Quantum Field Theory posits that the Vaccum State is the substratum of the Universe and this Unfied Field is the  Absolute Being, Absolute  Knowledge, Absolute Bliss ( Sat, Chit, Ananda),  of  transcendental philosophy, the eternal triad which is the Universe and we are.

Now enhance your Being, Knowledge ,Bliss, which are from time immemorial considered as  Wisdom's frame of reference. Through adding to your Sat (existence), developing your Chit (subsistence) and enjoying Ananda you will witness a spiritual evolution or realization in your mind. With practising yoga, one sees the Absolute Self everywhere through his Intuition, which is defined as the Eye of  Wisdom. He will become absolutely impersonal. He will not have a bit of selfishness in him. His Id will be completely annihilated. And in times he will attain the Eternal Bliss of the Self

The word "Yoga" itself is derived from a Sanskrit word "Yuj", which means to unite. Union with Cosmic Intelligence is the Yogic objective. 

What we sow, we reap and this Universal Law is known as the Law of Karma, the Grand Law of Causation. We have to understand that the miseries of life and the Negativity which we experience are all the inevitable clearing process of exhausting our Karma. We have to understand that despite our sufferings, mistakes and ignorance, the Divine Will is leading us, through every circumstance, towards the final Realization. This faith will give us equanimity. 

You will find Yoga Philosophy in all the underlying streams of Western thought  -   in the Pythagorean, in the Masonic, in the Platonic, in the Hegelian, in the Marxist, in the phenomenological, in New Age, in Sacred Music, in the Rosicrucian, in the Gnostic traditions, in Sacred Space and in Sacred Geometry ! New modern movements like the Human Potential Movement, Green Covenant and the Blue Covenant also derive from Pagan Philosophy ! New systems like Bio Dynamics,  Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Gaia Hypothesis, Creation Spirituality etc derive  from this Sciencia Ultima .


Even in rags, I am a god   

Fallen, I am divine

High I triumph when down trod

Live will I when slain !

It is natural that our faith may be assailed by some misfortunes which happen to us. We have to understand that Initiation is a process of intensive culture and accelerated evolution  and the bad experiences which happen to us are merely wages. 

What can all these trials and tribulations do to the Godhead within us, the Almighty Self, He who transcends Space, Time & Causality?  Him the jail cannot confine nor the gallows end ! 

Let us follow the Fourfold path of Yoga. They are…

Jnana Yoga Union via Wisdom  The method by which the intellect is used to negate the bondage of material world.

Raja Yoga Union via Psychic Control  The psychological approach focusing on concentration and meditation.

Karma Yoga Union via Action  This is the path of eliminating the ego and attachments through selfless service.  

Bhakthi Yoga Union via Love  A way of union through conversion of the emotions to devotion.


Human mind has immaculate powers. And it differs from person to person. People can awake the hidden psychic and occult powers in them by understanding and realizing the power of their mind. The four-fold path of Yoga offers some unique ways to emancipate oneself from the material world using the divine intelligence.

The Intellectual Man can go for Jnana Yoga or Union via Wisdom

The Active Man can pursue  Karma Yoga or the Union via Action

The Adventurous man can followe Raja Yoga or Union via Psychic Control

The Emotional Man  can look for Bhakthi Yoga or the Union of Emotions 

Practising any one of the four powerful and vigorous Yoga paths will take you beyond the five concentric sheaths to the Absolute Self, which is the cosmic power in individual bodies  

While Raja and Jnana Yogas are more or less for the initiated, Bhakti & Karma Yogas are for the ordinary man. You can understand the basic principles of Yoga by reading some books on the science.  The characteristics of both the lower and the higher selves are highlighted and Cosmic Union becomes easy.