The Intellectual Redeemer
The intellectual meaning was lost,
Exoteric rituals crept in.
Oldest system providing Enlightenment,
Suddenly appeared weak and fragile..
Esoterica had held absolute sway,
Scientific concepts often took on the garb
Of some lovely stories of Mythology,
Epic Poetry, legends et al.
Time for the Intellectual Redeemer,
To step in and redeem
To highlight Unity behind Diversity,
In a world devastated by Dialectics !
Redemption of world with Wisdom,
The Wisdom which averrs All is One
Infinity became Many,
So She could actualise Herself innumerably.
Unified Field of Consciousness,
Is ubiquitous, everywhere !
While the Unified Field of Intuition and Reason
Reveals Truth's magnificent face !
Bringing Ethics and Morality
Into the realm  of Science
Can change humanity's face
And the face of Science.
Definition of Indian Science
Is Sasanti iti Sastram
Enforcing Ethics and Morality.
They are redeeming instructions.
He travels everywhere,
Whole world to redeem
Still persisting with the difficult road
That sole leads  to the Evolutionary Goal !
Till negative elements are effaced
Till his being entire is   subjugated
By wisdom and love divine
Labors on he, with work unended.
His task becomes hard
As world turns inimical
He came to redeem men
Who are all his enemies now
World loves ignorance
Redeemers have been mocked
World shuns Savior light
Giving Cross for Crown.
To love, Absolute Love, is given,
Task of sustaining all
It is intellectual love which preserveth
And it  is  love intellectuall which redeemeth !
Philosophers talked about redemption
Of world via Beauty everlasting
Intellectaal  Redeemer  exemplfies
Redemption via Love intellectual!
The ultimate integration of head and heart
Is Love  Intellectual
The omnipotent formula,
Which alone can redeem
Effectuate Descent of the Avatar
Bringing Self's Light to ignorant
Divine Love to heal sorrow
And Bliss to heal discontent.