The Twenty Five Principles of Sankhya 




We have many principles in Esoteric Wisdom.  One of the best treatises dealing with Sankhya Philosophy is Kapila Geetha. There are many Geethas or Songs and Kapila Geetha is one of them.


The Efficient Cause, the main Cause is Nature, Pradhanam Prakritim Prahuh. Nature is Almighty , is the sole doer and She is infinite in Her wisdom !

Purusha, the Soul behind Nature is the 25th principle. Let us analyse what are the main principles in this Universe !

Prakrit Mahat Ahamkara Tanmatra Bhootaan
Api Hridapi Dasakhi Poorusha Pancha Vimsa

Universal Mind
The Five Subtle Essences
The Five Great Elements
The Five Sense Organs
The Five Knowledge Organs

These are the 24 principles of Sankhya. And Purusha, the Absolute Self, is the 25th !

Sanniveso Maya Proktho Ya Kala Pancha Vimsaka

Time is the All devouring Power
Of the Absolute; the foolish Ego
Who is said to be the Experiencer
Is afraid of Time Almighty !

Prabhavan Pourusham Prahoo
Kalameke yatho bhayam
Ahankara Vimoodatma
Karthu prakriti peeyusha

Outside as the all consuming Time
Within as the individual Self
He moves all beings with his Magic
And is the Lord Supreme of the Universe !

Antha Purusha Roopena
Kala Roopena yo Bahi
Samanvethveva sathwanam
Bhagavan Athma Mayaya

The Knower of these 25 principles is freed from Bondage !

While atheists and agnostics hail Kapila as an Agnostic, who said " God is not proved ", bridal mystics like Melpathur extol Him as an Avatar, a descent of Godhead ! According to the mystics, He incarnated as Bhagavan Kapila to bequeth to us the Wisdom of Nature !
  Ithi vividha vibhago muchyathe sow prakritya
Kapila thanu rithithvam Deva hootyanyagadi  ( Narayaneeyam )
So Thou revealed to Thy mother, Devahoothi, 

in Thy incarnation as Kapila !

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