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The Devi Mahatmya is the Adventure of Consciousness, the journey into the inner domains of Consciousness.

We have said before that the demons symbolise the negative elements in the human mind. Shumb and Nishumb are the human frailties like Lust & Greed, that which binds Man to the sublunar world.

The aim of the Divine Conscious Force is to destroy the negative elements in the aspirantís mind and give him the divine crown of Self-Actualisation. By destroying lust, greed, anger and jealousy, She makes the aspirant eligible for Self Actualisation.

Sacred Music and Dance are part of all cultures and civilizations. Music is one the 18 sciences which constitute Indian Philosophy, along with Holistic Medicine. ( Ayurvedam Dhanur Vedam Gandharvo Vedameva cha ).

Sacred Music can elevate the soul. Music is divine, whether it is Western or Indian. Music is food for the soul ! Songs accompanied by lyrics and dance is Sacred Music.

The celestials represent the positive elements in the human mind. Truth and Love are great qualities and the celestials or the devas of Indian Mythology eulogise the Mother Divine for destroying the negative elements or the demons !

Devi Prapannarthi Hare Praseeda
Praseeda mathar jagathokhilasya
Praseed visheshwari pahi vishwam
Thvameeshwaree devi Chara charasya


O Mother Divine Grace us
Grace us with Thy Beneficent Power !
Grace us O Mother of the Universe
Thou art the invincible Shakthi !

Ultimately She goes and destroys the Ego, the formidable force and frees the aspirant from its tyranny !

Thou who exist as Prosperity in the righteous
In the evil doers as lack of mental peace
In the Seers as intelligence
In the good as concentration
In the aristocratic as shame
To Thee our salutations !

Ya sree swayam sukrithanam bhavaneshu alakshmi
Papatmanam krithadhiyam hridayeshu buddhi
Sraddha satham hridi kula jana prabhavasya lajja
Tha thvam na thasma paripalaya devi vishwam !

The negative elements in the human mind are formidable and when one confronts them one becomes fearful

A lone discover in these menacing realms
Guarded like termite cities from the Sun !

Alone, powerful and cruel are these dreadful forces ( lust, greed, anger , jealousy ) which lie in the subconscient. Their destruction is not easy but then the Divine Mother does it though a yogic process.

She is the benign Creatrix, bestowing her Grace on both the mundane and the supra-mundane.

With Thy Grace, one acquires wealth and power
Subordinates and conveyances galore !
With Thy Grace, one acquires Wisdom & Fame
Thou art the giver of both worlds !

She is infinite in her powers and personalities. She as Wealth Personified ( Lakshmi ) blesses the man who seeks wealth. She as Wisdom Personified ( Saraswathi ) gives Wisdom, fame and Self Actualisation to the aspirant. Everything is affected by Her Grace !

This mighty poem arose
Out of the great Markandeya
Of the Eighteen treatises mythological
Others are Padma, Brahma,
Vaishnva, Saiva, Bhagavatha,
Bhavishya, Naradeeya,
Agneya, Brahma Vaivartha
Lainga, Varaha, Skanda
Vamana, Kurma, Matsya
Garuda & Brahmanda

The function of Epic and Mythology is to adumbrate philosophic verities ( Ithihasa Puranabhyam Vedam Sapuma Brimhayeth ) Bacon opined that scientic truths are contained in Mythology in his book De Sapientia Vaterum ( Of the Wisdom of the Ancients ).