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On Mar 20, 2015 many celestial events coincide. The Hindu Lunar Year begins at the Equinoctial New Moon. English Era 2015 - 78 = 1937 is the Saka Era. In the Tropical Zodiac, Sun enters Meshadi ( Spring Equinox ). Soorya Grahana and Super Moon ! Sun, Moon and Ketu in Pisces and Rahu in Virgo ! 



                                     Horosopes  of  KejriwalModi & Rahul

                                     Modi ji's horoscope resembles Chatrapati Shivaji's 




Western Philosophy is made up of seven sciences- Ontology, Epistemology, Axiology, Aesthetics, Ethics, Logic & Politics. There are  eighteen sciences which grace Philosophia Indica. They are 


1) Science of Being as Being -Vedanta Sastra 2) Science of Cosmic Union -  Yoga  Saastra
3) Science of the Heavens -     Jyothis Sastra    4)Science of   Nature -             Sankhya Saastra 
5) Science of Atoms -              Vaisesika Sastra       6) Science of Logic -                 Nyaya Sastra 
7) Holistic Science of Life -       Ayurveda Sastra 8) Science of Wealth  -               Artha Sastra 
9) Science of Grammar -           Vyakarana Sastra 10)Science of Definition -          Niruktha Sastra
11)Science of Phonetics -           Siksha Sastra 12) Science of Poetic Meters -  Chandas Sastra
13)Science of Musicology -       Gandharva Veda 14)  Science of Symbology -     Purana Sastra
15)Science of Ethics -               Dharma Sastra 16)  Science of Archery -          Dhanur Veda
17)Science of  Serpent Power ,Tantra Sastra 18)  Science of Matter -            Charvaka Sastra

Angani Vedaschathvaro Meemanso Nyaya Visthara
Puranam Dharma Saastram cha Vidya Hethva Chathurdsa
Ayurvedam Dhanurvedam Gandharvo Veda eva cha
Artha Saastra Chathurthascha Vidya Ashta Dasa Smritha

The Six Main sciences - Vedanta, Yoga, Nyaya, Sankhya, Vaisesika and Poorva Meemamsa

The Six Subsidiary Sciences - Jyothish, Kalpa, Niruktha, Shiksha, Vyakaran, Chando Vichithi 

Jyothir Kalpa Niruktam cha Shiksha Vyakaranam Thadha
Chando Vichitiretani Vidangani Vidu Sruthe 

Jyotisha means the great Hindu Astro Physics, which includes Siddhanta ( Astronomy ), Samhita and Hora ( Astrology ). Shiksha Sishyayathi Vyaktam Vedocharana Lakshanam, Shiksha is Phonetic Directory. Nirukta is the Science of Definition, vasti thasya niruktam thu veda nirvachanam sphutam. Vyakarana is Grammar. 

        These  Eighteen Seer-Poets are the founders of the Wisdom of the Heavens, Astrology.

         Soorya Pithamaha Vyaso Vasishto Atri  Parashara
         Kashyapo Narado Gargo Mareechir Manu Angiras
         Lomasa Paulasaschaiva Chyavano Yavano Bhrigu
         Ashta Dasaschitheva Jyothisaastra Pravarthaka

          May you be blessed with  Philosophic Knowledge! 

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Mission Statement - G Kumar is ready to share with the international community the learning he has gained in the Sciences mentioned above, after years of research and study in the same and mixing with scholars.

Privacy Policy - We will not give out your email address or any other confidential info. 




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