I donate Self Actualisation
To him who seeks Self Realisation,
With a mind still, pure and sacred,
To him the Lord reveals as I am That,
A transcendental experience ineffable !


The whole world is after Mammon,
Emperor of the dolorous kingdom,
As Money begets pain in getting,
Pain in gain and pain in spending !
Arthanam Arjane Dukham,
Arthithanam thu Rakshane,
Aaye Dukham, Vyaye Dukham,
Artha Kim Dukha Bhajanam?
Money fosters Ego,
Money is not wealth true,
Bloats Vanity, hardens heart,
And is destroyer of mental peace.
If Mammon can make you a billionaire,
What can the Lord do ?
It seems He has 2 monopolies,
Self Actualisation and Death.
Milton called it Tyrrany of Heaven,
Which Mammon cannot give.
He alone can immortalise,
Not popularity, power or pelf !
Only by sacrifice hard,
Is Seventh Heaven earned !
This is a qualification major,
For Self Actualisation divine !


Says He " I donate Self Actualisation,
To the deserving few,
He who chooses the Infinite,
Has been chosen by the Infinite.
People worship Me for Wealth and Ambition,
And after achieving these,
Indulge they in gross sensory pleasures,
And waste this precious life !


Know these to be stupidly fortunate,
Who have not exhausted Karma !
Loving all in the Universe,
Is the highest duty divine "
We ask for paltry gifts,
Everything He gives, when nothing is asked.
He wants to eternise us,
By giving the Divine Crown !