Kerala's Contributions - I

Indian Literature may be derided

By the MaCaulays of this world !
But She is self-effulgent, giving Herself Light,
For darkness through to wade !
Here is the intellectual Capital, Kerala,
Contributing to Literature, Poetry and Art.
If not Architecture, Sculpture or Music,
And to Sanskrit Literature great !
Achyuta Pisharody, the astronomer,
Wrote Karanothama, about astro calculations.
His Uparaga Karyakrama,
Deals with eclipses in general.
Vararuchis' intoxication with the Music of the Spheres,
Gave birth to the numerological system of Paral Sankhya.
Vararuchi Kritam Paral Sankhya,
That letters of the Alphaber are signified by numbers !
Bhaskara I was another astronomer,
Who enhaced Indian Astrolomy.
He authored the Maha Bhaskareeya,
And also the condensed Laghu  Bhaskareeya.
Kerala became a nest of singing birds,
Like Elizabethan England, when Swati Tirunal ruled !
His reign was known as the Augustan Era of Kerala Music,
As his greatest love was Music !
The Music, which is the Music of the Seven Octaves,
That glorious Art which pervades everywhere !
The Carrier of the Seven Octaves,
Aroused from Her slumber by savants' meditation !


O Great Deity of Music,
The Major Four Octaves of Sangita,
Madhyama, Pasyanti, Vykhari and Para,
Emanate from Thee !
Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Da and Ni
The Seven Octaves of Music,
Arr the veins of Thy Art Body,
Give them to me, O Great Mother !
As Thou gavest to Kalidasa,
Then Thou proved that mighty verse,
That Thou can make the dumb speak,
And lame walk, Mookam Karoti Vachalam !
Kerala's mathematicians,
Propounded the Njattuvela Calendar
Since Ecliptic is tenanted by 27 constellations,
There are 27 Njattuvelas !


As the Sun journeys through the Zodiac,
The 27 Njattuvelas are caused !
Rightly Sun is called Causer of Seasons Six,
Rithu Kartha Prabhakarah !


The First Book of Calculus,
Was Jyeshta Deva's Yukti Bhasha,
A Helio Geo Model of Universe,
Was proposed in Tantra Sangraha.
Moon's longitude was calculated,
By the Founder of KSAM, Madhava.
His magnum opus, Venvaroha,
Calculates  lunar longitude, accurately.
Kerala contributed immensely,
To the development of Literature,
Edappally and Changampuzha,
Became her Poet Laureates !


Apart from Narayaneeyam,
Melpathur authored Sripadasaptati,
Verses seventy flowed from his pen,
Extolling the Mother Divine !


Also Prakriya Sarvaswam,
A commentary on Panini Sutras
Another work was Manameyodaya,
A notable work on Mimamsa system !