The Seven Pointed Seal of Solomon

A Seven Pointed Star, a Septagon,
Is the Seven Pointed Seal of Solomon,
Shrouded in Astro Numerological Mysticism,
It is a high Sacred Geometry Symbol !
LIke Octagon, the Star of Lakshmi,
Which represents the Prosperity Eightfold,
This Septagon represents the Seven Digits,
And the Planets Seven.
Its Seven Points are numbered
From One to Seven; It is Cyclical,
As it progresses from 1 o 7 and then to 1,
And so on and so on  till Eternity.
If you ask a Computer, what day is today,
It will return 7 , as today is a Saturday.
?Dow will return Seven,
Because numbers of weekdays are imbedded there.
In the Sequential Order of Weekdays,
Sunday is alloted 1, Monday 2, Tuesday 3,
Wednesday 4, Thursday, FIve
And Friday 6 and Saturday 7.
The names of Weekdays derive
From the Seven Revolving Heavens,
Sun's day is Sunday, Moon's Day is Monday,
And Saturn's day is Saturday.

Mars', Tiv's day is Tuesday
Mercury's, Woten's day is Wednesday
Jove's, Thor's Day is Thursday,
And Venus's, Freya's Day is Friday.
So the lord of the Weekaday, Varadhipa,
Rules that particular day.
One represents Sunday,
Full of sunny characteristics !
This Seven Pointed Seal of Solomon,
Depicts the Voyage of Man
Through the Seven Days,
Ruled by Planets Seven.

The Evolution and Progression,
Of Life, from the Cradle to the Cemetery.
From One to Seven, Sunday to Saturday
And then back again and so on till Eternity !
Life moves from One, Sun, Sunday,
Who represents Self, Energy and Father,
Thataschatma Prabhavo Prana,
And child gets instruction from FIrst Guru, Father.
Life moves to Two, Moon, Monday,
Which represents Mother, Mind and Medicine,
Mano Matharo Oushadha Sheetarashmi,
And child gets instruction from Second Guru, Mother.
Parents training is imprinted on the child's nervous system,
And the parents are the cause for creating heroes.
Of course, the 3rd and 4th Gurus are powerful,
Guru and Daivam, represented by Jove, by Thursday !
Life moves to Three, to Mars, to Tuesday,
Child becomes proficient in martial arts.
Neta, bhrata satwam cha bhauma,
And becomes ready to take on the world !
Life moves to Four, Mercury, to Wednesday,
Boy studies arts, sciences, music , maths et al,
Vidya Vijnana Vanee Ganitha Lipi Kala,
And becomes proficient, with Mercury's blessings !
Then the needs of Security and Esteem propel,
As life moves to Five, Jupiter and Thursday,
Putrojnanam Dhanamedharchana,
He become complete by initiation by the Guru Divine !
He gets instructions from Gurus 3 and 4, Master and God,
On the spiritual side, implied by Guru's Day.
He therefore becomes eligible for Self Actualisation,
Whether he will achieve it or not depends on his efforts.
Life, then, moves to Six, Venus, Friday,
He will enjoy all sensory pleasures,
Abala Bhogayanani Shukro
And becomes fastidious to an extent.
Life, then, moves to Seven, Saturn, Saturday,
Humiliations, cross, disease and death,
Ayurdukhayamavananamrithi smasana,
And it denotes end of terrestrial life.

Then again it moves to One,
Suggesting eternal Recurrence,
To understand that we must go ,
To the Law of Conservation of Universal Energy !
Matter is just one of the Septerary Principles,
Which constitute the Ultimate Verity.
The Other Six Principles are also conserved,
They also are not subject to Creation or Destruction.

The Law of Conservation of Universal Energy,
That of Universal Substance or Being Universal,
Implies that all Seven Principles are conserved,
As Universal Substance knoweth no destruction.
The Law of Conservation of Life postulates that
Life does not, at physical birth, begin to be.
Nor does it cease to be at time of death,
Life enters physical conditions and assumes physical guise.

It merely undergoes a parallel transformation,
Into conditions which preexisted in other conditions.
Water when heated becomes vapor, becomes ice when cooled,
And dont we have anterior and posterior states like water ?
This leads us to Metempsychosis or Rebirth,
That Man is  born again and again,
Till he reaches Scientific Enlightenment,
Which is freedom from the cycle of birth & rebirth.
The Platonic Doctrine of Reminiscence  averrs,
That the Soul remebers previous lives,
As All Knowledge is Remembrance,
Knowledge acquired from previous lives.
Scientific Enlightenment is the cessation
Of all births and rebirths,
It is the Path of Non Recurrence
And is gained by Yogis.
The States of Recurrence and Non Recurrence,
Are known as Pitruyana and Devayana,
The Lunar Path and the Solar Path,
And which is indicated in the horoscope.
The Lord blessed Dhruva saying
Thou shalt have powers both eternal and temporal.
Thou shall gain the State of Non Recurrence,
And will be known as a strong Philosopher KIng.
Rajyam chiram samanubhooya, bhaja swa bhooya,
Sarvottaram Dhruva Padam hi nivritti heenam.
Dhruva enjoyed both powers, temporal and eternal,
He gained the State of Non Recurrence,
He was immortalised as the Pole Star,
And his story is inspiring to millions !