Do you find it difficult,

To believe in miracles ?
Contrarily, I find it easy,
With too many parallel Universes !
With billions of stars inhabiting galaxies,
With an infinite number of solar systems,
They are utterly   incredible,
Miracles piled upon miracles!
Systematic study of Prakriti is Science,
Systematised study of  Purusha is Philosophy,
Nature is the Sole Doer, saith Science,
She is triune and Almighty.

Purusha governeth via Prakriti,
Eternal Laws are grand.
There are times when Purusha transcends,
Prakriti and Her Mighty workings!
Laws of Nature become invalid,
Before His Transcendental Grace  !
Where the Divine governeth without medium,
The Laws of Nature lose relevance !
Philosophers see hundred miracles,       
Whereas the ignorant see nothing,
Science cometh from Philosophy and goes back,
To the Completion of Science  via  Wisdom.
Man is imperfect, by definition,
Divine is Perfect by definition,
So we have many imperfect Doctors,
And only one Perfect Doctor !
The Lord of Prakriti alone  IS,
The True Doctor amidst half Doctors
He is the Healer of Healers,
Sree Vaidyanathaya Nama Shivaya!