Bridal Mysticism or Bhakthi Yoga    By 


Bridal Mysticism means to incorporate the Absolute Self as the Lover, the
Bride. The Self reveals His secrets to the bridal mystic and these came to
be known as the Vedas !

The Triune Meditation

Reverence of preceptors
Propitiating them with purity physical
Embacing none but Him
Hurting none in thought, word and deed
Is Physical Meditation called !

Deva Dwija Guru Prajna
Poojanam shoucha marjavam
Brahmacharyam ahimsa cha
Sareeram tapa uchyathe

Using words which are sweet
Observance of Truth
The Study of Self and practice
Is Verbal Meditation called !

Anudveka karam vakyam
Satyam priya hitam cha yal
Swadhyayabhyasanam chaiva
Vangmayam tapa uchyate

Contentment, meekness
Obervance of Silence, self control
Purity of Heart above all
Is Mental Meditation called !

Mana prasada soumythvam
Mounam atma vinigrahah
Bhava samsudhi ithyethat
Tapo manasam uchyate


The existential force of Life is sorrow. Life is difficult, life is
suffering and the inherent force in Manifestation is Sorrow. ( This sorrow
is repesented in Astrology by Saturn, the planet of Melancholy, Justice and
Retribution ).

This world is Sorrow ( Sarvam Dukham ), everything is transient ( Sarvam
Kshanikam ), everything is Void ( Sarvam Shoonyam ), everything is futile
( sarvam vyartham ) and everything is misery ( sarvam duritham ). Knowing
this the Guru tells the disciple " Thou shalt not grieve " ( na thvam
shochithumarhasi ).

The disciple has come to the Master for Wisdom and the Master knows that the
mind of the disciple is hurt by the continous web of life and the sorrow of
the temporal. Hence he tells the disciple " Thou shalt not grieve".

It is said that the sorrow given by the Father is removed by the Guru ! It
is the function of the Guru to impart Wisdom to the disciple. This will
enable the disciple to cross the ocean of worldliness, the real river
Vaitharani. A river flowing deathward, macabre, and full of difficulties is
this fearsome river, this river Vaitharani, this river which is Life
problematic ! (Yama dware maha ghore thapta vaitharanee nadi ).
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They live eternally
With Courage as Father
Patience as Mother
Peace as Wife
Truth as son
Mercy as sister
And self control as Brother
They live eternally !

With the earth as their bed
And with Wisdom as food
With such a great family
The Yogis fear none!

They embrace none but Self
The Self is their all in all !
The Self is the lover, the Self is the bride
The greatest instructor of mankind !

Dhairyam yasya Pitha
Kshama hi janani
Shanti chirak medhini
Sathyam Soonu rayam
Daya hi bhagin
Bhratha mana samyama
Shayyad bhoomi thalam
dishopi vasanam
jnanamrutham bhojanam
Aithe yasya kudumbine vada sakhe
Kasmath bhayam yoginah !