The quintessence of Indian Philosophy & Mythology 


Arise, awake, Seek out
The Great Ones to know Truth ineffable
As dangerous as the Razor’s edge
So is the path difficult to cross

I walk on the Razor’s edge alone
The path is narrow, the way Unknown

Go and seek out the Seers
Whose body is full of Bliss
Who enjoys Immortality
Whose body knows the warmth
The subtle warmth of the Serpent Power
As it rises from the Base Chakra
To the Crown Chakra !

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The cows symbolise the Upanishads
They were all milked by the Lord
The milk thus obtained is Geetha,
The Great Song of Eternity
The Upanishad sung by the Lord
The Science of the Absolute
The Scripture of the Yogis
The Lamp lit by the Lord
At the altar of humanity
To save humanity from Evil
To take man to immortality
To Eternity & Peace Heavenly !

A scripture allegorical
Symbolic of the inner war
Happening in the human bosom
Between the conflicting Good and Evil
Duryodhana is Lust
Dussasana is Anger
Intellect is Arjuna
The Self is Krishna !
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Know then the Self is the Charioteer
The chariot is the human body
The horses five are the organs five
And mind the reigns !
We are the place where
The great battle is fought
The great struggle for supremacy
Between Light and Darkness
Between Prosperity and Adversity
Between the great forces of Love
And the great forces of Lust
Betwixt Love of Power & the Power of Love
Let the Power of Love win !
Over the lust and love of Power
Liberate us, O All Compassionate !

In this great battle, depicted by the poets
As Epic Poetry, Iliad and Odyssey,
Ramayana and Mahabharata
The Self, His great transparent mirror
Directs and controls the show throughout
This cosmic play, this mighty show,
Is willed by the Self in its totality
And perpetually entertained!
He resides as the Self in the chariot
Of the human body, directing
The five organs of sense, instructing
The intellect discriminative, to wage war
Against the enemies formidable
Lust, greed, anger, jealousy
Sloth, covetousness, gluttony
With Love ineffable He makes us victorious
With the qualities positive, aligned to Love !


Indian Mythology is 400,000 verses
Can you believe a man wrote that ?
Vyasa wrote treatises eighteen
The adumbration of all truths philosophic
Condensed in story form
Is this mighty Indian Mythology !

The major treatise mythological
Is Bhagavata, of 18000 verses
Was condensed into verses 1008
By the genius of Melpathur
Out of the eighth mythological treatise,
The Markandeya arose
The great Devi Mahatmyam
Extolling the Power Divine
The Prakriti of the Purusha !
The Power Divine which is immanent
As Love in all created beings !
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The Power Divine which is the Universe
The Power Divine which is Life, Mind, Matter
The Power Divine which is all in all !

Out of the mighty epic Ramayana
Arose the Aditya Hridayam
Extolling the Solar Consciousness
The Inner Sun of all, the Absoute Self !
Solar Consciousness is everywhere
Is the synonym of Consciousness Cosmic
Is the synonym of Witness Consciousness
Or the I AM Consciousness transcedent !

Lakhs of verses adorn Siddhanta,
Lakhs of verses adorn Hora
Lakhs of verses adorn Samhita
So is the case of Sruti and Smriti
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