A stands for Anima, Greek term for Soul or Self,
The only conscient principle in an inconscient order,
The Animating Essence behind Prakriti,
And the only Reality, as per Vedanta Sastra.

A stands for Anima est angulus hominus,
That the Soul is the angel of Man,
And the Body of the Lord, est corpus Dei,
And Light is His Shadow, Lux est Umbra Dei !

A stands for Atmanam Viddhi, Know Thyself,
What is use of Knowledge of anything, if Self is not known ?
The Self, when known, everything is known,
Tat Vijnanena idam Sarvam Vidhitam !

A stands for Atmanam Saradhi Viddhi,
Know that the Self is the Charioteer,
The Body is the Chariot, the Mind the reins,
And the five senses the five horse in Gita Symbology !
A stands for Athi Sarvasya Varjayeth, Via Media is best,
Excess to be renounced, excess problematic, ne quid nimis,
Lust did Duryodhana in, Anger Dussasana,
So anything in excess brings trouble to men.


A stands for Aksharam VedaVido Vadanti,
The Changeless Reality of the Seers,
Akshara  meaning the indestructible Purusha,
And the Substratum of te Universe.
A stands for Ananda Param Ananda,
Great statement of Ashtaka Vakra Gita,
In Whom all this is illumifed, like serpent on a rope,
Thou art the Bliss, be aware and move !
A stands for Atman, Self Absolute,
That  Which known, everything is known !
The Light of all Lights, shining above Nescience,
And Base of All, seated in the Sky of Consciousness !
A stands for Atmanasthu Kamaya Sarvam Priyam Bhavati,
Everything is loved , because of the Self !
My nation, my Pratyaya Sastra, my family,
And this most attractive Self is to be known !

A stands for Atmano Atmana Thishta
He who is anchored in Self is called a Sthitha Prajna.
Atmano Atmana Thishta,
Sthitha Prajnascha iti uchyate.
This state was called by Keats as Achievement of the Negative Capability,
Same in Shame or Glory, Praise or Calumny,
He sees the Self, in the Self, by the Self,
All betrays him who see all elsewhere !


A stands for Atmano Atmanam Udhareth,
Redeem thyself, Save thyself  ! 
As oneself is one's own enemy,
As well as one's close friend !
A stands for Arthanam Arjane Dukham,
That money is associated with sorrow,
Mammon, emperor of dolorous kingdom,
As income is painful, and so is expenditure !
Arthanam Arjane Dukham
Arthithanam thu Rakshane
Aaye Dukham Vyaye Dukham
Artha Kim Dukha Bhajanam
A stands for Adhibhuta Ksharo Bhava,
The Three Levels mentioned in Gita,
Gross, Subtle and Unmanifest,
Adhibhuta, Adidaivata and Adhiyajna.
A stands for Aishwarya, Prosperity,
Eeswarasya Bhavah iti Aishwaryah
The State of the Lord is Bliss Eternal,
Or Happiness Absolute, the True  Ananda !