A stands for Angani Vedaschathvaro
That there are six sciences auxiliary,
And Four Vedas not man made,
Which constitute the 18 Sciences !
A stands for Ayurvedam Dhanur Vedam Gandharvo Veda eva cha
That 15th, 16th and 17th sciences are Ayuveda, Defence and Musicology.
First six being the six sciences subsidiary,
With Mimamsa, Nyaya, Purana & Dharma Sastra et al
A stands for Artha Sastraschathurthascha
That the 18th Science is Economics,
Artha Sastraschathurthascha,
Vidya Ashtadasasmrutha !
A stands for Aroodham Sapta Asva,
That the Solar Principle,
Is seated on the Seven Horses,
Symbolism of VIBJYOR !
A stands for Arogyam Labhena Sreya,
That Health is priority,
A pale cobbler  is better than a sick king,
And that Reward of Ayurveda is Health !
A stands for Aswarooda Mantra,
That Grand Mantra which can make thee KIng,
If that mantra is recited properly,
Or cause death, if recited properly not !
Aswaroodam Japicheedal,
VIsvamqke Jayicheedum
Aswaroodam Pizahcheedal,
Vettu kondu maricheedum !
A stands for Api Kriyartham Sulabham Samilkusam,
That magnificent verse by Kalidasa,
Lord Siva comes disugised as a mendicant,
And tests Parvathy's fascination for Him !
A stands for Akshaya, Inexhaustible,
Time is inexhaustible,
Also Divine Merit,
Which in excess cannot damage!
A stands for Athi Sarvasya Varjayeth,
Excess Anger and Lust caused downfall,
Of Dussasana and Duryodhana
Also via media is best !
A stands for Arooda Lagna,
Most important Ascending Sign,
In Astrology Horary,
Sarvam Aroodasya Chintayeth !
A stands for Aryan Languages,
Greek, Latin, Persian & Sanskrit,
Sanskrit being the Lingua Divina,
In which many equations were revealed.

A stands for Asesha Sakshi,
The Sole Witness Consciousness, Self,
Surveying all the three relatives,
While remaining absolutely Absolute.
A stands for Anugraha Deva Hetukam,
Divine Grace which grants three boons,
Human birth, an eternal Longing for Liberation,
And the protection of a Maha Purusha
Durlabham Trayam eva,
Ethath Devanugraha Hetukam
Manushyathvam Mumukshutvam
Maha Purusha Samsraya.