THE ESOTERIC  LOTUS-    May Esoterica Bloom !

Of late, another controversy has erupted. The Lotus like Architecture of the Shimoga Airport. We dont know why some "Secularists" are objecting to it.

Lotus is an esoteric, spiritual, universal, Vedic Symbol.

"Live like the Lotus which lives in water, but is never moistened by water, Padma Pushpam Avambhasi", says the First Science, Vedanta Sastra.   Let not the evils of this world stain thee    !

The world of sense can no more stain his soul
Than waters mar the enamelled lotus leaf !

( The Song Celestial, Gita - Sir  Edwin Arnold ).

In Jnana Yoga, this is a Great Aphorism, but in Bhakt Yoga, it is a Commandment.

The West knows Ten Commandments, but the  East knows more than 100 Commandments !
This statement occurs in the Song Celestial, the Bhagavat Gita. But the Gita is not a Book ! They are the direct instructions of the Absolute  Self ( Krishna) to the discriminative intellect (Arjuna) !
( Sir Edwin Arnold, a Knight Commander of the British Empire and a brilliant poet, had translated the Gita into English Poetry as the Song Celestial ! )
He wrote
This is a discourse between the Prince of India,
And the Supreme Being as Lord Krsna
So have I writ its wisdom here,
Its hidden Mystery,
For England, O our India,
As dear to me as She !                _)
In other words, the Lotus and the Saffron are divine concepts   !        
Apart from the Ten Commandments, there are some more
Transcend,  Nivarthadwam
Retire from the Gross to the Subtle,  from the Subtle to the unmanifest
And then retire from retiring -             Mahesh Yogi
Be thou a Yogi,    Yoga Yukto Bhava
Just     Be,      Nimitta Matram Bhava
Be without three attributes,     Nis Traigunyo bhava
Be without Dualities,     Nir Dwanda
Be without thought about material welfare  -     Nir Yoga Kshema
Let Sastras, Sciences, be your guide -     Tasmat saastram pramanam the
Search for the Self -     Imam prapya bhajaswa maam
Perform action, grounded in Being,     Yogastha Kuru Karmani
Thou shalt overcome -     Mat prasadat tharishyasi
Vedic Architecture is known as  Stapatya Vidya . If you go to Rome, you will find Roman Architecture and why should  Indians object to Indian Architecture?

Speak the Truth ,    Satyam  Vada.
Follow Dharma -    Dharmam Chara 
Revere Mother as divine-     Mathru Devo Bhava 
Revere Father as divine-         Pthru Devo Bhava 
Revere Guru as divine-         Guru Devo Bhava 
These Three constitute a formula formidable, as the parents' training is imprinted on the child's nervous system !
Revere Guest  as divine-     Athidhi Devo Bhava 
Tapah -    Meditate
Seek Great ones &  Know truth-     Prapyavaran Nibodhata
Know Thyself-    Atmanam Viddhi
Even though poets and other literary blokes have made derogatory remarks about Women,
There was one poet who differed from the " traditional view" .The poet, Scott !
He wrote,
When pain and anguish wring the brow,
A good ministering angel thou !
Another Malayalam poet also rebelled against that ' traditional view"
He likened female mind to a sacrosanct White Lotus
Vella thamarapol vishuddhi aniyum sthree chithame!