Mythology is Symbolic !

The Bull, Nandi, who tenants Siva Temples,
Represents our animal, negative aspect.
This bestial, dark aspect should wither away,
To have a Vision Divine of the Most Auspicious, Siva.

Symbolic is Mythology,
And emblematic of philosophic verities.
Esoteric Meaning is revealed,
By Grace of the Guru or Covenant.

All Great World Literature,
Were deliberately written darkly,
Lest vulgar and unpurified spirits,
Abuse sanctity of Wisdom Divine.

Wisdom should never be revealed,
To the vulgar and the unpurified.
Only to the virtuous, celibates, donators,
And other purified souls..

Rishis hide Esoterica,
To fool the ignorant.
Only the ignorant,
Cherish the literal value !

In India, Science, Philosophy, Literature,
Poetry, Mythology, Art, Astrology et al,
Are all ONe, as ALL Are One,
And as One Knowledge is All Knowledge.

Church's function not to teach Man Life's Mysteries,
Only to see their flock reach a level of Purification,
Esoterica begins, where Exoterica ends,
And then Deity will lead aspirant on to Perfection.

"Once a Seer-Poet, always a Seer-Poet",
Is a statement unfathomable.
The Eternal Law allows not to negate,
Affirmations or Covenants, done earlier.
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