Monthly Forecast  based on Moon Sign For Jan 2018  in Eternal, Hindu Astrology 


The Transits of all planets are important, particularly that of  Jupiter and Saturn. The Transits of both these planets can make you or break  you in Eternal Hindu Astrology.  Their Transits through Houses  8, 1, 12 et al  can bring devastation ! Not horoscopes for the day, but horoscopes for the month !      

How Saturn's Transit of Sagittarius Will Affect You? 

The longitude of Saturn, the Planet of Boundless Time, Justice and Retribution, becomes > 240 degrees as he enters Sagittarius on Jan 27, 2017 and he will stay there for 2 years .

We are putting up this Web Page, as Saturn is bound to show His Transit Effects five months before. For me, his Sixth Transit is positive !

Moon Sign - Is the Zodiacal Sign where your Moon is posited in your sidereal horoscope in Astrology Hindu.

Moon Sign Libra - 

Saturn turns benign and blesses you with many favours. There will be gain of position and subordinates ( Sthanartha Bhrithyadhikam ). Financial condition improves. All that you lost during his stay in the 12th, Ist and 2nd will be redeemed. You get political connections and favours from politicians. Luck in gambling indicated. Stock exchange, jackpot and lotteries should be tried. Why not take advantage of this benign Saturnine stance ? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

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      Jan 2018                Rah 
Sun Ven Sat   Mer Mar  Jup   

            Aries ( Mesha )                 Taurus ( Vrishabha )            Gemini(Midhuna) 
         Cancer    ( Kataka )                     Leo ( Simha )              Virgo ( Kanya ) 
           Libra     (Thula )                   Scorpio ( Vrischika)          Sagittarius (Dhanus )
       Capricorn ( Makara)                 Aquarius ( Kumbha )               Pisces ( Meena ) 


The Hindu  2017 Calendar at

Sidereal Longitudes Of Planets for 01 01 18 at GMN or 0530 PM IST, at Guruvayur.

Planet Rasi Sphutam Star Quarter Longitude 

SUN SAGITTARIUS 16:55:48 POORVASHADA 2 256 :55 :48 
MARS LIBRA 20:23:44 VISHAKHA 1 200 :23 :44 
JUPITER LIBRA 22:52:40 VISHAKHA 1 202 :52 :40 
SATURN SAGITTARIUS 7:20:18 MOOLA 3 247 :20 :18 
MERCURY SCORPIO 24:21:25 JYESHTA 3 234 :21 :25 
MOON GEMINI 8:21:48 ARIDRA 1 68 :21 :48 
RAHU CANCER 22:49:32 ASLESHA 2 112 :49 :32 
KETU CAPRICORN 22:49:32 SRAVANA 4 292 :49 :32 




Solar ingress into Makara, at 01 47  PM,  14th.




Moon Sign - Otherwise known as the Lunar Ascendant, this Sign is the Sign where the Moon is posited in  your sidereal horoscope.

You dont know your Moon Sign ! No problem. We have arranged a Free Astrology Software which can be downloaded from         You can also know the Transit Forecast. This free horoscope software is in Dos.
The Moon Sign is of paramount importance to Hindu Astrology  as the Sun Sign is to Astrology Western. 

Happy downloading Astrology Software FREE !


In the Transit Report  you may find contradictory results but you have to understand that transit of some planets ( particularly Transit Jupiter and Transit Saturn )  are positive and some negative. You will be experiencing psychically  both  positive and  negative effects, as Life is a commingling of the positive and the negative. As Hegel pointed out "Truth, like the atom, is the organic Unity of opposed parts"!

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