The poet Tulsi Das wrote Rudrashtakam, an octet to the Formless. Here it is in musical form. This octet is very good and I had experienced my Kundalini rising, as I pondered on its meaning.

“The Internet is the best place to talk about God”, said Pope Benedict XVI. Sacred Music or Gandharva Music can definitely elevate the Kundalini. After all, the Universe is one Cosmic Dance and let us dissolve in that Cosmic Dance, which is Bliss Absolute.

Listening to Sacred Music, we elevate our Consciousness from the mundane level to the supra-mundane level. The Point of Bliss becomes accessible to the divinely intoxicated mind, the Point where Truth, Art, Poetry and Music meet.

Namameesha Meeshana Nirvana Roopam
Vibhum Vyapakam Brahma veda swaroopam
Nijam Nirgunam Nirvikalpam Nireeham
Chid Akasha Akasha Vasam Bhajeham

O The Lord of All That is
Who is the Bliss of Self
Resplended art Thou in Thy Form
Omnipresent in all verities

Of the Nature of Absolute Being
With mighty Vedas as Thy Form
Changeless, passionless, attributeless,
O Tenanter of the Sky of Consciousness, I bow !

Nirakara Omkara Moolam Thureeyam
Giraajnana Gotheetha Meesham Gireesham
Karalam Maha Kala Kalam Kripalam
Gunakara Samsara Param Nathoham

O Formless Absolute
O Transcendence Personified
The Root Cause of all sound
Transcending senses, knowledge, tongue

The Lord of the Himalayas
O Destroyer of fierce Time
The abode of qualities divine,

O Tenanter of the Sky of Consciousness, I bow !

Thusharadri Sankasha Gauram Gabheeram
Mano bhootha koti prabha sree sareeram
Sphuran mouli kallolinee charuganga
Prasadbhala balendu kante bhujanga

O Beauty Absolute, as white as snow,
Who is Mind, who is Matter also,
Who is all human beings,
With splendour and wealth immense.

With shining forehead, bearing Ganges
Who sports the Moon on his forehead
Who is garlanded by snakes
O Tenanter of the Sky of Consciousness, I bow !

Chalat Kundalam Bhroosu Netram Vishalam
Prasannanam Neelakantam Dayalam
Mrigadheesha Charmambaram Munta malam
Priyam Sankaram Sarva Nadham Bhajami

I adore Thee, O Mighty Lord,
Thy Third Eye is the Eye of Wisdom
Who is massive and spreadout
With a pleasant, beatific face.

O benevolent Lord of the righteous
Wearing a lion skin around the waist
Who sportest a skull-cap garland
O Tenanter of the Sky of Consciousness, I bow !

Prachandam prakrishtam pragalbham paresham
Akhandam ajam bhanu koti prakasham
Trayah shoola nirmoolanam shoola panim
Bhajeham Bhavanee pathim Bhava gamyam


O Lord of the Divine Mother
Immense, fierce, mature and brave
Transcending eveyone and all
The Unborn, eternal Self!

Resplendent with the brilliance of millions of Suns
Transcender of qualities triune
( Making us totally detached )
Accessible to the devotee divine
O Tenanter of the Sky of Consciousness, I bow !

Kala theetha Kalyana Kalpantha Karee
Sada sajjanananda datha puraree
Chidananda Sandhoha moha apaharee
Praseeda Praseeda Prabho Manmadharee

O Destroyer of lust demoniac
Who is beyond Cosmological Cycles
Auspicious and End of Universe
The Endower of Bliss to the righteous!

O Destroyer of Pura
O Bliss Eternal and Absolute
O Destroyer of passions Six
(Lust, greed, anger, avarice, jealousy, gluttony)
O Tenanter of the Sky of Consciousness, I bow !

Na yavad uma natha padaravindam
Bhajantheeha loke Pare va Naranam
Na thavat sukham santhi santhapa nasam
Praseeda prabho sarva bhoothadivasam

Those who do not adore Thee
Never attain to Bliss Absolute
In this world or the next

They gain nothing

Be happy with us O Lord
Be happy with us mortals !

We  cant understand Thy trials, 
O Tenanter of the Sky of Consciousness, I bow !

Na janami yogam japam naiva poojam
Nathoham sada Sarvada sambhu thubhyam
Jara janma dukhau dhatha thapya manam
Prabho pahi apanna mameesha sambho

I know not Yoga, Mantra or Tantra
I only have Thee in mind
Desiring only Thee I live
Save me from Existential Sorrow

The sorrow that resulteth from birth
Grief, sins, troubles, old age

And from dire vicissitudes,
O Tenanter of the Sky of Consciousness, I bow !
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