A stands for  Amma Trikkai Vilayadum
That this Grand Universe is just a play of  Chess,
The Play and Display of the Mighty Conscious Force,
Chit Vilasa Prapanchoyam !
Anthi pularikal pattudayadakal.
Ambili Netti pon kiranam,
Amma Trikkai Vilayadum,
Chaturanga Kalamee Bhoolokam !
Poetry, in any language,
Is source of immense joy.
It conferreth Bliss transcendental,
Like no other science or art.
( Similar opinions have been voiced,
By Omar Khayam and Bhartrihari.
While Omar says it is a play of Fate,
Bhartrihari says it is a play of Time. )
A stands for Apath, Crises,
Life is a series of crises,
Actual Crisis is forgetting Him,
Apath Vismaranam Vishnor.
Apatho naiva Apatha
Sampado naiva Sampada
Apad Vismaranam Vishnor
Sampat Narayana Smriti.
A stands for Arutharuthe Santapam,
Please do not give unnecessary grief,
Thus contradicting Kunti's prayer.
Give us grief lest we forget Thee !
( While we admit these are protractive trials,
By mighty Jove to find persistive constancy,
Please do not give suffering beyond limit,
As we are too frail to face such ordeals.
He may be a Merciless Examiner,
Or a Master Melter,
He may be an Obstacle Creator,
Or a hard taskmaster !
Tagore defined Him as a Merciless Examiner,
Other poets said He is a Master Melter.
Some say He creates obstacles deliberately,
As He deliberately flawed His Own Creations' perfection !
Master Melter
Urukkidunnu Mizhi Neerilittu,
Mukkunna Muttam Bhuvanaika Shilipi
Manushya Hrittam Kanakathe Etho,
Panitharathin Upayuktamakkan !
Obstacle Creator

Eedarnu Varkum Anuraga Nadikku Vighnam
Koodathozhukkanuvadikkilla Daivam.
Imparter of Heavenly Sorrow - Shakespeare
"This sorrow is heavenly,
It strikes where it doth love"
Corroborated by Bible,
"Whom the Lord loveth, He chasteneth"
That is why Satan became Hero,
Of  Paradise Lost.
Despite Milton asserting,
Eternal Providence !
Milton tried to save God,
By Paradise Regained.
It never clicked,
And Satan became World Guru !
Why become a waiter in Heaven,
When you can be a monarch on Earth?
Didnt His prophets perish on the Cross?
While His opponents, Ravan et al, became Kings ?
A stands for Ambala Nadayil Thamburu meetti,
That two great arts originated from Temples Eternal,
Koothu and the Combining Dance, Koodiyattam,
Avide Valarnoo Koodiyattavum Koothum !
A represents the Eightfold Verse, Ashtaka,
Octet about Deities,
Aradhanareeswara Ashtakam,
Is an octet about Purusha and Prakriti.
Ashtakam Guru highlighs,
Glory of the Guru
Wealth and Scholarship
Are nothing. before Grace !