Love, the highest Knowledge   By 

Love is the greatest  dictum
True Universal Teacher is She !
Love is the greatest Meditation
Celestial Deity great is Love !

All Epics & Poesis symbolise Love
The essence of the Vedas is She !
All poems extoll Love
Love is praised by all Ethics !

Love is the greatest Heaven
The never changing principle is She !
She is the greatest Power
Love is All in All, the ALL !

Love cognised is Truth
In Action, She is Non-Violence !
She is the Mover of the Worlds
As Feeling, She is Peace !

In the 33rd Canto of the Divina Commedia , Dante sees the essence of the
Universe as one perfect Whole and the Whole as nothing but Love. Deeper and
deeper he penetrates into the mysteries of the Trinitarian Unity and sees
the unchanging glory of the triune Deity and the featured countenance of

The divine Aurobindo wrote

Love should never cease to be on the earth
Love is the bright link betwixt Earth and Heaven
Love is the far Transcendent's angel here
Love is man's lien on the Absolute !

" Take away Love and the whole world becomes a tomb " said Byron. Also

" Flower of the clove ! All the Latin I construe is " Amo ", I love !"

The highest quality is Intellectual Love or Amor Intelectualis or Jnana
Bhakti. Love cometh from Wisdom. Even though Love is an outpouring of the
heart, it is the result of intellectuality.

Said Dante " Love is the inevitable consequence of Knowledge ".

"To Love Almighty Love is given

All things to form and all to bear "  said Goethe

Universe rises in Love

It evolves in Love

Love is the Sovereign Power

The highest bliss for all is Love !

Love is expansion. Hatred is contraction. Love is Life. Hatred is Death.
Love is Positive, hatred is negative !

Who has conquered everything with hatred ? Love conquers all !