A humble poem " Lord, forgive "   


Devi Sooktam or Durga Saptashathi is a major philosophical text. It is
called Sapta Shati because it contains 700 verses like another colossus, the
Song Celestial ( Bhagavat Geetha ).

The devotee asks for forgiveness. He says I know not Philosophy or Religion, I commit a lot of sins and please forgive me !

Aparadha Sahasrani
Kriyante Har nisam maya
Dasoyam ithi mam mathva
Kshamsva Parameshwari

I commit a lot of sins
Knowingly or unknowingly
Consider me as your servant
And forgive my sins !

Avahanam na janami
Na janami visarjanam
Poojam chaiva na janami
Kshamyatham Parameshwari

I know not how to invoke Thee
Nor the concluding rites of Puja
I know not how to worship Thee
Please have mercy on me !

Mantra heenam Kriya heenam
Bhakti heenam Sureshwari
Yat poojitham maya devi
Paripoornam thadasthu me

O Mother I know not Mantra
Nor the path of Action
Nor Devotion's way great
Be satisfied by my prayer !

Aparadha Shatham Krithva
Jagadambethi Chochareth
Yam gathim Smavapnothi
Na tham Brahma daya Sura

After doing a lot of sins
If somebody calls Thy Name
Their destiny cannot be judged
By the Creator or demigods !

Saparadhosmi Sharanam
Prapthaswam Jagadambike
Idaneemanu kamyoham
Yadecchasi Tada Kuru

Full of offences am I
I take refuge in Thee
This trembling servant's Fate
Should be decided by Thee !

Yanyonyam Adhikam Kritham
Tat Sarvam Kshamayam Devi
Praseeda Parameshwaree

Lack of wisdom, memory, knowledge
Spurred my actions bad
Forgive those sins
And be satisfied with me !

Kameshwari Jagath matha
Sachchidananda Vigrahe
Grihanamrcha mimam preethya
Praseeda Parameshwaree

O Love, O Mother of the Universe !
Blissful art Thou in Thy nature
Accept my offerings divine
With happiness and be happy on me !

Guhyathi Guhya Gopthree Thvam
Grihanasma kritham Japam
Siddhir bhavathu me Devi
Thvat Prasadath Sureshwari !

The Secret of all secrets
Is known only to Thee !
May I become divine
By Thy Grace !