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  Vastu - Geo Biology




The Scientific Aspect 


Positive Energy & Negative Energy

"Cancer is a disease of location" said Dr Ernest Hartmann, M.D after researching in GeoBiology for 30 years. He meant that certain places on earth are infested with Negative Energy which he called Geopathic Stress. Similarly certain places have Positive Energy and these are holy places where miracles take place. 

In the enviroment where we live, Negative Earth Ray exist naturally. Dr Hagar M D, after examining housing status of 5348 patients who died of cancer reported that HER ( Harmful Earth Ray ) passed through under their house by 100% of his subjects. 

The German dowser Gustav von Phol's theory " No passing under Harmful Earth Ray, no cancer " was first attacked but later declared as genuine. 

Effects of Negative Energy or Geopathic Stress

No soundness of sleep, some insomnia and decrease of appetite.

As per the reports by Kathe Bachler, earth Ray researcher in Australia, Dr Arnold Manliker, Dr Harger in Germany, Dr Ernest Hartmann and Nobel Laureate Melvin Calvin, cancer is produced under the influence of the Geopathic Earth Ray.  

Time consuming sleep with continous dreams, nightmares and poor sleep. 

Experiencing visionary or auditory hallucinations. Feeling of horror or dismal in certain areas of the home 

Suffering from an ill-defined disease, with long medical treatment and unclear recovery. 

Nightmare, somnambulism, amnesia, paralysis, sharp headache and feebleness in general. 

People sleeping above an area of Geopathic Stress often have disturbed sleep patterns and wake up feeling tired and irritable.

Dowsing can detect Positive or Negative Energy. Hartman rods are now used by dowsers to measure Positive or Negative Energy. 


The Philosophic Aspect 

Today there is a demand surge for  Vastu, which  is implemented in all  areas. Architects and interior decorators use it as well as masons. 

The ground, which  is the base for any construction, is  equally divided into eight parts or eight directions. Each direction is governed by a specific lord and all the 12 Zodiacal Signs fit into the 8 directions. 

Many are the guidelines given by Vastu for prosperous living, apart from the land demarcation. 


The Eight Directions and the lords of the 8 Directions 

The place for keeping Cash 

The best place is North as it is ruled by Kubera, the lord of wealth in Vedic Mythology and  if Cash box can be kept facing the North Eastern direction, it will be ideal. 


No low ceiling houses preferred ! 

If a house is built with low ceiling, then the flow of cosmic energy into the house will be meagre.

A bedroom with low ceiling destroys harmony while a bedroom with slanted ceiling brings ill health. Kitchen with slanted ceilings are not called for as it will reduce prosperity. 


Vastu Color Coordination

As the Nine Revolving Heavens  in Astrology represent the Nine Colors ( The Seven Colors of the spectrum plus infra-red and ultra-violet), the 8 directions of Vastu represent different colors !


If different colors are used for that direction ( different from the colors stipulated by Vastu ), the effect can be quite devastating. 

North West                                             North                                                   North East                             

  Lord - Moon     White  Lord    - Mercury  Green   LLord   - Jupiter Yellow
  Lord - Saturn  Blue            White   Lord - Sun  Dark Brown
  Lord - Rahu  Blue   Lord - Mars  Red   Lord - Venus  White

South West                                                     South                                           South East  


Normally the Sacred Space Room should be in the Ishan Zone, North East

Kitchen in the Agni Zone, South East

Master Bedroom in the Nirrithi Zone, South West

Toilet in the Vayu Zone, North West 


In Vastu, 9*9 Grid ( Nava Varga Pada ), the 8*8 Grid ( Ashta Varga Pada ) and 10*10 Grid ( Dasa Varga Pada ) are used as Vastu Purusha Mandala.  


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