Another Equation, World = Family..

The Precessional Cycle of 25920 years
Has been computed by Great Geometer,
And expressed as Thy Will be done,
As in Heaven, so on Earth.

On Earth, as it is in Heaven,
As Above , so Below,
Is the Law of Correspondences,
As the Celestial influences the Terrestrial.

All are brethren and all religions,,
Are so many radii of One Circle,
Designed to lead ?an from Life's Circumference,
To the Central Light, the Absolute Self !

Ecumenism and Syncretism,
Sarva Dharma Samabhava,
Is the Child of both,
Gnosticism and Indian Philosophy !

The Equation, World = Family,
Vasudha Eva Kudumbakam,
Was voiced in India long ago
That we are all brethren.

When Jews were persecuted all over,
India welcomed them with open arms.
Love and mutual respect hold absolute sway,
As these two nations showed by example !

No Crusades, no Clash of Civilizations,
And Zion became India's close ally.
The Two Mothers of religions,
Have tremendous similarities.

Old Testament are similar to Vedas,
Kabalah is the Western Yoga.
Both are intellectual races,
Science and Philosophy are their forte.