A stands for Aurobindo Philosophy,
That One Universal Substance manifests as Seven,
The Seven Names of the Nameless,
With Supermind connecting lower and upper Hemispheres !
A vast Organiser of many potetialities of Being,
Is the Overmind, in its power of origination,
And in the process of its executive dynamis,
And a principle above Mind.
Overmind is defined,
As an ocean of stable lightnings,
It is the connecting link,
Between Mind and Supermind.
To mental reason, what seems to be
An irreconcilable contrariety,
Is to the Overmental,
Coexistent correlatives.
A Magician Craftsman
Emowered to weave
The warp and woof of the Arrangement
In a universe complex.
The Upanishadic Prayer,
The Face of Truth is hidden behind Thy Orb, O Sun,
Refers to the Overmind blocking,
The Truth Supramental !
With its brilliant golden lid,
Overmind occults the Supermind,
And covers its image,
Averrs the Master.
Mind is merely an interlude,
Between subconscient action of Prakriti,
And the vaster and omnipotent,
Superconscient action of Purusha.
We find that Faust, Paradise Lost,
La Divina Comedia, Narayaneeyam,
Savitri , Geeta et al,
Smack of Overmind Poetry.
We find that Kalidasa and Tagore,
Were mere mundane poets,
Overmind Poetry is Mystic Poetry,
As its source is the Overmind !
See these lines from Goethe which shows their overmental origin.
About the Universal Mind, Goethe wrote,

Formation, Transformation,
Eternal Mind's Eternal Recreation !
Am I a God?
Yes, in these pure features I behold,
Creative Nature to Soul Unfold.

These lines from Melpathur also
The Wheel of Eternal Time Thou Art,
With a circumference of three hundred and sixty,
Moving at lightning speed, cruel,
To implement the Law of Universal Justice, Karma
Thy true form is  as Time Eternal , the Zodiac,
As Thou hast revealed Thy True Form as Time,
Vested with powers of Creation, Dissolution and Preservation,
Analogous to the destructive power imbedded in the Atom
Durvaram Dwadasaram,
Trisatha Parimilal Shashti Parvabhiveetam,
Sambhramyal Kroora Vegam,
Khanamanu Jagataschidya sandhavamam !