The Name Mathematical Harmony

Thy Habit to Geometricise

Made Thee The Perfect Geometrician !