The Absolute, One Without A Second

The Condition of Infinity stipulates that,
There can only be One Infinite, not two.
If there is a Second Infinite,
It will reduce the Infinite to finity.

So Infinite Being has to be One, Without a Second,
Without any Duality or Multiplicity.
So this Equation, Being = Unity, Non Duality,
Was revealed as Ekam Eva Adviteeyam Brahma.

Once, a priest had a dream,
The Lord wanted to play Chess.
The priest arranged for everything,
As he wanted it to a Great Event.

The priest's friend told him he is wasting time,
He will play with whom? if He be One Without a Second ?
The priest understood the import of this definition,
And jocularly remarked that He is so helpless !

The Equation, Individual Self = Absolute Self,
Was revealed as Ayam Atma Brahma.
Says the Quantum Physicist, Prof Shroedinger,
This Equation has a very deep insight.

The individual souls are not divorced from Brahman,
For it is Brahman itself which became the Relative Triad,
Of Jagat, Jiva and Para. Hence the statement,
Jeevo Brahmaiva Na Apara, is valid philosophically.

Mind is defined as a steady stream of thoughts,
And the first thought that occurs is the I Thought.
On Self Enquiry this I Thought reveals itself as Brahman,
So we have another Equation, I Thought = Being.

Tat Tvam Asi was translated by Huxley as That Art Thou,
As Thou art part and parcel of Being, Thou = Being.
This is a simple equation which many cannot understand,
But which is written on great temples like Sabarimala.

Quantum physicists say Consciousness is Fundamental,
So Consciousness = Being was revealed as Prajnanam Brahma.
Consciousness is the Root, Consciousness is the Substratum,
And it is Consciousness which had become all this that is.