The Sanskrit word Sangeetha for Music is defined as "a confluence of Song,  Lyrics & Dance". ( Geetham Vadyam Thadha Nritham Trayam Sangeetham Uchyathe  ) !
Art is defined as that which generates happiness ( Kal Ahladatha iti  Kala ).
Kathakali is one of the best art forms of Kerala and is played in almost  all temples. The word " Temple" is derived from the Latin word Tempulum , a place where Law and Justice can be administered.
Kerala culture is rich with Arts. There are other forms of Art, like Ottam Thullam, Theyyam, Kalari Payattu, Mohini Attam, Chakyar Koothu, Nangiar  Koothu, Velakali, Thiruvathira Kali etc. The videos of all these arts we have uploaded at Kerala Heritages.  It gives the Supreme Point where Truth, Art and Music meet, which is only discernible to the divinely intoxicated mind. 
Art is divine, said Michelangelo. Art is grandchild of Deity, said Dante.  Now this confluence of Song, Lyrics and Dance can take man to the altaltissimo, the highest Blissful Summit or Spiritual Zenith, which is only accessible to the divinely-intoxicated mind !
Dance is divine, said Bharata Muni, the Master of classical Dance. Bhavananubhavathvam Bharathathvam. 

"The Cosmic Dance" , says Fritjof Capra in his book "The Tao of Physics" " is the dance of sub atomic matter". 




The ancient mystics discovered that Man is a miniature Universe. The  physicist Fritjof Capra defined the dance of atoms and sub-atomic particles,  the galaxies and the constellations  as the dance of Lord Shiva. " The Cosmic Dance", he said, " is the dance of sub-atomic matter" !

All Indian arts manifest the Law of Correspondences. Between Microcosm and  Macrocosm, between Man and the Universe. The beauty of the eternal Universe  is celebrated in the beauty of the human body. The rhythmic movements of the  dancer symbolise the dance of the Universe, by the Lord of Dancers, the Lord Shiva Himself. " The Dancing Shiva is the dancing Universe" declared Capra !
The Dance of Bliss of Lord Shiva, called Ananda Tandavam, is the manifestation of the Cosmic Energy in five activities
Srushti - Creation, unfolding, pouring forth
Sthithi - Preservation, maintenance
Samhara - Destruction or taking back
Tirobhava - Concealing and hiding the Transcendent Reality
Anugraha - Bestowing Grace

It is He that is immanent in the Play - Himself the Play, Himself the  Player, Himself the Playground ! We find that behind that play is a Truth- Rhythm and an Ethos. We may regard it as Lila ( Cosmic Play ) of the Divine, the joy of the Artist's., the Geometer's, the Architect's,  creating and  recreating Himself in Himself for the sheer bliss of that self-creation. It  is He who is expanding, it is He who is contracting, it is He who is  concealing  His Essence and it is He who is conferring Grace. Himself the Play, Himself the  Player, Himself the Playground !


The Universal principle resides in us
He is playing hide and seek with His own Force
Divine, he wears the garb of animal and Man
Eternal, He assents to Fate and Chance
He whose transcendence rules the pregnant Vasts
Lay prescient in our subliminal depths
A luminous individual power alone !

Let Art give Bliss to our readers !