The Fourfold Mantra Therapy
1) Tutelary Deity Mantra
2) General Health Mantra,  Dhanvantari
3) Astro Therapy Mantra, Saturn Mantra
4) Forgiveness   Mantra   , Gayatri   
5) Miracle Mantra -   The Vibhooti Mantra                       


Mind is the Sovereign Power,
In this manifold Universe.
Conquering Mind is difficult,
Like conquering your enemy.
Man's greatest enemy is Mind ,
And Mantra saves you from him .
Mantras have different purposes,
They all are bestowers of Grace !
For intellectual brilliance, Gayatri,
For enemy destruction, Sudarshana,
For nuptials, Swayamvara
And for education, Vidya Rajni
The Fitth Mantra is the Miracle Mantra,
Which is actually His Unknown Domain,
Which we are not  supposed to wrte about,
As it is in the terra incognita of Consciousness !             


Elarata Saturn caught me at 18 and i suffered heavily. Immense Suffering characterised his second attack at 48.
Now some of my relatives are suffering horribly. One of them lost his eyesight. Doc said he will never get his eyesight back and that it will take 8.5 years to limp back to normalcy. He was chanting the Dhanvantari Mantra. Hospital was stunned when he became normal within 3 weeks and got his eyesight back. The cause - Dhanvantari mantra !

I dont want to dwell upon the theme longer, as you will think that they are the preternatural pomposities of pulpit!

So we consecrate these songs and mantras, to the thousands of     Saturn afflicted souls !



Tantra is similar to Vedanta

While Vedanta says
Grace is all in all !
Divine Principle is subservient,
To Truth Absolute.
Hence Sages are my Icons! 

Daivadheenam jagat sarvam,
Satyadheenam tu daivatham
Tat satyam Uthamadheenam
Uthamo Mama Devata.
Tantra says,
Grace is all in all !
Divine Principle is subservient,
To  Prayer codified.
Hence  Diviners are my Icons! 
Daivadheenam jagat sarvam,
Mantraadheenam tu daivatham
Tat mantram Brahmanadheenam
Brahmano Mama Devata.
Q-   Now you are talking about miracles?
A-   Mantra is codified prayer.  Prayer is power. And a Great One
said, When I pray, miracles happen . When i dont , they dont.
Tertulian said ' I believe, because it is impossible", certum est quia
impossible est.
Q How did the Poets talk about  Grace?
        Grace is that which maketh the lame,
        Walk, and the dumb speak profusely !
        Mookam karoti vachalam
        Pangum lankhayate girim
Q-   Whose Grace?
        Obviously, the Lord's,
        Grace that knoweth no boundaries,
        Yat Kripa tam aham vande
        Paramananda Madhavam !                     
Q   What is Dhanvantari Mantra?
       Dhanvantari is that Aspect of the Lord wherein He revealed medical knowledge to mankind. The Indian Hppocrates. His mantra is known as the Health Mantra, Dhvam Dhanvantaraye sarvamaya vinasanaya Maha Vishnave Namah / Swaha. Ama means toxins, This mantra prays for  Detoxification.
Q   What is Dhanvantari Gayatri?
        The mantra which protects the Chanter is   Gayatri, Gayatam trayate iti Gayatri. Lord  Dhavantari, bound by Hi Own laws, s bound to protect thee !
Q    What is Dhanvantari Suprabhatam ?
       Consists of  Poetic Verses to the Divine Physician,. saying Good Morning to the Medical Aspect of Him, who is  seated in the sky of Consciousness of the Heart,  sarvasya  cha aham hridi.