The science of  Time, Hora Sastra


Incredible it is to believe,
That there is a Government in the heavens,
A Universal Court of Justice above,
Structured by the Great Geometer !
In this Government Heavenly,
Sun is the King and Moon, Queen.
Mars the Defence Minister,
And Mercury, the Prince !

Ministers are disseminators of Wisdom,

Divine Wisdom is signified by Jove
Wordly Wisdom by  poetic Venus,
And the messenger is lame Saturn.
Rajanau Ravi sheetagu,
Kshiti suto neta
Kumaro budha


Sun represents Soul of Cosmic Man,
Moon, His Mind; Mercury, academic Knowledge.
Mars, physical strength; Jove, Wisdom Divine,
Venus, libidinal energy and Saturn, sorrow !
Kalatma Dinakrit, manasthu hinagu
Satvam Kujo Jne Vacho
Jeeve Jnasukhe Sitascha madano,
dukham dinesatmaja.
The Lord did not create the Universe,
He became this manifold Universe !
He became all this that IS,
Constellations, galaxies and planets !
Jeevanam Karma phalada
Graha roopi Janardhana
Men consider Destiny cruel,
It is Man himself who is cruel,
We transgress natural, eternal laws,
And wonder when penalties are exacted !
Destiny is Universal Will, Absolute, 
Karma shapes Destiny !
What one sows, one reaps,
And this becomes one's Fate !


Self is non responsible,
For the Ego's plight.
Ego has sown both good and evil,
Self merely witnesseth all !
The All Knowledgeable, the All wise,
Assumed the role of planets,
To dispense the fruits of Karma,
To humanity worldwide.
Hindu concept of Time,
Stems from phenomenon celestial,
Of Rotation & Revolution, which cause,
Spheres, Ecliptic & Celestial !
It is He, Time Personified,
Who lies as the 360 degrees Zodiac!
As Zodiacs, both Tropical & Sidereal,
With Aries as His head and Pisces, Feet !
Astrology is too vast, mathematically,
And philosophically, to be grasped,
Except by builders in Consciousnees,
Men of profound wisdom.
Man has not yet paid tribute,
To this glorious Science of Time,
Nor understood her power,
As forewarned is forearmed      !
Was not julius Caesar,
Warned about the Ides of March, Mars ?
Was not Tipu sultan,
Warned about his impending death ?                     
Did not the Sage  Asita,
Indicate Descent of the Avatar,
Due mighty 4 planets in Aries,
At time of Buddha's Nativity  ?
Is not Jove angular       
In charts of British Sovereigns?
Rising or culminating, King maker he is,
Ad the pivot of all horoscopes.
Napolean was lowly ranked  ,
When period of North Node started.
And when that period   ended,
He was an illustrious  Emperor.
When Jove's period started,
He fell, and was at Elba.
So planets can make or break you,
During their periods and subperiods.
Exalted Jupiter rose with Ascendant,
At the time of Aurobindo's birth.
Conjunction of Mars & exalted jove,
Made him one of the greatest.
Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury,
Were exalted at Augustus's nativity.
Jupiter exalted with Cancer ascending,   
Made him a great philosopher- King.
Moon, Saturn and Jupiter,
Were in Pisces, at Jesus' birth.
He declared Aham Brahmasmi,
Ego sum  Alpha et Omega !
One of the greatest poets, Dante,
Hailed it asthe noblest science !
This is in line with Seer poets,
Who defined it as science of Time.( Hora Sastra)