Global Famly Concept - Vasudha  (  Earth ) eva Kudumbakam ( Family)

The Eternal is the base of Indian Philosophy, not the temporal. The beautiful body is a decaying bag of filth, moving deathward, sheeryate iti shareerah.The body lovely is a conglomeration of blood, pus and urine and he who likes this body, verily loves Hell itself.  Wordly  wealth is a house built upon the sand ( Wordsworth referred to money making as the ' perpetual stir  unprofitable ") and we are behaving like lunatics in a mad house.   
Basic precepts
When Life revolves around the body, it is grounded in misery.           
When Life revolves around the Self, it is resplendent with  Bliss.
Transcendental Logic
Finite    =  Lack of Bliss ( Na Alpe Sukham Asthi)
Infinity =   Bliss         ( Anandam Brahma )
Man is potentially divine and his life on Earth is to manifest that   divinity, to actualise Existence - Consciousness -Beatitude ( Sat, Chit, Ananda ), the Absolute Triad which is the Universe and which we are and the Great Secret which we must discover in our journey evolutionary !
Love is the golden chain which binds society together and the whole world is linked by Love.
All are brethren and Love alone can confer Bliss, Premam Anandam Brahma !
How does this Amor Intellectualis, Vibhakti, manifest?
Intellectual Love cognised is Truth,
Love Intellectual manifested is Wisdom,
Amor Intellectualis in action is Non Violence,
Vibhakti as feeling is Peace !
This is the instruction we get in Meditation
"It is a Misunderstanding, LOVE"
If Dialectics reign everywhere, if Thesis and Anti Thesis clash in  Courts and Parliament, we have to understand that it is not the end, and that Thesis and Anti Thesis can be integrated by Synthesis and that the highest Synthesis is Love !
The merit of Education is to understand the antithetical perspective, and Synthesis can integrate both arguments and Love alone triumphs ultimately ( Bhavati Parama Bhakti Sahi Mrityor Vijetree ), we can conclude that the Highest Education is Love, Premam tu Vidya !


So we hit upon the principle of Universal Intellectual Love and is expresed in the Great Concept "Vasudha eva Kudumbakam", as all Wisdom is contained in Love!

Love is the greatest Mantra,
Love is the Universal Guru.
Love is the greatest Meditation,
And Tutelary Deity  Great.

Love is mightier than sword,
Love is the greatest Lyric,
Love is the true Epic Poetry,
Love is divine Medicine !

Love is the Seventh Heaven,
Love is the greatest Magic,
Love is the All Conqueror  !
Love is the Alpha and Omega !

The Universe rises from Love,
The Universe exists in Love
Universe will merge back in Love,
Essence of the Universe is Love !

To the Literalists, who see Diversity,
It is always "us" versus "they".
To the broadminded, Monists,
World is One Family.

Ayam nija  paro vethi
Ganana Laghu Chetasam
Udara Chartanam tu
Vasudha eva Kudumbakam.

He who beholds multiplicity,
Is never a Philosopher.
He who sees Unity,
He is the true Sage !

All are Forms and Names,
Substance is Same.
Same, same, friend and foe,
Made up of the same stuff !

But the Stuff, the Substratum,
Is such and so much,
That variations of Form,
Are unimportant. All is Brahman !

All is Being Absolute,
From Microcosm to Macrocosm,
Brahman I will become one day,
Knowing Enemy is also Brahman.