A= Absolute
A represents the Absolute,
A signifies the Alone
A symbolises the Ancient,
A is the All in All, the All !
A represents Aja, the Birthless,
A represents the Atman, Self,
Self individual, one with
Self Universal, Ayam Atma Brahma.
A represents Adi, the First,
A represents Aham, I AM,
I am the Beginning, the Middle,
And the End, saith the Lord.
A represents Alpha,
First letter of the Greek Alphabet.
A signifies Akara,
First letter of the Sanskrit Alphabet.
A represents Aksharam Brahma,
That Indestructibilty = Being,
Being has two aspects, Absolute and Relative,
Kshara Akshara eva cha.
A represents Anantam Brahma
That Being = Infinity,
Self is defined as Truth, Knowledge, Infinity,
Satyam Jnanam Anantam Brahma.
A represents Anandam Brahma,
That Bliss = Being Absolute.
As all arise from Bliss, in Bliss they exist,
And into Bliss they will merge back !
Anandam Brahma,
Anandena imani bhootani jayante
Anandena Jathani Jeevanthi,
Anandam prayantyapi samvishanti.
A represents Aham Brahmasmi,
The great Vakya, I Absolute AM,
The Ultimate Liberated Stage,
Attained by the Sage.
A represents Aham Sphuranam,
The Primal Thought, the I thought,
From which all other thoughts spring into being,
Which is in Actuality, pure Being.
A represents Aham Rudrescha Vasubhi,
The First Great Statement of Mother Divine,
When she was born in the heavens,
That She is the 33 principles of Reality !


A represents Adya, the First,
The Primordial Mother, in Her triune Aspect,
Tri named, Tri featured and eternal,
Who doth create, sustain and destroy.
A represents Adi Para Sakti,
The Primal Conscious Force,
The Creatrix, Mediatrix and Dispensatrix,
And the Consort of the Lord !

Adi Parasakti Saraswatiyay
Maha Lakshmiyay Durgayay
Eeerezhu Parinne Palootti Tharattum
Ammayay Vazhunna Devee Mahatmyam.
This world is Her Play and Display,
Her Grand Chess Game,
Amma Trikkai
Chaturanga Kalamee Bhoolokam !