Unique Feature of Indian Culture - Scientific & Artistic Knowledge in Poetic Form

Scientific Knowledge in Poetic Form

All the Eighteen intuitive sciences & the Eighteen eternal arts are in magnificent poetic form. There are 400 K verses in Mythology, 400 K verses of Siddhanta, Samhita & Hora and millions on other subjects also. The Law of Epistemic Correlation, that all branches of Knowledge are interrelated, find its fulfillment here, as All knowledge is One Knowledge.

In Indan Astronomy, while calculating the Sheeghra Anomaly based on the Geometrical Model of Parameswara, the following verse is given by Puliyoor


Arka Sphutoniham Kheda Mandasphuta mihoditham

Sparsajya Sheegrakendrardha Labhda karnathara hatha

Karna Yoga hritha bhooya sparsa chapatmaka kritha

Shoditha sheegrakendrardhal syath phalam sheegrasamjnakam

To get Sheeghra Anomaly,
Angle between planet and Sun
Deduct Sun’s Longitude
From Ecliptic Degree.

Sheeghra Anomaly = Ecliptic longitude of planet - Longitude of the Mean Sun.

x, Sheeghra Phalam is the angle formed between the Sun, the planet and the Earth. It is computed as per the formula.

Tan A/2 - x = ( b - a) /( b + a) Tan A/2

''where A is the Sheeghra Kendra, a is the Ravi Manda Karna ( Sun's distance ), b the Graha Manda Karna ( distance of the planet from the Sun ) and x the Sheeghra Phalam “

Source : The Ganitha Nirnaya

Artistic Knowledge in Poetic Form

“Yatho Hasta thatho Drishti,
Yatho Drishti thatho Manah
Yatho Manah thatho Bhaava,
Yatho Bhaava thatho Rasa."

Eyes go where the hands are
Mind goeth after eyes biune
Whither Mind goeth, inner feeling,,,,,,,,Bhava manifests
With Bhava, Rasa, mood is evoked.

Source : Natya Sastra

.......And the Poet of all Poets , Kavee Kaveenam, is He !

Kavim Puranam anusasitaram
Anor Aniyamsam anusmared yah
Sarvasya Dhataram acintya-rupam
Aditya-varnam tamasah parastat

The Ancient, the Poet of all Poets,
Subtler than the subtlest,
Of Form Unthinkable,
Being the Substratum of all.
Effulgent as a thousand Suns,
Beyond worldly desire,
And Transcendental,
Should be meditated upon.

Source : The Divine Geetha.