Rudrakshas - Mystical Talismans with Healing Power  

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Rudraksha beads ( Eleao Carpus Granitrus ) are the dried fruits of the Rudraksha tree found mainly in Nepal. 

Rudrakshas are related to Astrology thus


           No of Faces                                 Planet                      Good for Diseases 

One Faced -Ekamukhi Sun  for Bowel problems, bone weaknesses etc
Two Faced -Dwimukhi Moon for left eye disease, intestines, kidneys 
Three Faced - Trimukhi Mars for blood diseases, BP,depression, complexes
Four Faced - Chaturmukhi Mercury for communication difficulties, dullness
Five Faced - Panchamukhi Jupiter for poverty, lack of harmony, mental peace
Six Faced - Shanmukhi  Venus  for sex pleasures & genital problems 
Seven Faced - Saptamukhi Saturn for diseases, death, impotence, anxiety neurosis
Eight Faced - Ashtamukhi  Rahu for long diseases, feet, skin, hydrocel
Nine Faced - Navamukhi Ketu for lung diseases, skin disease, body pain etc


Like the Correspondence for gems, viz Ruby for the Sun and Hessonite for Rahu, here the Correspondence is One Faced for the Sun and Eight Faced for Rahu !

energy doctor, hindu astrology software consultancy and research, eastrovedica energy doctor, hindu astrology software consultancy and research, eastrovedica

        Ruby for Sun                       Hessonite for Rahu 

The ancient Rudrakshas, whose healing properties were recognised by the Rishies ( Seers ), are now gaining importance in the present day as Alternative Medicine develops. Rudrakshas act as catalysts, bringing the Consciousness to the Alpha State of the User. 

They are worn normally around the neck, as a chain of 108 beads, corresponding to the 108 Lunar Mansions of Astrology.  

energy doctor, hindu astrology software consultancy and research, eastrovedica

Modern science has shown that the electromagnetic nature of Rudraksha beads affect our Neurophysiology in a manner that allows control of heart beat, stress levels, hypertension,  BP & relieves anxiety & depression. 


Those suffering from Cancer & AIDS will be immensely benefitted. Internally it can be taken as drinking milk of rudraksha beads boiled in it and externally by wearing it.  

energy doctor, hindu astrology software consultancy and research, eastrovedicaenergy doctor, hindu astrology software consultancy and research, eastrovedica

It can be used as Acupuncture Therapy by rubbing the beads on the external body part like stomach, forehead and hand. 

For Skin diseases ( like bacterial ulcer ), the wound should be washed by the Two Faced Rudraksha, which should be put in a glass of warm water for whole night and early morning the wound should be cleaned with this water. 

For AIDS & Cancer, 21 faced Rudraksha should be used. 

For respiratory diseases, 14 faced Rudrakshas should be used. 

For diseases of the Circulatory system, 11 faced should be used. 

Mythology has it that the Lord wept on seeing the Sin and Evil of this world and his tears from his eye ( Aksha of Rudra ), formed Rudraksha. It is considered by Indians as a respository of mystical powers, often acting as a talisman against Evil. 

According to Ayurveda, the Science of Life, if you wear Rudrakshas, it can have a positive effect on the heart & nerves and give relief from lack of concentration, palpitations, stress & anxiety neurosis. It is also famous for its anti-aging effect & inductive and electromagnetic properties. High BP patients have benefitted considerably from wearing Rudrakshas. 

Beware of Fakes!

Be careful as they seem to come in all sizes and shapes and now seems to be available at every alternative medicine shop. Imitations dont work and see to that you get the real stuff. 

A good Rudraksha bead will not be broken at any end.

A real Rudraksha bead will not float on water. 

A fake Rudraksha will disintegrate. Boil the Rudraksha in water for 6 hours. 

Types of Rudrakshas

On the basis of cleft and furrows ( Mukhis ), Rudrakshas are classified. Each bead has different effects, depending on the number of faces.

The Scriptures talk about 1 to 38 Mukhis