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How Saturn's Transit of Sagittarius Will Affect You? 

The longitude of Saturn, the Planet of Boundless Time, Justice and Retribution, becomes > 240 degrees as he enters Sagittarius on Jan 27, 2017 and he will stay there for 2 years .

Moon Sign - Is the Zodiacal Sign where your Moon is posited in your sidereal horoscope in Astrology Hindu.

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How Astro Knowledge saved a Keralite

Panchami, the Fifth Lunation, Moon in between 4*12 and 5*12 degrees from the Sun, fell on Aug 15th and Antony knew from traditional astro knowledge that the Ocean will not receive water during Shashti, Saptami & Ashtami, the Veliyettam Days ( high tide, uptide, when the Moon's elongation is in between 60 to 96 degrees ). New Moon, Moon's elongation at 0 degrees, had occurred on 11 Aug.  Shashti, Saptami & Ashtami fell on 16th, 17th & 18th.

He hid his TV, Fridge and all papers upstairs. 

Veliyettam, Jala Oordhwa, high tides occur at Conjunction, Amavasi & Opposition, Pournami.

Veliyerakkam, Thoyakshaya, the Descending Tidal Phase occur when the Moon is at 90 degrees from Sun.

Known as " Thakkakedu" in Malayalam, Antony knew that the Ascending Tidal Phase/Uptide or Veliyettam will become strong on 6th, 7th & 8th Lunations. He moved his valuable upstairs and informed the Panchayat authorities, who did not take him seriously ! 


       Oct  2019    
  Sat Ket      Jup      Mer Moo Sun  Ven Mar   

            Aries ( Mesha )                 Taurus ( Vrishabha )            Gemini(Midhuna) 
         Cancer    ( Kataka )                     Leo ( Simha )              Virgo ( Kanya ) 
           Libra     (Thula )                   Scorpio ( Vrischika)          Sagittarius (Dhanus )
       Capricorn ( Makara)                 Aquarius ( Kumbha )               Pisces ( Meena ) 


Q - Which Pramana talks about Veliyettam, High Tide, Jalordhwa ?

Dehamsa Pranamsa Srishti Tara
Peeyoosha Natya Shubha Dhrishti Yogau
Jalordha Oordhwonayai kopi Yasya
Kendra Trikonopa gathasthvam ishtam

Q- Which Pramana talks about Velierakkam, Low Tide, Thoyakshaya ?

Dhoomadi Rimphari Mriteesa Papai
Yogekshana Rimpha Ripusthitatvam
Prushtodaya Adhomugha Papabhamsa
Sarvatra Thoyakshayam ityanishta


On Sep 08th
Q- Where has all the water gone ?

On Aug 18th, Moon's elongation ( angular distance from the Sun ) became > 90 degrees( Ashtami ), and water receded due to Velierakkam ( low tide, when the Ocean receives water ).

Now all rivers and dams are showing low water levels and there was a 150 minutes power cut in Guruvayur yestersday !

How strange are Prakriti's vikrities !

More info about Kerala Floods at

Sidereal Longitudes Of Planets for 01 10 19 at GMN or 0530 PM IST, at Guruvayur.

Sidereal Longitudes Of Planets 

Planet Rasi Sphutam Star Quarter Longitude 

SUN VIRGO 13:54:51 HASTHA 2 163 :54 :51 
MARS VIRGO 4:10:17 UTHARA 3 154 :10 :17 
JUPITER SCORPIO 24: 5:13 JYESHTA 3 234 : 5 :13 
VENUS VIRGO 26:56: 6 CHITHRA 2 176 :56 : 6 
MERCURY LIBRA 3:14:45 CHITHRA 3 183 :14 :45 
MOON LIBRA 21:54:28 VISHAKHA 1 201 :54 :28 
RAHU GEMINI 19: 1: 5 ARIDRA 4 79 : 1 : 5 
KETU SAGITTARIUS 19: 1: 5 POORVASHADA 2 259 : 1 : 5 
LAGNA PISCES 1:22: 0 POORVABHADRA 4 331 :22 : 0 




Solar Ingress into Thula  on 18th.



Moon Sign - Otherwise known as the Lunar Ascendant, this Sign is the Sign where the Moon is posited in  your sidereal horoscope.

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The Moon Sign is of paramount importance to Hindu Astrology  as the Sun Sign is to Astrology Western. 

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In the Transit Report  you may find contradictory results but you have to understand that transit of some planets ( particularly Transit Jupiter and Transit Saturn )  are positive and some negative. You will be experiencing psychically  both  positive and  negative effects, as Life is a commingling of the positive and the negative. As Hegel pointed out "Truth, like the atom, is the organic Unity of opposed parts"!

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