Vedic or Hindu  Philosophy is unique, as it encompasses 18 intuitive sciences and 18 eternal arts, which are relevant to humanity. 

It is possible to unite with the Absolute, with the subjective Being, Knowledge, Bliss and the objective Absolute, Truth Knowledge Infinity, with the triune Being. This Unio Mystica is Yoga ! 

Eighteen intuitive sciences grace Philosophia Vedica. While the Science of Being as Being is Vedanta Sastra, the Science of Mystic Union is Yoga. The science of Logic is Nyaya Sastra and the Science of Atom is Vaisheshika.  Holistic Medicine is Ayurveda, the Science of the Heavens Jyothish, the Science of Nature, Sankhya and the Science of Wealth, Artha ! We still have a plethora of sciences ! The Science of Definition is Nirukta, Yaska being the Rishi who was known  as the exponent of this Science. Science of Phonetics is Shiksha, Shiksha shiksayathi vyaktam vedocharana lakshanam. Science of Symbology, since the ancients used Vedic Symbolism  behind all mythologic stories, is Purana Sastra. Science of Poesy is Chandas ! Musicology is Gandharva Veda and the Science of Ethics is Dharma Sastra. Tantra Sastra is the mighty science of the Serpentine Power, the Kundalini, coiled in man ! Charvaka is the Science of Matter and Dhanur Veda is Martial Arts ! 

Of which the First Science, Vedanta Sastra being the Science of the Absolute, of the Infinity pulsating on the waves of Relativity, stands  out ! First Science was the name given by Locke to Ontology and later by Hobbes to Metaphysics. This is the Adi Sastra, the Prathama Sastra, the Vedanta Sastra ! 

Humanity is Eternal Being, according to Philosophia Vedica. Here is some information, if you are looking for Vedic Knowledge philosophic.

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