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We find that Transcendental Philosophy postulates a Quantum Ground State, a substratum, as the base of all Existence. This is Existence Itself, Sat, Knowledge Itself, Chit and Bliss Itself, Ananda.

The Subjective Being Knowledge Bliss

The Absolute Being is experientially felt as as a state of Existence or Being, Sat. This is the Quantum Ground State of the Universe and can be compared to the deep most level of the Ocean, the level of Being.

Being knows Itself as Itself and this is Self Knowledge, Chit

Being is always blissful of Its existence and this is Ananda.

Sat Chit Anandam Brahma, averrs the Great Upanishads. This Absolute Being is the timeless and spaceless Existence which alone makes Time, Space, Causality and Cosmos possible !

The Objective Truth Knowledge Infinity

While Being is subjectively experienced as Being, Its objective manifestation is as Truth, Satyam. Chit or Knowledge manifests objectively as Wisdom, Jnanam.

While Buddha et al condemn Life as a bed of thorns ( Sarvam Dukham, Sarvam Shoonyam, Sarvam Kshanikam, Life is difficut,sorrow, suffering ), the question is asked " Why do you live, despite the adversities faced by you? " The answer is the Will to Live. What is this impulse, the Will to Live ? It is based on what?

The First Science, the Adi Sastra, Vedanta Sastra, answers this question like this. Behind all the difficulties and the innumerable adversities, there is the Bliss of Being. We carry on with our lives, because of the Will to Live, because our basic nature is Bliss or Ananda.

Anandam Braham, the Absolue Self is Bliss. Anandena imani bhoothani jayante, anandena jathena jeevanti, anandam prayantyapi samvishanti, averrs the Upanishads. From Bliss everything is born, in Bliss everything exists and into Bliss everything will merge back !

The objective manifestation of Bliss is Infinity or boundlessness. So the Rishies of yore defined Reality objectively, as Truth, Knowledge, Infinity, Satyam Jnanam Anantam Brahma !

The Trilogy of Hinduism, the Prasthana Traya

The Trilogy of Sacred Books are

The Brahma Sutras
The Great Upanishads
The Song Celestial or the Geetha

It was the Lord Himself who revealed
Eternal Truths to the intellect discriminative
Intuitively grasped by Vyasa
And by the ancient Rishies
Gita is the Science of the Absolute
The quintessence of Epic Poetry
The Great War, Maha Bharata
The imparter of Non Dual Knowledge
The great Mother Celestial
Composed of chapters eighteen
O Mother Divine
We bow to Thee !

Parthena Pratibhoditham
Bhagavata Narayanena Swayam
Vyasene Gradhitam
Purana Munina Madhye Mahabharatam
Advaitaamrita Varshineem
Ashta Dasa Dhyayinieem
Amba tvam Anu sandhadami
Bhagavat Geethe
That which was intuitively cognised
By Rishies in states higher
Seer- wisdoms which utter
Their esoteric meanings to Seers !
Are the Upanishads Great !
Ten thousand eight in number !
Brahma Sutras extol
Lordly, Absolute Self !
Time has come to study
Athatho Brahma Jijnasa !