Universal WIll
Impossible it is for the individual Will,
To go against the Universal Will.
Which always executes its aims,
And is ever absolute !
The Will that structured a Universal Court,
Up in the heavens above.
The Will that created a Heavenly Government,
In regions celestial !
The Will that placed the Planets Nine,
In their respective cosmic locations,
The Will, which tends to Self Actualisation,
The WIll, that moveth the Sun and the stars !
The WIll which prevententh the Universe,
From moving to chaos total,
The Will which tends to Good,
And destroys Evil ultimately.
The WIll which gave power,
To Wealth, Wine and Women,
In the Dark Age particularly,
Where Kali holds absolute sway !
Only Grace is above Will,
Justice tempered with Mercy is Grace,
Despite the Universal always executing its aims,
Not deflected by egoistic propitiations !
Grace grants prayers sincere,
Merely dropping like gentle dew,
To the place beneath is Grace,
Grace which considereth no sin !
Grace can make the dumb speak,
And the lame walk !
Where Grace governeth without medium,
The Laws of Nature hath no relevance !

Grace transcends Nature,
And all rational faculties,
Grace is the Alpha and the Omega,
Grace is All in All, Grace is All !
The Dark Age, Kali Yuga
Earth loses virility,
Medicines become innocous,
Vicious thrive freely,
Politicians become Mammon worshippers !
Some of the properties,
Of Dark Age, Kali Yuga,
Where Ethics and Morality,
Move towards forests !
Learned Sages fall,
From their spiritual positions,
Husbands inimical to wives,
And children criticise parents !

The Personification of Dark Age, Kali Yuga,
Kali, signifier of Wealth, Wine, Women & Gambling,
Rules, parallel to the Reign of the Anti Christ,
Of base passions and materialism !

His number is 666,
Fadic Number being 9,
Ruled by Materiality, Mars,
The red planet destructive !
Mythology has it that the Philosopher King,
Parikshit, raised his sword to kill Kali,
Kali then told him that Universal Will,
Had given him that awesome power !
The Ws Three - Wealth, Wine and Women,
Rule the world, while Wisdom weepeth !
An eternal fight between three Ws and Divine W,
With Divine W winning ultimately !
So it is willed in Dark Age,
That the vicious will prosper,
The Virtous will suffer,
A topsy turvy world.
We have to understand that the Universal Will,
Is directing us, through every circumstance,
Despite hardships, trials and tribulations,
Towards the Final Actualisation of Self !
The Universal Will leadeth,
The Universal Grace keepeth,
With Materiality as Zero,
And Self Actualisation as Goal !