Universal Love took birth in Puttaparthi. To shower Grace on all humanity !

In the Divina Commedia Beatrice criticises Dante for following Philosophy and not Religion. There are Thesis and Anti Thesis in Philosophy. There are doctrines which are antithetical, which are ever in conflict and it is highly likely that we will be inveigled in Politics !

Bridal Mysticism or Bhakti Yoga on the other hand emphasises on Love Immortal. Love All, Serve All is the message. Like Philosophy which advocates to see everything sub specie aeternitatis ( under the aspect of Eternity ), Bridal Mysticism tells us to see everything under the aspect of Love ( sub specie Love ) Love is the Alpha and the Omega ! Let us understand that Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed etc were exponents of Universal Love.

Love all beings
That is enough !

Love conquers all ! Amor vincit omnia !

Sai was born with Libra rising, just like another adept, the great Ramana Maharshi. Like Raman’s he had Mars in the Seventh, conferring Ruchaka Maha Yoga, a formidable yoga for fame. The resemblance of both their horoscopes were startling. Jupiter in Sai’s horoscope ( in Capricorn ) confers a powerful Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga, because of Mars in the Seventh. The major spiritual planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu were powerfully posited, conferring the status of Divine Personality or Divya Purusha to these divines.

In the Sankhya system of Indian Philosophy, the Lord incarnated as Kapila, the Seer and instructed His mother, Devahuthi into the mysteries of Sankhya. New Page 4

The Lord told His mother that it is Love that is ever conquering ( Bhavathi parama bhakthi sahi mruthyor vijetri ).

Bridal Mysticism or Bhakthi Yoga is the path celestial. The Self becomes the
Lover and the Bride. “This is our Eternal Lover luring us to Himself, through
all these flashy masks of Himself, through all these shimmering blazes of His
eternal and ineffugable self-existence”.

Love is greater than intelligence and it is  Love alone which can redeem the world.

Scientists and philosophers are generally regarded as Knowers but then
Truth is unknown to all !

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Truth is greater, wider than her forms
A thousand icons they have made of Her
And they find Her in the icons they adore
But She remains herself and infinite !         ( Aurobindo )

In classical Indian Philosophy, there are Four Goals of Life ( Wealth, Ethics, Power & Salvation - Artha, Dharma, Kama & Moksha ). There is a Fifth Goal of Life and this is Universal Love !

Again there are Four Dharmas - Childhood, Bachelorhood, Preparation for Asceticism & Asceticism - Kaumara, Brahmacharya, Vanaprastha & Sanyasa ). There is a Fifth Dharma. This is Prajna Dharma - the highest knowledge is Love !

Love is a glory from Eternity’s spheres
She is the Godhead that can make all change !

Let Universal Love triumph on earth !

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