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Sat Jup Moo 



Sun Mar   



Namaste India

Namaste India was what,
President of Taiwan said,
At the emergence of elephant belligerent,
Ready to take on any adversary.
The Western world had thought,
That India would send an SOS,
To the US to bail her out,
From the bullying of China.
India, on the contrary, fired China,
For her expansionism,
Which made her involved in disputes,
Territorial with eight nations !
Notorious are China and Pak,
As they figure in the black list,
Of nations violating freedom religious,
Published by United States !
India had lost territories to both,
To these rogue nations,
India was not strong militarily,
When POK, Aksai Chin & Tibet were annexed.
The West saw it as Indian weakness,
And opined that India was ruled by fools,
I remember a British Manager in Jebel Ali,
Saying words to that effect.
Nehruvian Socialism had made it,
And India became a laughing stock,
A non aligned nation of the Soviet bloc,
And a proxy of Russia !
Then Japan said she will not invest,
As India was too pro Soviet & protectionist,
America told India to have better relations,
WIth a sister democracy, Israel !
When nationalists came to power,
India moved closer to US & Zion,
Military pact with US was made,
Making India prime ally of the US.
The Rape of Tibet is a popular book,
By Antony Mascarenhas,
In it, he described in detail,
How a divine nation was conquered by dogmatists !
India then watched helplessly,
When fundamentalists and dogmatists,
Took away her territories,
And Dalai Lama was driven away.
Terrorism and expansionism must be rooted out,
And China & Pak have to face a belligerent elephant.
The entire Western world is with India,
As well as many Eastern nations.
Now India is on the correct track,
Doing its role as the World's Redeemer,
International policemen is US,
And Russia, the Judge !
America made it clear,
That India should lead Asia !
Chinese totalitarianism is coming to an end,
And India will lead Asia !
Japan, Taiwan, UK, US,
Are all happy with New India.
The Elephant has risen,
And has started to walk !
If India liberates Tibet,
Millions can be saved,
The expenses for an army,
On the Indo Tibetan border !





On war fears the market went against fundamentals. And the Sensex went 
upto 61.8 K and now it is at 58 K. One thing is clear, during war, market 
may touch Nadir. How much the Nadir will be is dependent on many factors !

Let us analyse the horoscopes of nations that may be involved in war ! 

Horoscope of Russia


There is a nation unpredictable,
An unknown and unknowable power,
Going against whom two mighty generals,
Perished, both Napolean and Hitler !

The only mistake they made,
Was to attack Russia,
They tried to conquer,
A nation unconquerable.

Now in the present SCS crisis,
On whose side is she ?
She has a military pact with India,
But by belief is Socialist !

Her warships protect Vietnam,
From Chinese expansionism,
She seems to be with the Alliance Democratic,
But she can go to the other side.

In the Sino Indian war of 1962,
She sided with China.
"India and Russia are friends,
But China and Russia are brothers ( red )."

She was born with Gemini Rising,
With Jupiter and Moon in Leo,
This combo has given her genius,
In the armaments industry.
The Lunar Ascending Sign is Cancer,
Which is the same as India's Lunar Sign,
Explains why these two greats are inextricably entwined,
Connected by some occult, vibratory chemistry.

She armed India in 1971,
Protecting her through out the war,
Her nuke submarines defended India,
When Bangladesh was born !

She vetoed China's every move,
Justifying India's stand !
Under her inspiration Indiraji became Durga,
And dismembered Pakistan !
So amongst five nations analysed,
Russia and India are having better time,
Judged by Saturnine Transit,
Reckoned from Moon Sign !

Our English Professor told us,
Be aggressive and militant
As this world is no place for the weak,
As it is the survival of the strongest !
This conforms to the Darwinian view,
That Nature selects the fittest !
Strength is Life, weakness is death,
Averred the great Vivekananda.

This survival of the fittest,
Is what Darwin called Natural Selection,
Or preservation of favoured races,
In the struggle for Life !
The goat is normally sacrificed,
Not the elephant or the Lion,
Creative Nature is the weak's destroyer,
As It favors the fittest !
Asvam naiva, Gajam naiva,
Vyaghram naiva cha naiva cha
Ajam putram balim deti
Devo Durbala Ghataka !
It is true that New Russia is not Old Russia,
Her GDP is merely 1.9 trillion, is 11th,
And the Elephant has transformed itself,
Into a militant, aggressive Elephant !
The Bear is known for raw power and cunning,
And so the Bear became the symbol of Russia.
She can be  a formidable Adversary
Of any nation who antagonise her !
Why did Russia prove to be,
The Nemesis of Napoelean and Hitler ?
It is said that Time Eternal or Fate,
Destroys men giving wrong suggestions !
Time Personified is not a tyrant,
Who beheads wrong doers,
By giving wrong thoughts and wrong decisions,
It destroys men !
Na Kalo Dandamudgamya
Shiraschitasya Kasyachit
Kalasya phalamethavat
Vipareethartha Darsanam
The Nation with maximum weapons nuclear,
And the numero uno missile power,
She recently sent missile which destroyed spacecraft,
To the consternation of the world !


The Image of the Military General has been thrust upon her,
By the powerful Jupiter in Leo.
Simhe syath balanayaka suraguram
Vuktham cha yath Chandrabhe !
Dasa of the Lord of Night, Moon, is on,
The Lord of Second in Third House,
So this is not a good time for her,
To be the game changer in WW3.

Horoscope of Pakistan

This nation was born,
Out of Chaos, All planets
Hemmed in between Nodes,
Dragon's Head & Tail, Rahu and Ketu.
Known as the Combo of Black Serpent,
The Yoga Kala Sarpa,
Indicating problems galore,
Terrorism, fundamentalism and strife.
Most dangerous is the Dasa,
Which she is running now,
Venus is afflicted by 2nd & 7th ownership,
Dwitheeya Dhyoona Nathasthu Graha Peeda.
Saturn transits dangerous  8th,
Indicating strife of a major sort,
Aries rising, with its lord not strong,
Indicating calumny, if not notoriety.
Lower manifestation of Jupiter,
Indicates a false, theological mask.
Theology, not Sufism, on the rise,
Which views other systems as inferior !
Nodes afflict 2nd & 8th,
Houses of Diplomacy,
Jove, in between Nodes,
Is powerless to advise.
A weak Mars, afflicts Moon,
Indicating Army's role behind scenes,
Rahu in the House of Wealth,
Shows progress economic sluggish.
While Pak's GDP is 320 billion,
Bangladesh's is 520 billion,
BD is the next China,
And is growling like India.

Transit Saturn in 8th,
Indicates troubles huge,
She may not be able to fight,
A war with her mighty neighbor !
Her neighbor, a Democracy,
Has grown by leaps and bounds,
While her leaders were Mr Ten Percents,
Leaders of her neighbor were non corrupt.

Sun's longitude is 207 degrees today, in TULA. Kerala and TN are shivering under Tula fury.

TULA Varsha is characterised by heavy rains, lightning and thunder and it affects ecologically sensitive zones. More Pralaya is forecast if Gadgil Report is not implemented.

Q -Which planetary combination is the cause of this world war like atmosphere?

A - Mars - Sun conjunction called Agha Yoga.

Q - Why US is called International Policeman ?

A- Because of the presence of Mars in the Ascendant, with Gemini being the Rising Sign. 

Q- Why is the Eagle, the symbol of U S?

A- Because she has dominion over air, with a mighty Air Force.

Q-Why is India called the Elephant?

A- It is a nation which does not know its own strength or its own potential. It is said India is rich, but Indians are poor. She has immense resources, with 2.8 billion hands ( which can be of use in mass industrialisation ) and vast food resources ( which, if processed and canned can bring the bacon ). The nation was held to ransom by Utopian Congress governance, who talked  Utopian concepts like non alignment, non violence and impractical socialism. 


Resurrection of Indian & Japanese Empires
With a GDP of 5.8 tr and army of 400 K, Japan is ranked  Fifth. India's GDP is 3 tr but defence personnel is 40 lakh and placed 4th.
The Lunar Ascendants of the Awesome Foursome, which are involved in the Indo Pacific
USA  -   Aquarius
China - Capricorn
Japan - Gemini
India -   Cancer
Saturn is transiting Capricorn and both US & China are afflicted by Elarata Saturn, Hence both will suffer damage.
The worst is the First Saturn of China and China will be worst hit.
Next is the 12th Saturn of US. It is not as bad as China's.
Better than both is Japan's 8th Transit.
Finally, India's 7th Transit is the least dangerous !

Because of Janma Saturn, China will have to fight on multiple fronts, with Taiwan, Japan and India. On the 4th front, she will have to fight US & Allies. So an SOS will be sent to Russia. It is not clear whether Russia will support her or Vietnam. China ultimately will have to bow to Law and shed her hypernationalism and narcissistic ego. Karma Phala for annexing the divine Tibet seems to be the cause of her present predicament.
Her Achille's Heel - Enemies too many due to bad diplomacy and lack of experience in war. Numbers and weapons are not enough. Even Vietnam defeated her.
US is also under Elarata Saturn, but it is 12th Saturn and less dangerous than China's period. There will be damage, but less dangerous than China's torrid phase. Her performance will be far better than China's.
Japan's period is far better than both. She was born with Taurus rising, with the Ascendant lord, Venus exalted, in the 11th, which has made her rich with a GNP of 5.8 trillion dollars.
She is having the best time amongst the four. This is a glorious opportunity for her to take revenge. She was humiliated in 1947 and  1962 wars and had lost territory. This is an opportunity to get back POK, Aksai Chin and liberate Tibet !

Will Mars mate Asia?

Two Asian powers are locked in eternal combat. One so vainglorious,
stung by the narcisistic ego libido, wanting to conquer the world through
unfair trade practices and cunning. Another, the sleeping elephant , now
acknowledging that cowardice is the true enemy. An aggressive , militant
elephant is what the terrorists dread, and even the Asian superpower
is thinking what went wrong, as more alliances are made against her.
Quad+MQuad+Zion+Asean +Taiwan is indeed formidable.
Chinese soldiers have no experience and dreads the well experienced
Indian soldiers.

Amongst the Grand Democratic Alliance, six nations have proved
their military genius. US, by liberating people from Aushswitz Concentration
Camp. Japan, by conquering China. Israel by winning the short war, destroying
750 Arab aircrafts in a Moshe Dayan blitzkreig. UK, by defeating with Naval Fleet
Argentina in the Falklands War. Vietnan by defeating China. India, by creating
 Bangladesh in 1971 !




Vaccinations go upto 1028 million.



India tests ICBM, Agni V 

India is very friendly with the great US and Russia;
wth the tiny superpowers, Japan, Israel and UK
and with the good Arab World. But two nations had 
usurped her land and this weapon is for deterrence. 

These two nations are unaware of her military genius, 
which made 93 K troops surrender to her 50 years ago !

Now the most popular words on Google are Indian military
and ind  defence. Why? Because Ind stood up to China and
is now warning China! The Sleeping Elephant has got up
and is now roaring!


Old India was seen as a nation who had lost two wars,
and indulging in Utopian concepts like non alignment,
non volence and secularism.
New India is different.The world had noted Ind when
93 K Pak soldiers surrendered to India in 1971, signalling
the rise of a potentially huge martial power.
Netizens were stunned when they knew that the latest
weapons n the hands of US,Russia and China are in Indian
hands. Indian Army is almost equal to China with 4 million
personnel (total defence), including reserves.
What is China's Achille's Heel? Low Troop morale and lack
of experience.
Indian image has shot up and will rise furthur !
It is time for India to don the garb of the International
Policeman II, in order to keep the Evil Empire at bay ! 

India creates Record- Vaccinations cross 1 billion.  

WHO Lauds Ind

305 Mon 01-11-21 194.67 142.75 11 PUBBA EKADASI INDRA 
306 Tue 02-11-21 195.67 156.63 12 UTHARA DWADASI VAIDHRITI
307 Wed 03-11-21 196.67 170.95 13 HASTHA THRAYODASI VISHKAMBH
308 Thu 04-11-21 197.67 185.63 14 CHITHRA CHATHURDAS PRITI
309 Fri 05-11-21 198.67 200.58 16 VISHAKHA PRATHAMA AYUSHMAN 
310 Sat 06-11-21 199.67 215.64 17 ANURADHA DWITHEEYA SOBHANA 
311 Sun 07-11-21 200.67 230.68 18 JYESHTA THRITHEEYA ATIGANDA 
312 Mon 08-11-21 201.67 245.56 19 MOOLA CHATHURTHI SUKARMAN 
313 Tue 09-11-21 202.68 260.16 20 POORVASHAD PANCHAMI DHRITI 
314 Wed 10-11-21 203.68 274.42 21 UTHRASHADA SHASHTI SOOLA 
315 Thu 11-11-21 204.69 288.30 22 SRAVANA SAPTHAMI GANDA 
316 Fri 12-11-21 205.69 301.81 23 DHANISHTA NAVAMI DHRUVA 
317 Sat 13-11-21 206.69 314.97 24 SATHABHISH DASAMI VYAGHATA 
318 Sun 14-11-21 207.70 327.82 25 POORVABHAD EKADASI HARSHANA 
319 Mon 15-11-21 208.71 340.41 26 UTHARABHAD EKADASI VAJRA 
320 Tue 16-11-21 209.71 352.77 27 REVATI DWADASI SIDDHI 
321 Wed 17-11-21 210.72 4.96 1 ASWINI THRAYODASI VYATIPATA
322 Thu 18-11-21 211.74 16.99 2 BHARANI CHATHURDAS VARIYAN 
323 Fri 19-11-21 212.75 28.92 3 KRITHIKA POURNAMI PARIGHA 
324 Sat 20-11-21 213.75 40.76 4 ROHINI PRATHAMA SIVA 
325 Sun 21-11-21 214.76 52.57 4 ROHINI DWITHEEYA SIDDHA 
326 Mon 22-11-21 215.77 64.36 5 MRIGASIRA THRITHEEYA SADHYA 
327 Tue 23-11-21 216.78 76.20 6 ARIDRA CHATHURTHI SADHYA 
328 Wed 24-11-21 217.79 88.12 7 PUNARVASU PANCHAMI SUBHA 
329 Thu 25-11-21 218.80 100.18 8 PUSHYA SHASHTI SUKLA 
330 Fri 26-11-21 219.81 112.44 9 ASLESHA SAPTHAMI BRAHMA 
331 Sat 27-11-21 220.82 124.97 10 MAGHA ASHTAMI INDRA 
332 Sun 28-11-21 221.83 137.83 11 PUBBA NAVAMI VAIDHRITI
333 Mon 29-11-21 222.84 151.10 12 UTHARA DASAMI PRITI 
334 Tue 30-11-21 223.86 164.81 13 HASTHA EKADASI AYUSH


Of  the Present Kerala   Floods
Pralayas are devouring Kerala.
One Kranta Darshi, Dr Gadgil had predicted it all. If you cant
protect the Western Ghats, this will happen.
Those who opposed the Gadgil Report are now crying. They
who thought that India will disintegrate are now praying
to save Kerala. Prakriti is infinite in Her  wisdom and
knows more about Raksha and Shiksha.
Anti Paganism does not revere Nature as divine. On the
contrary, Indian Science-Philosophy postulates that
everything is divine, including Nature, planets and the
constellations, as it is the Absolute Being which became
the Relative Universe. 

Disrespect Nature  and be disrespected By Nature seems 
to  be the Keralite method.

Here, we are not  moving away from Syncretism, Sarva
Dharma Samabhava. 
Prakriti has two aspects - as ordinary Prakriti and Moola/Para
Prakriti, correspoding to the Natura Naturans and Natura
Naturata of Spinoza , Creative Nature and Created Nature. Her
Divine Aspect is Creative Nature and She is the Sole Doer,
Prakrute kriyamanani.
One of the best ecumenical, syncretic verses was penned
by Dr Radhakrishnan.
Whom  the Christians call Christos, Logos,
Whom the Saivites  call Lord Siva,
Whom the Muslims call Allah,
And whom the Buddhists call Lord Buddha
The Absolute Self of the Philosophers,
The Karma ineluctable of the thinker,
May that Inner Self, Solar consciousness,
Grace end enlighten us !
No wonder when Dr Radhakrishnan became President,
Russell said "Philosophy s honored' !


Yam Shaiva Samupasate Shiva iti Brahmeti Vedantin
Bauddha Buddhariti pramana padava Karmethi Meemamka
Chrithva Christhuriti Kriya para ratha Allethi Mahammeda,
Soyam vo vidhadhatu vanchitha phalam trailokya Natho Ravi

India achieved a record 30 million vaccinations yesterday.
Total of vaccinations so far - 971 million. Sun's longitude
is 179 degrees today. This fierce Chithra Njattuvela is
devastating many parts of the world.


Sun's longitude touches 177 degrees today.  It will touch 180 degrees on 17th, at 0117 PM. This Point is the Point of Tula Varsha, the Point of the  Retreating Monsoon. Many parts of the world are now wilting under Tula fury, as the Sun is near the Tula  region.

 It is also the Day of Tula Vishu, the Day when a Yogi experienced Cosmic   Consciousness .




The power of Sound invoked,
Is called Music Therapy
The healing power of Divine Sound invoked
Is called Sacred Music Therapy.
Illnesses like Parkinsons are caused,
By deficiency of Dopamine.
Dopamine and Serotonin are bliss chemicals,
Hence lack of Bliss is the cause.
Bliss can be generated by Bhajans,
As they are Songs Divine generatng Bliss,
This Bliss can permeate the whole body,
Transforming it entire.
Knowing the psychotherapeutic effects,
Of Music, the Seer Poets recommended,
Music Sacred as a form of Therapy,
An integral part of the Eternal Law.
By Heaven of Mars, Dante meant Knowedge of Music,
Music,in its role as Psycho Therapy,
This tradition has existed in India always,
As Bhajans, associated with Bhakti Yoga.
Glorious Suprabhatams came from the South,
Superb Aaratis  came from the North,
Amritavanis, Gayatris & Stotras,
Made Bhajans  a great  transcendental experience.
Yoga considers Mind as the  greatest enemy,
And mantras protect you from Mind,
The vicious elements , the Seven Deadly Sins,
Are subjugated in the Conquest of Mind.
Mental Conquest is greatest,
Mano Jaya eva Maha Jaya.
Mental Peace is   Bliss,
Manaswasthathaiva Ananda.

Remedies for Saturn Afflicted

O Lord Saturn, O Glorious  One,
Show compassion on us !
Even though we are unworthy of it.
Unworthy of Thy Grace !

We will indulge in Musica Sacra
Show compassion on us !

We shall bathe Thee in oil,
And   extol   Thy Greatness !

We will hear  Thy Stories,
When Thou imparted Justice,
Justice Thou Art and  Destiny too,
Have mercy on our souls !
With the waters of Panca Amrit,
We shall bathe Thee !
With flowers, fruits and incense,
We shall propitiate   Thee !
We shall observe  fasting,
On  Days ruled by Thee !
We shall  donate blue clothes,
To the needy, O Bhagavan!
We shall recite Thy   Greatness,
Extolled by the poets as Shani MAHATMYA,
We shall study Thy workings,
O Mighty,  Lord Saturn !
Malefic  Dasa occurred to Brahma,
To Shiva, Harischandra and Ravana
Remedial measures propitiate Thee,
We shall worship Thee at night.
Have mercy on us, O Justice Personified,
Have compassion on us, O Destiny Signified,
We believe in Thy Justice, O Planet of Nemesis,
Liberate us from mundane sorrow !
We will chant Thy Mantra ,
We shall fast on Thy Days,
We shall donate on Saturdays,
Making Saturday divine.
Blue Sapphire is Thy   Stone,
We shall energise it and wear it.
On a Waxing Moon Saturday,
In a state of pellucid purity.


Sacred Music Therapy

If the healing power of  Sound
Is the famous Music Therapy,
Then healing power of  Divine Sound,
Is Sacred Music Therapy.
Medicus curata, natura sanat,
It is Nature that heals, while the physician treats.
Prakriti has the power to heal,
Purusha also has that power great.
In other words, it shoud be,
Deus Curata, Natura Sanat,
Both  Purusha and Prakriti are healers,
Being both eternal.
Bhajan is derived from Bha and Ja,
Bha signified by Bha, Divine,
Ja indicating Janayitri, Generatrix,
Both standing for Nature and He !
Bliss chemicals are the Healers,
Dopamine, serotonin et al.
Lack of Bliss chemical, Dopamine,
Is the cause of Parkinson's.
What is Music, after all ?
But Confluence of Lyrics, Dance & Instrumentals?
Geetham, Vadyam tadha Nritham,
Trayam Sangeetham uchyate.
Sacred Music Therapy can heal,
As it can generate Bliss within,
And that Bliss can annihilate,
Sorrow innate in mind human.
Bhajans can generate Bliss,
They are part of Bhakti
Bhajans are mood changers,
Bhajans can heal a lot  !
"I dwell not in the Empyrean,
Neither in Sun or in Moon,
I reside there always,
Where My Sacred songs are sung!"
He prefers Bhakti Yoga,
To Yogas other Three,
You can toy with Brahman,
With adequate Bhakti.
He had hid HIs Secrets,
From mighty Jnana Yoga.
Most of His unknown mysterIes
Are revealed only to the Bhakta !


Psychiatry  was redefned by Dr Sandweiss,
As the Sai Chiatry  of Love
Universal Love is the Healer,
The true Lord Dhanvantari..
The full form of SAI BABA is,
Sai And I are Both Being & Awareness,
He is Hippocrates, He is Dhanvantari,
And all Miracles emanate from Him.






The Fourfold Mantra Therapy

1) Tutelary Deity Mantra
2) General Health Mantra,  Dhanvantari
3) Astro Therapy Mantra, Saturn mantra
4) Forgiveness   Mantra   , Gayatri   
Elarata Saturn caught me at 18 and i suffered heavily. Immense Suffering characterised his second attack at 48.
Now some of my relatives are suffering horribly. One of them lost his eyesight. Doc said he will never get his eyesight back and that it will take 8.5 years to limp back to normalcy. He was chanting the Dhanvantari Mantra. Hospital was stunned when he became normal within 3 days and got his eyesight back. The cause - Dhanvantari mantra !

I dont want to dwell upon the theme longer, as you will think that they are the preternatural pomposities of pulpit!

So we consecrate these songs and mantras, to the thousands of   Saturn afflicted souls !



Tantra is similar to Vedanta

While Vedanta says
Grace is all in all !
Divine Principle is subservient,
To Truth Absolute.
Hence Sages are my Icons! 
Daivadheenam jagat sarvam,
Satyadheenam tu daivatham
Tat satyam Uthamadheenam
Uthamo Mama Devata.
Tantra says,
Grace is all in all !
Divine Principle is subservient,
To  Prayer codified.
Hence  Diviners are my Icons! 
Daivadheenam jagat sarvam,
Mantraadheenam tu daivatham
Tat mantram Brahmanadheenam
Brahmano Mama Devata.
Q-   Now you are talking about miracles?
A-   Mantra is codified prayer.  Prayer is power. And a Great One
said, When I pray, miracles happen . When i dont , they dont.
Tertullian said ' I believe, because it is impossible", certum est quia
impossible est.
Q How did the Poets talk about  Grace?
        Grace is that which maketh the lame,
        Walk, and the dumb speak profusely !
        Mookam karoti vachalam
        Pangum lankhayate girim
Q-   Whose Grace?
        Obviously, the Lord's,
        Grace that knoweth no boundaries,
        Yat Kripa tam aham vande
        Paramananda Madhavam !                     


Q   What is Dhanvantari Mantra?
       Dhanvantari is that Aspect of the Lord wherein He revealed medical knowledge to mankind. The Indian Hppocrates. His mantra is known as the Health Mantra, Dhvam Dhanvantaraye sarvamaya vinasanaya Maha Vishnave Namah / Swaha. Ama means toxins, This mantra prays for  Detoxification.
Q   What is Dhanvantari Gayatri?
        The mantra which protects the Chanter is   Gayatri, Gayatam trayate iti Gayatri. Lord  Dhavantari, bound by Hi Own laws, s bound to protect thee !
Q    What is Dhanvantari Suprabhatam ?
       Consists of  Poetic Verses to the Divine Physician,. saying Good Morning to the Medical Aspect of Him, who is  seated in the sky of Consciousness of the Heart,  sarvasya  cha aham hridi.  


Do you find it difficult,
To believe in miracles ?
Contrarily, I find it easy,
With too many parallel Universes !
With billions of stars inhabiting galaxies,
With an infinite number of solar systems,
They are utterly   incredible,
Miracles piled upon miracles!
Systematic study of Prakriti is Science,
Systematised study of  Purusha is Philosophy,
Nature is the Sole Doer, saith Science,
She is triune and Almighty.
Purusha governeth via Prakriti,
Eternal Laws are grand.
There are times when Purusha transcends,
Prakriti and Her Mighty workings!
Laws of Nature become invalid,
Before His Transcendental Grace  !
Where the Divine governeth without medium,
The Laws of Nature lose relevance !
Philosophers see hundred miracles,       
Whereas the ignorant see nothing,
Science cometh from Philosophy and goes back,
To the Completion of Science  via  Wisdom.
Man is imperfect, by definition,
Divine is Perfect by definition,
So we have many imperfect Doctors,
And only one Perfect Doctor !
The Lord of Prakriti alone  IS,
The True Doctor amidst half Doctors
He is the Healer of Healers,
Sree Vaidyanathaya Nama Shivaya!






IF the  Lord assumed the role of the Nine Revolving  Heavens
His Punitive Arm is Lord Saturn, the Dreaded Teacher,
The  Lord caresseth with one Hand and smiteth with the other,
Oru Kai  Praharikkave Maru Kai kondu talodum Easwaran.

Have mercy on us, O Lord   Saturn,
Have mercy on us, O Noble One,
With body and Mind, we shall serve Thee,
O my forgotten Lord Saturn !
Thou art the Controller,
Of this Chariot called Life,
All worship is Thy Aarti,
Wherein one bows to Thee !
We are near Thy door,
Seeking Thy Blessings,
With body and Mind, we shall serve Thee,
O my forgotten Lord Saturn !
Incredibe   is Thy Magic Power,
Redeem me from this sorrowful misery,
I have fallen in this horrible pit,
Save me, O Great Teacher !            
We are near Thy door,
Seeking Thy Blessings,
With body and Mind, we shall serve Thee,
O my forgotten Lord Saturn !
Ego flared    up in Me,
Now without Thee, I cant progress,
O Recreator in perfect Wisdom,
Redeem me from this state horrible.

We are near Thy door,
Seeking Thy Blessings,
With body and Mind, we shall serve Thee,
O my forgotten Lord Saturn



kshma karo ||
meri bhool hui shani deva ||
hum aaye tere dwar
hum teri kare pukar ||
prabhu, tan, mann se teri sewa
meri bhool hui shani deva
kshma karo ||
jeevan rath ka tu hi sarhati
janam-janam ho teri aarti
hum aaye tere dwar
hum teri kare pukar ||
prabhu, tan, mann se teri sewa
meri bhool hui shani deva
kshma karo ||
aadhat hai teri maya shakti
sankat peedha se do mukti ||
hum aaye tere dwar
hum teri kare pukar ||
prabhu, tan, mann se teri sewa
meri bhool hui shani deva
kshma karo ||
ahankar to jal gaya saara
tere bina mujhe koi na sahara
hum aaye tere dwar
hum teri kare pukar ||
prabhu, tan, mann se teri sewa
meri bhool hui shani deva
kshma karo ||
hum aaye tere dwar
hum teri kare pukar ||
prabhu, tan, mann se teri sewa
meri bhool hui shani deva
kshma karo – ||


Ephemeris Data for OCT, 21

1 01-10-2021 POOYAM DASAMI SIVA Pashu Fri
2 02-10-2021 AYILYAM EKADASI SIDDHA Simha Sat
3 03-10-2021 MAKAM DWADASI SADHYA Panni Sun 
4 04-10-2021 POORAM THRAYODASI SUBHA Kari Mon 
5 05-10-2021 UTHRAM CHATHURDAS SUKLA Vishti Tue 
6 06-10-2021 ATHAM AMAVASYA BRAHMA Chathushpa Wed 
10 10-10-2021 ANIZHAM PANCHAMI AYUSHMAN Simha Sun 
12 12-10-2021 MOOLAM SAPTHAMI SOBHANA Kari Tue 
13 13-10-2021 POORADAM ASHTAMI ATIGANDA Vishti Wed 
14 14-10-2021 UTHRADAM NAVAMI DHRITI Puli Thu 
15 15-10-2021 THIRUVONAM DASAMI SOOLA Kazhutha Fri
16 16-10-2021 AVITTAM EKADASI GANDA Pashu Sat
17 17-10-2021 CHATHAYAM DWADASI VRIDDHI Simha Sun 
20 20-10-2021 REVATI POURNAMI HARSHANA Vishti Wed 
21 21-10-2021 ASWATHI PRATHAMA VAJRA Puli Thu 
22 22-10-2021 BHARANI DWITHEEYA SIDDHI Kazhutha Fri
24 24-10-2021 ROHINI CHATHURTHI VARIYAN Simha Sun 
26 26-10-2021 THIRUVATHI PANCHAMI SIVA Kazhutha Tue 
27 27-10-2021 THIRUVATHI SHASHTI SIDDHA Pashu Wed 
28 28-10-2021 PUNARTHAM SAPTHAMI SADHYA Simha Thu 
29 29-10-2021 POOYAM ASHTAMI SUBHA Panni Fri
30 30-10-2021 AYILYAM NAVAMI SUKLA Kari Sat
31 31-10-2021 MAKAM DASAMI BRAHMA Vishti Sun 

INDIA STUNS WORLD. 22.2 MILLION VAXED ONPM's BIRTHDAY,  71 SUMMERS. 800 Millon   vaccinated so far.

Sensex crosses 60  K mark.



All these 18 sciences,
Emanate from poetry
All knowledge is told
In language poetic

Science  of  Heavens,
Science of Numbers,
And Wisdom of Heavens,
Is Jyoti sastra !
Sciences behind Universe,
Are Science  of  Universe,
Science  of  Angles,
Used by Great Geometer !



First Science, the Scientia Prima,

Is Science  of  Absolute.
Last Science, the Scientia Ultima,
Is Science  of  Union Cosmic.



On Sep 15, 2021,
Jove, retrogrades to Capricorn.
He will be there till 20, November,
Showering blessings to five Moon Signs.


Wtth Jupiter's change,
Time becomes beneficial,
For five Moon Signs,
And adverse  for rest seven !
Can expect  better times.
The rest should be cautious,
And vigilant while investing.
For Jupiter is  the  planet,
Which rules Finance,
Signifying wealth supreme,
Transcendental and terrestrial.
Jove was in acceleration,
And now he is retrograde.
Going back to Capricorn,
And becoming positive.
Retrogression is  considered benign,
Such a planet is positive.
Acceleration is the reverse phenomenon.
Such a planet is considered malign.
Mantreswara in  Phaladeepika says,
A retrograde planet is  exalted.
And a planet in same sign in Amsa as well,
Is equal to a planet in own house.
A unique concept, Wealth Ascendant,
Was developed by Kalidasa.
In hs manum opus, Uttara Kalamrita,
Involving 2,5,9,10 lords.
If benefics retrograde,
Idealist   nations wil rise.
If malefics retrograde,
Terrorism will walk on earth.
Jove's acceleration generated,
The fearful Rise of Terrorism,
Both physical and biological,
And the world is in total disarray. 

The science of  Time, Hora Sastra


Incredible it is to believe,
That there is a Government in the heavens,
A Universal Court of Justice above,
Structured by the Great Geometer !
In this Government Heavenly,
Sun is the King and Moon, Queen.
Mars the Defence Minister,
And Mercury, the Prince !

Ministers are disseminators of Wisdom,

Divine Wisdom is signified by Jove
Wordly Wisdom by  poetic Venus,
And the messenger is lame Saturn.
Rajanau Ravi sheetagu,
Kshiti suto neta
Kumaro budha


Sun represents Soul of Cosmic Man,
Moon, His Mind; Mercury, academic Knowledge.
Mars, physical strength; Jove, Wisdom Divine,
Venus, libidinal energy and Saturn, sorrow !
Kalatma Dinakrit, manasthu hinagu
Satvam Kujo Jne Vacho
Jeeve Jnasukhe Sitascha madano,
dukham dinesatmaja.
The Lord did not create the Universe,
He became this manifold Universe !
He became all this that IS,
Constellations, galaxies and planets !
Jeevanam Karma phalada
Graha roopi Janardhana
Men consider Destiny cruel,
It is Man himself who is cruel,
We transgress natural, eternal laws,
And wonder when penalties are exacted !

Destiny is Universal Will, Absolute, 
Karma shapes Destiny !
What one sows, one reaps,
And this becomes one's Fate !


Self is non responsible,
For the Ego's plight.
Ego has sown both good and evil,
Self merely witnesseth all !
The All Knowledgeable, the All wise,
Assumed the role of planets,
To dispense the fruits of Karma,
To humanity worldwide.
Hindu concept of Time,
Stems from phenomenon celestial,
Of Rotation & Revolution, which cause,
Spheres, Ecliptic & Celestial !
It is He, Time Personified,
Who lies as the 360 degrees Zodiac!
As Zodiacs, both Tropical & Sidereal,
With Aries as His head and Pisces, Feet !
Astrology is too vast, mathematically,
And philosophically, to be grasped,
Except by builders in Consciousnees,
Men of profound wisdom.
Man has not yet paid tribute,
To this glorious Science of Time,
Nor understood her power,
As forewarned is forearmed      !
Was not julius Caesar,
Warned about the Ides of March, Mars ?
Was not Tipu sultan,
Warned about his impending death ?                     
Did not the Sage  Asita,
Indicate Descent of the Avatar,
Due mighty 4 planets in Aries,
At time of Buddha's Nativity  ?
Is not Jove angular       
In charts of British Sovereigns?
Rising or culminating, King maker he is,
Ad the pivot of all horoscopes.
Napolean was lowly ranked  ,
When period of North Node started.
And when that period   ended,
He was an illustrious  Emperor.
When Jove's period started,
He fell, and was at Elba.
So planets can make or break you,
During their periods and subperiods.
Exalted Jupiter rose with Ascendant,
At the time of Aurobindo's birth.
Conjunction of Mars & exalted jove,
Made him one of the greatest.
Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury,
Were exalted at Augustus's nativity.
Jupiter exalted with Cancer ascending,   
Made him a great philosopher- King.
Moon, Saturn and Jupiter,
Were in Pisces, at Jesus' birth.
He declared Aham Brahmasmi,
Ego sum  Alpha et Omega !
One of the greatest poets, Dante,
Hailed it asthe noblest science !
This is in line with Seer poets,
Who defined it as science of Time.( Hora Sastra)                                                          






A Record 12 mllion vaccinations per day. Yesterday 

more than one million vaccinations.

 Sensex at 17 Kand 57.5 K. GDP growth 20.1%

Verses of Medical Astrology    
Basic Pramanas of  Medical Astrology,
Is given to the Learned here..
They are taken from Hora Saastra,
And Anushtana Paddhati..

With great body and looks
The Sun rules Bile
Luna rules Wind and Phlegm
And is equal eyed

Madhu pingala drik
Chathurasra Thanu
Pitha prakriti savithatpakacha
Thanu vritta thanu bahu vata kapha
Prajnascha sasi sama dukh sama bhak

With looks cruel and with body young
With hair long, Mars rules Bile
Mercury is humorous
And represents the humors three !

Kroora drik tharuna moorthir udara
Paithika su chapala krisa madhya
Slishta vak sathatha hasaruchi jna
Pitha marutha kapha prakritischa

With massive body and great looks
With intellect noble, Jove rules Phlegm
Venus is hedonist and with lovely body
And rules Phlegm and Bile.

Brihat Thanu pingala moordhajekshana
Brihaspathi Sreshta mathi kaphatmaka
Bhrigu sukhee kanti vapu sulochana
Kapha nilatma sitha varka moorkaja

Lazy is Saturn and with hairs long
He represents humours Bile & Wind
The Seven Revolving Heavens
Represent the Tissue Elements Seven.

Tendons are signified by Saturn
Bones by Sol
Blood is ruled by Luna
Skin is Mercury's portfolio.

Fat signified   by high Jove
Semen is the poet Venus
And Mars, Bone Marrow
Seven symbolise Seven thus !

Mandalasa kapila drik krisa deergha gatra
Sthooladwija parushaloma kachanilatma
Snay vasthi sruk thvak aja sukla vase cha majja
Manda arka chandra budha sukra suredya bhauma

The Sun represents Wind and Bile
Wind and Phlegm is signified  by Moon
Mars signifies Phlegm
And Mercury all three.

Wind and Phlegm is ruled by Jove
Venus is both Phlegm and Bile
Saturn rules Bile and Wind
Wind and Phlegm is Luna !

Vatam pitha yutham karothi dinakrith
Vatam Kapham sheethagu
Pittam bhoomisutha thadha sasisutha
Vatam cha pittam kapham
Jeevau Vata Kaphau Sithanila Kaphau
Vatam cha pitham shanee
Poornenu sthithi rasi natha kadhitham
Poornam Kapham Thoyabhe.

Mercury represents the Earth Principle
Watery Principle is ruled by Venus
The Element Fire is signified by Mars
The Airy Principle is Saturn.

And Jupiter signifies the Principle Ether
All the Elemental Five
Correspond to the  Five Planets,
The Five Revolving Heavens thus !

Asthi thvak pisicham cha roma cha sira bhoo
Tad sukla vat swado moothra himambu
Thril sudapi nidralasyabhasam anala
Vayu samplavana  prasarana na kunjanam na dhavanam
Raga dwesha bhayatrapadhi kadhitham
Moham cha nrinam nabha

The Correspondence between the Nine Revolving Heavens

and the three humours,between the Five Planets and the
Elemental Five and between the Seven Planets and the
Seven Tissue Elements of Ayurveda is given here. The astro
scholar should use his discriminative intellect, discern from the
afflictions of the planets the corresponding dhatu kopa and
prescribe Ayurvedic remedies.




Record 250% growth
for mobile phone exports. Even though India has more
than 1 billion mobiles, smartphones are around 300
million. Because of Covid, Online Education took over.
Social institutions are now distributing smartphones to
poor students. Now Google and RIL  are working on
an economical smartphone, costing around 3.5 K INR. 




The Seven Tissue Elements,
Of  Ayurveda Divine,
Are represented by the Varesas,
The Seven Revolving Heavens !

Venereal diseases are due to afflicted  Venus,
As Venus signifies libidinal energy.
Bhoga Kalatra Karako Shukra,
With Venereal deriving itself from Venus Veneris !

With Lunacy itself deriving From Luna,
Lunacy's cause is afflicted Luna,
Also blood related diseases,
Also Angst and Depression !

Afflicted Saturn causeth   neuro diseases,
As  nerves are ruled by this melancholy planet.
Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Huntington's, ibs,
Arthrits and other Vata related diseases

Affliction to Mars causeth Osteoporosis,
As bone marrow is ruled by him.
Affliction to Mercury indicates
Eczema and diseases of the skin !

Afflction to Jove indicates Diabetes,
Heart disease and cancer pancreatic!
Lunar and Martian affliction causeth blood cancer,
Martian affliction being cancer's cause.

Jovian affliction causeth,
High BP, Diabetes, gout, Cholesterol,
Cancer colon and pancreatic,
Osteoporosis & sleep problems.

Mercurian affliction    causeth,
Ezcema, psoriasis,acne, rosacea.
Dermatitis, warts, ichthyoasis,
Chicken pox, diaper rash et al.

Martian affliction causeth,
Luekemia, Aplastic Anemia,
Iron anema, anemic neoplaza,
Plasma Cell and Hypercalcemia.

Venusian affliction causeth
Disorders of the urinary tract,
Syphilis, AIDS, Gonorrea, HBV,
Genital Herpes & HPV.

Saturnine affliction causeth,
Neuro diseases, spinal cord problems,
Huntington's, Bell's Palsy,
Brain tumors, epilepsy and ataxia !


500 million  vaccinated.


Man is a composite creature,
Both good and evil exist in him,
Body, mind intellect complex is Ego,
And in man, he holds  absolute sway.

In Man, Ego is term imperfect,
While perfect term is  Self !
Lower, relative term is Ego,
Higher, Absolute term is Self !

All mixed, said Shaw,
Virtue and Vice are mixed in man.
Dau Bhoota  sargau lokesmin
Daiva Asura eva cha.

Divine virtues  tend to Self Actualisation,
While demoniac bind man to the  mundane.
Pride, anger, roughness, avarice, jealousy,
Ignorance and bestiality rule Ego.

Not only Man, but Planets also,
Have dual personalities.
Vested in both are positive and negative aspects,
As no man or planet is freed from negativity.

Should we be afraid of the negative aspect?
No, as the Positive is also powerful.
None who doesnt believe in Truth, Dharma, Love,
And the positive side is the divine side.

Divine virtues are called Daivee Sampath,
And vices, Asuri Sampath.
Asuri Sampath is related to Ego,
And Daivee Sampath, to  Self !

Daivee Sampath is necessary for Self Actualisation,
While Asuri Sampath binds man to the mundane,
Daive Sampat Hi Mokshaya
Nibanda Asuri Matha.

He who overcomes his negative aspect,
Is the One who actualises Self.
With his Cosmic Ledger displaying Zero debit,
Eligible becomes  he for Self  Actualisation !

The  Wise call Him the Great Geometer,
Because of His penchant for Geometry,
As Celestial Geometry is inherent in Creation,
Revealing His mathematical precision.

Can we say that the Indeterminate,
Split itself into two Beings - Absolute & Relative,
And while doing so,
Maintained an absolute indifference !

The Eternal Law, Sanatan Dharma,

Is both patriarchal & matriarchal,
As both Motherhood & Fatherhood of God
Coexiit in Her eternally  !


Three types of Men

There are three types of Men,
Existing in this world,
Animal Man, Human Man,
And the Divine Man.

The process of Becoming,
Divine Man from Animal Man
Is effected by Yogic Alchemy,
The Divine Transmutation of Man !

The aim occult  of Yoga,
Is Self actualisation, Goal of life.
Where Man transforms himself,
Into something rich and  strange.

We have to know that  Universal Will,
Is leading us, through every circumstance,
Towards the Final, supernal Realisation,
The summum bonum of Life !

We have to believe the golden maxim,
That Universal Will not lead thee,
Where Universal Grace cannot keep thee,
And all are moving to conclusion beneficent!

Evolution is the Process
From Becoming to Being !
Involution, on the contrary,
Is from Being to Becoming  !

It is indeed His play,
With the Lower trilogy,
And with Higher trilogy,
Connector being Supermind!

Universe is He & She,
Being & Becoming,
Absolute& Relative,
Infinite & Finite.

The Initiate is subject to pulls,
During the process of Meditation,
Upward Pull is most powerful,
Master movement of Nature !

It is that pull which pulls us from death
To immortality, Kingdom of Heaven luminous,
Which Is actualised and Enlightenment,
Dawns on the deserving aspirant !

Worldly man seeks also perfection,
But it will be only a perfection transient.
As worldly pleasures are ephemeral,
As man's life is nothing but  one day!

He who follows his lower nature,
Will always be dominated by Ego,
Ego is always accompanied by comrades,
Lust, greed, anger, jealousy et al.

So it is often good to follow Yoga,
And to annihilate Tamas by Rajas,
Rajas by Sattwa and reach Shuddha Sattwa,
The Perennial State, the State Eternal!

This classification is based on Traigunya Vishaya Veda,
The Sage, Divine Man, is Satwa dominant,
The Warrior, the Human Man, Rajas dominant,
And Tamas dominates the criminal animal man.


We are glad that Vizhinjam is bringing > 100 K per day, even before its inauguration. Bunkering and other services to be added.

Music of the Spheres Nine

We are insensitive
To overtones of Reality
Which hum around us
We are blinded by worldliness !

Genius hears overtones,
Of Music of the Spheres Nine,
Genius knows why
Philosophy is Music highest !

Music was placed in the Quadrivium,
Along with Arithmetic, Arts  Four,
Along with Astronomy & Geometry,
Great Liberating  Four Arts !

Veena Venu Mridanga Ninadam
VIharati Vidyadhara Geetam
This Music is transcendental,
Hence called Musica Sacra !

Not only Maths, but Music.
Also lured Pythagorus !
He became intoxicated,
With the Music of Heavens Nine !

Sleeping Music was aroused,
By the Meditation of Yogis superna!
This Divine Enchantress,
With Sa ri ga ma pa da ni as Her veins!

O Carrier of the Seven Octaves,
Beauty of morn is innate in thee,
And splendor of constellations,
And glories of Dusk & Dawn.

Science of Lyrics, Geetha,

Science of Music instrumental,
Science of Dance aeternum,
Constiitute Music Etermal !
Music alone can liberate,
Advaita   Siddikki Aamaratna labdikki
Being  eternal, Bliss it bestoweth,
Sangeetame Pranamoo.....
The Magic of the  Seven Octaves,
She pervades everywhere!        
Music of Spheres Nine,
Is Music Astro Mystical !
Nrityati Nrityati Brahma Padam,
Nakshatra Nava Graha Hamsa Padam
Isnt the Cosmic Dance,
Dance of subatomic Matter? 
Isnt Dance linked to Music?
Cosmic Dance &   Cosmic Music,
Along with Poetry Cosmic,
Represent Musica Cosmiica!
Music of Spheres, said Kepler,
Is system harmonic of musical scale,
As the Lord has expressed,
In harmonising heavenly Motions !
Manifesting eternally  in the Universe,
In the infinite galaxies and constellations,
As Sound, as Form, for Life to blossom,
This Celestial Music is on,  for geniuses !
The Rhythms of Orbital Revoutions,
Rhythms of Universal Nature,
Rhythms of  Srishti, Sthithi and Laya,
Are embodied in His Dance  Supernal !



Here rains have not subsided

 and Pushya Njattuvela carries on

Other Eternal Commandments

The West knows only Ten,
Commandments of Lord,
The East knows more than hundred,
Such Commandments!

Be without the three attributes,
Of Nature Almighty,
Transcend the attributes triune,
With Meditation Threefold.

( Nistraigunyo Bhava )

Let the Sciences be your guide.
Is another Commandment Eternal,
Let Scientia intuitiva guide you,
To the Omega of Absolute Brahman!

( Tasmat Sastram Pramanam The ).

" Consecrate thy soul to Me"
Is another divine commandment.
By doing so, thou shalt overcome,
All difficulties by Grace Divine !

(  Mat Chitha Sarva Durgani
Mat Prasadath Tarishyasi  )

Seek Thy Self is another,
As this world is ephemeral,
And as the Self transcends,
Fluctuations of Physic and Psyche.

( Anityam Asukham Lokam
Imam Prapya Bhajaswa Maam  )

As the Yogi is superior to ascetics,
And those well versed in lore,
And the devout Karmis,
Be thou a Yogi.

( Yoga Yukto Bhava )

Be without dualities,
Which afflict Mind !
Shame and glory, joy and sorrow
Are same to the Yogi.

What Keats called Achievement,
Of the Negative Capability,
Is the state of    Sthita Prajna,
Surmounter of dualities.

He who is established in Self,
Seeing Self in all and all in Self,
Is    Sthitha Prajna called,
The Sage Actualised,   Seer Realised.

( Nir Dwandho Bhava )

Just Be. An instrument of Mine,
For I have destroyed enemies of thine,
Adverse forces which bind thee,
To the sublunar world mighty !

( Nimitta Matram Bhava )

Rely on Me, the Self eternally,
Not relying on the Relative.
I shall deliver thee from all Sin,
And that formidable force in Man, Evil !

( Mamekam Sharanam Vrija     )

Transcending the triune attributes,
Thou shalt reach Shuddha  Satwa
Be in that state always,
It is nearest to Self.

( Nitya Sattwastho Bhava )

Money binds; Morality liberates,
Money is not true Wealth.
Money fosters  Ego,
Transcend that which bindeth thee !

The Universal hath declared,
I will look after thy needs,
With such an Assurance,
One need not  worry at all.

Furthur,  He has given the Abhaya  Vachana  ,
My devotee shall never perish !
Leading us to Self Actualisation is His Duty,
And He will do it effectively.

( Nir Yogakshema Atmanan )

Meditate  to know Truth Absolute,
Meditate to know thy Self,
That which is absolutely Real,
Beyond all Relativity!      

(        Tapah   )

LOVE, Love All, Serve All,
Hate None, Help Ever, Hurt Nver,
Forgive Ever and Educate All,
Sure, you will actualise SELF !

( Premam Brahma )


Ports bring development. Mumbai, Calcutta and Chennai developed  because of Ports.

As Vizhinjam ICTT is proximate to the International Sea Route, expedite its development.

The Two  Fullnesses


Systematic investigation,
Into Relativity's nature,
Has proved it to be Vacuum,
Objectively verified !

Ultimate is the Vacuum State,
The State of Least Excitation,
Of the Quantum Field, and Field,
Of all Possibilities !

Is it the Unified Field,
Of Consciousness Absolute?
Quantum Physics averrs,
That Consciousness is fundamental !

Max Planck said so,
We regard Consciousness as fundamental ,
Matter is a derivative only,
Of Consciousness Infinite !

Schroedinger, De Broglie, Heisenberg,
All conclude that highest Zenith,
Of Physics is Philosophy,
Proved by Heisenberg in his magnum opus !

From the Fullness of Fullness, (Brahman),
Ariseth the Fullness of Emptiness, (Maya)
If you deduct one from the other,
What remains is Fullness, Absolute, Poornam !

Mathematically valid is Poorna mada Poornam idam,
As Infinity - Infinity = Infinity !
Subtract Emptiness from Fullness,
What remains is Fullness, Poornam !

Poornam Brahmam, Poornamatma Jagathum,
Poornathingal Udayam cheyvoo Poornam !
Poornathil ningu Poornam Grahichal
Poornam thanne sheshichu Nilpoo !

This is the Reality of Two  Fullnesses,
If the Absolute is indeed infinite,
Then Absolute - Absolute = Absolute,
Poornasya Poornamadaya Poornamevava shishyate.

"The Absolute in One, Infinite,
Immutably Homogenous"   
Hegel fathered the greatest concept,
Known to Philosophy Universal !

Poorna mada Poornam Idam,
Poornath Poornamiduchyate
Poornasya Poornamadaya
Poornamevava shishyate.

400 million vaccinated.

Bacon differed from the traditional view that all wars are won in the Air. He said that power is with him who commands the sea, as both Roman and British empires were based on naval  power. The Battle of Actium decided the Empire ot the world ( where Augustus Caesar's forces defeated the forces of Antony & Cleopatra in naval war ). Merchant fleet should also be large, as Britain was the first industrial nation with a powerful merchant fleet,


It is good news that 4 crores have come from Vizhinjam ICTT, as 5 ships are calling daily, as it is used as a Crew Change & Anchoring Hub. It should also be developed as a  Bunkering Terminal, as it lies on the all important Asian Far East route.  

 Punarvasu Njattuvela Strikes    

Ravaging many parts of the world, particularly Europe, US and Ind,   this solar Transit of Pollux /  Punarvasu wreaked havoc. More than 100 have perished in India.

Sol transiting the Constellations twenty seven,

Are Njattuvelas called !

Njayar means Sun and Velas are Transits,

Of the only visible Godhead, the  Sun !


Heavy rains battered places many as the Sun transits Pollux / Punarvasu. Cloudbursts in Himachal, Uttarkhand and light cloudbursts in Kerala,

Vaccinations - a record 385 million so far. India can only escape if the Second Revolution ( Processing Revolution) comes in Green, White and Blue on a massive scale. 

So Mass Industrialisation and Value Addition are the mantras.

The Great Song  of  Eternity, Geetha

"Modern world appears trivial,
Before Ontology &  Epistemology,
Of Theosophy/ Zyan/ Brahma Jnana,"
Thus wrote Madame Blavatsky.

Thoreau said ' English sense has toiled,
But Hindu Wisdom never perspires ! '
And where can these books be found?
They are called  mighty Upanishads  !

A Philosopher King par excellence,
Lord Krishna milked these cows ( Upanishads ).
Quintessential milk of  Wisdom was Geetha,
The Great Song of Eternity !

Hailed as the Science of the Absolute,
The Authentic Scripture on Yoga,
The Manual of Initiation Science,
This Song Celestial  is unparalleled !

Yoga was considered supra-worldly,
As some gravitated  to the  Himalayas .
Even parents were reluctant to give Gita,
Lest their children become  renunciants!

On the contrary Yoga is modern,
Yoga is Science, being the scientia ultima !     
Life's solutions are to be found here,
And not in escapism or alcoholism !

Before any presentation scientific,
The Problem of Evil must be solved
Christian Theology defines Him as Good,
So where do we  place Evil?

Voltaire, after the French Revolution,
Was shocked and dismayed,
Could not get answer to question,
Why the Omnipotent permits Evil?

In the Indian, all are He,
Good and evil, might and right,
All this magnificent universe,
And this  sempiternal tragi-comedy !

Know that Time consuming our lives,
And Nature  devouring our kids,
Are all the Rhythms of Brahman,
In some of His cosmic figures.

Only when we see unified,
Can we discern and behold,
The calm and  beauteous face,
Of the Deity sunk in Bliss!

World' discords are His discords,
Only by accepting them,
Can we reach His greater concords,
Of his harmony supreme!

Trials and tribulations,
Are His tests undoubtedly
Testing our imperfection
To find persistive constancy.

In psychic research, instructions,
Cometh from Self Absolute
Emblem of Wisdom is Krishna,
And  Emblem of intellect, Arjuna.

Horses five- the five senses
Chariot - the body human
Mind - the reins
Wheels of chariot-   Good &  Evil.

Replete with Esoteric Symbolism
Complete with Esoteric Wisdom
Geeta is not an ordinary book,
But Revealed Wisdom by Self !


The Eternal Land

The  Song  of  Eternity, Gita, took   birth,
In the poetic mind of  Hindustan,
In the land of the Eternians,
Who see  all sub  specie aeternitatis!

Ranging from Himalayas mighty,
And terminating at the indian  Ocean,
A peninsula, strategically  located,
Is this Oriente Lux personified !

Himalaya samarabhya
Yavat    indu  sarovaram
Tam deva nirmitam desam
Hindustanam prachakshate.

Prizing the Eternal above the Temporal,
Surpassing the decaying body beautiful,
Basing on the Absolute which is all this,
Is this Spiritual Culture formidable !

A Culture Good Mornying to Deity,
At early dawn, Brahma Muhurta time,
Penultimate Muhurta before Sunrise,
At Dawn, brimming with energy positive.

A culture, whose sacred festivals,
Are based on  longitudes, solar and lunar,
And their longitudinal difference, Thithi,
With Self Actualistion as the Goal   !

A land ruled by Philosopher kings,
Who upheld 200 % life Thesis,
100% materialism and 100 %  spirituality,
As both are aspects of life !

Most of the kings who ruled India,
Were  part of the disciplinic tradition,
Starting from Lord, with Suka at middle,
And with the great Sankara at end !

Narayana   Samarambham

Sree Sukacharya madhyamam
Sankaracharya paryantam
Vande Guru Paramparam.

We bow down to the ininitable Sankara,
Defender of Sruthis, Smrithis and Puranas,
Who defeated all in logical argument,
And climbed the Mount of Omniscience !

Sruti  Smriti.Purananam
Alayam Karunalayam
Namami bhagavath padam,
Sankaram loka sankaram.

If you know Self, you know all,
If you dont, you know nothing !
Absolute Knowledge is All Knowledge,
Brahma Jnana is Sarva jnana.                  
Life is  seen sub specie Love,
As all are observed sub specie Zodiac
To the Eternians, Good & Evll, joy and sorrow,
Shame and Glory are all He !

The Killer is He,
The Killed is He,
Cosmic Dance is His Dancc,
The Dance of Subatomic Matter!
Universe is one of the Rhythms,
Of Absolute Brahman !
An infinitesimal expression,
Of the Solitary Infinitude !


370 million vaccinated. Cometh September and  it will be 600.

Love is mightier than the  sword

Love is Expansion
Hatred is Contraction
Love is Life,
Hatred is Death.

Love is positive
Hatred is negative.
Love alone ennobles
Hatred is self punisher !

Universe is Consciousness,
As Everlasting Love,
As Consciousness Manifested,
As the multiple multiverses  !

Love is the Forgiver,
Hatred is the Forgetter.
Hatred is the All Loser,
Love  is the All  Conqueror !

As Nature's second Sun,
Love maketh  everything bloom    !
World becomes graveyard,
If Love is forsaken !

Greatest mantra under the  Sun,
Love Universal is   Guru.
Premam Anandam Brahma,
Expresses Him entire !

Love is the Redeemer,
Also the highest culture.
Highest education is Love,
As well as the highest  Justice.

Prema is the Fifth   Purushartha,
After  Artha, Dharma, Kama    and Moksha.
Also the Fifth Dharma,
After Brahmacharya  Garhastya Vanaprasta  &  Sanyasa.

Love  is  Quintessence,
Of Universal Being !
Love surpasses Wisdom,
For in Love is all wisdom contained !

Is there anything greater,
Than Intellectual Love?
Love is the summum  bonum,
The Alpha and Omega!

India creates world  record with 337 million jabs.
Problems are beautiful and Dangers, Grace !
Why ? Because, if you stumble, it is best for you to stumble, for, only by stumbling does a child learn to walk !

All is Best, though we oft doubt,
Of the unsearchable dispose,
Of Highest Wisdom ( Providence) brings about!
                                                                - Milton
5 O2 plants are coming up at 5 islands in Lakshadweep. No need to carry O2 cylinders via ship to L.
14 Refrigerated vans to carry fruits and vegetables have appeared in Kerala. This is the solution to the problem of India losing 10 billon worth fruits and vegetables annually due to decay !
The PM Plan - One District, One Product - is excellent. For Value Addition. Trichur - Rice, Palghat - bananas, Malappuram- coconuts, Kochi- Pineapple etc. 10 K cr project with heavy subsidy.
Ayodhya to be developed for Spiritual Tourism.
India Developing is the Theme and I implore my countrymen not to block development by petty arguments, not to politicise or communalise  !
Nation First, Politics Second 
Nation First, Province Second 
Nation First, Religion Second 
Nation First, Language Second 
Nation First, Caste Second 
Nation First, Ideology Second 


 As Bha means Light and Rathi means Love, live like a Bharateeya and your  life will be transformed into  Fullness, said Sai.
Unity is Strength and no weaponised drones can tear us apart !

Western scholars are Rishis

Worship Western scholars as Rishis,   Rishivatyepi  Poojyanthe, said Varaha Mihira, remarking that their Astronomy is well developed. Not only Western, but scholars in all civilizations !

Who is an Exemplar?

He who proves that Example is better than precept. His Life is his Message.

Rishis are Exemplars

Grace is All in All
Truth is enshrined in Divinity,
Exemplars manifest Divinity,
Our heroes they are!

Daivadheenam Jagat Sarvam
Satyadheenam tu Daivatam
Tat Satyam Uthamadheenam
Uthamo Mama Devata

Whitman, Emerson and Thoreau, the American Trinity, were transcendentalists of no mean order.  When Emerson went to see Carlyle, Carlyle gave him a copy of the Gita and  Emerson initiated the Concord Movement.    Thoreau modeled his 18 chapters  of Walden on the 18 chapters of the Great Song of Eternity, the Gita.  And Walt
Whitman in his "Song of My Self " ,  expressed the quintessence of the First Science,   Vedanta Sastra.

Walt Whitman was what the Upanishadic Seer- Poets recommended to mortals. What Lord Krishna prescribed to the discriminative intellect.-    a Realised Self who views Becoming under the metaphor of Being. At times he wanted to become the Macrocosm, to become the Earth  Geist, to flow in and out of the veins of Nature, a consummation that Goethe's Faust devotedly  yearned for, but was delayed at the last minute, because he fell  back on mundane experience  and empirical becoming !

Another Exemplar was Sir Edwin Arnold, whose poems Light of Asa and Song Celestial were translations of Buddha  Charita and Gita.

About revealing Wisdom to the elect and hiding it from the profane, he wrote

Hide, the Holy Krishna saith,
This from him  who hath no faith,
Him that worships not nor seeks,
Wisdom's Teachings when She speaks,

But wherever amid the flock,
Of My Lovers, one shall teach,
This divinest, wisest Speech,
About the Cause of all Causes,

Teaching them in the faith to bring,
Truth to them and offering,
All honor unto Me,
Unto Brahma cometh He !

Rishis and Yogis  averr that the Ultimate reality is Intellectual Love, Prajnanam Premam Brahma.


In the 33rd Canto of the Divina Commedia, Dante experiences Cosmic Consciousness. He sees the essence of the Universe as One Perfect Whole and the Whole as nothing but Love.    Deeper and deeper he penetrates into the mysteries of the  Trinitarian Unity (symbolic of immanence,  transcendence and cosmicity )  and sees the changeless glory of the triune Deity and the countenance of humanity, the unconditioned self-completeness of Being, generating the Cosmos.




India bcame Global Vaccinator by surpassing  US' record of 323.3 million jabs.

Poorna Yoga  - Integration of Systems Many

The  Resurgence, the Renaissance and  the Reformation.

Many forms  of Yoga exist as Differential Yoga but Aurobindo  integrated them all as Poorna or Integral Yoga.

Philosophers and Yogins had preferred different  aspects of Godhead, but Aurobindo declared  that the aim of Integral yoga is to embrace Him in all aspects and even beyond aspect. He declared that Yoga is the Art of Conscious Self Finding, and that Life, not a remotely silent or a   highly ecstatic  uplifted Beyond, life alone is the field  of the Poorna Yoga. correcting the orthodox version that spirituality means to  gravitate to the Himalayas.

The Kingdom  of Heaven is not of this world. At the same time,it is of this world".   He declared,  averring that the Supermind  - the Alpha and the Omega of Existence -  must be brought down to Terra Firma ! And when we bcome siddha in  the Integral Yoga, we can bring humanity to the  same level of  perfection !
If we have a material existence,   do  we have anterior or posterior existences?
If Matter exists in 3 states - solid, liquid and gaseous - as ice, water, steam -  it  implies that water has an anterior and a posterior state of existence. For, nothing ever begins to be. It merely undergoes a parallel transformation into conditions which preexisted in other conditions. Are we talking about Metempsychosis,  Rebirth ?   Even if it be so, it wont surprise anybody, as Dialectiics is defined as the completion of Science in the  Synthesis of Wisdom !
Spiritual Homeostasis
Dr Walter Cannon defined Homeostasis as "a self regulating mechanism, that which maintains the constancy of the internal milieu " in his magnum opus " The Wisdom of the Body". This concept extended to Sociology, Psychology, Cosmology and Philosophy!  Psychologists are talking about psychological Homeostasis. Cosmologists are now talking about homeostatic
control systems in the Universe, which prevent cosmic bodies from collision. Newton remarked that planetary perturbations can destroy the solar system, a view supported by Laplace and Lagrange. If Earth has an eccentricity > .1    or Mars > .3, collission can occur ! But some Unknown Wonder prevents this from occurring !
Extension of this scientific concept to Spirituality is Spiritual Homeostasis !
The Path  Celestial is not easy. It is arduous, long, dangerous, difficult. The aspirant will be subject to a baptism by fire, by the combined forces of Heaven and Hell. While Heaven will subject him to pitiless trials and cold luminous denials, Hell will open his hordes to enwound and devastate! Obstacles   and hindrances may appear to impede his progress !
I walk on the Razor's edge alone,
The path  is narrow, the Way Unknown !
In the case of an Exemplar,  Walt Whitman, being human, he was subject to suffering, sorrow and strife, but he never let these depressive moods reach a dead end, because behind the body-mind-complex was the Life Force, the Self, the  Will and the passion to surpass the individual and the biological and to enter what  Rilke called " supernumerous existence"!
The male intellect will feel depressed when a problem is encountered. But, then there is the female Intuition to raise him up and lead him on to the Goal, as  Goethe divined ! In the Divina Commedia, Dante represents male Intellect and Beatrice, female Intuition !
Poets are propelled by Inspiration and Inspiration floweth from Thee,  Sarva Prachodanam Prabhavanti Tasmat!

Good  to know that Indiai is performing 6 million jabs a day ( average), that NCERT have adumbrated the guidelines and that Ayodhya will be promoted for Spiritual Tourism

Of the Global Religious Crisis

When the Darwin Controversy erupted, the whole world was sinking into
Atheism, thinking that Science means the denial of God. It was Bernard Shaw
who blocked that trend, saying " You are emptying the baby out with the

It can be proved that modern sciences derive from ancient sciences. For
instance, if you ask a PC, what day is will return 1, 1 being the no of
Sunday, today. Or if you ask ?cDOW, it will return Sunday!   So this
Sequential Order of Weekdays is inbuilt in Computers.

This Sequential Order of Weekdays deriveth from the Sequential Order of
Planetary Hours.

K A L A  H O R A S or Planetary Hours

The names of the Week Days are derived from where ?
Why Monday is after Sunday?
Why Tuesday is after Monday ?

The answer is given by Astrology as Planetary Hours or Kala Horas. If you
have any other explanation - from Astronomy or any other sciences - pls let
us know.

Question - How did Monday come after Sunday in the Calendar ?

Answer - To answer this question, we have to go to the concept of Planetary
Hours or Kala Horas

The Planetary Hours are counted from Sunrise and the owner of the Planetary
Hour is the Lord of the Weekday. Today is Sunday and one hour from Sunrise
is presided by the lord of Sunday, the Sun.

The sequential order of Planetary Hours is as follows.


( Arka Shukra Budhas Chandra Manda Jeeva Dharasutha, Kramena Kala
Horesa.... )

So if the first Planetary Hour on Sunday is presided by the Sun, the
nexthour is presided by Venus, next by Mercury and so on. This goes on for
21 hours and the 22nd Planetary Hour is presided by Sun, the 23rd by Venus,
the24th by Mercury and the 25th, the first Planetary Hour next day, is
presided by the Moon and hence his day, Monday, became the next week day in
the Calendar.

Here is a table depicting the Weekday Numbers and Planetary Hour Numbers

WeekNo Planet                         PHNo
1             SUN                             1
2             MOON                         4
3             MARS                          7
4             MERCURY                  3
5             JUPITER                      6
6             VENUS                       2
7            SATURN                      5

The Law of Conservation of Being

Similarly, it can also be proved that the Law of Conservation of Energy is
derived from the Law of Conservation of Being.

The Total Universal Energy is Conserved - that is, it knoweth no creation or
destruction. Matter, Energy et al are different aspects of Being and these are
manifestations of the basic, underlying, indestructble, Absolute Being,
Avinasi tu tadviddhi yena sarvam idam tatam.
The Mystery of the Stars - Solar Fusion

It can also be proved that that the Transmutaton of Alchemy is a natural
process. The thermonuclear fusion reaction, happening in the Sun is
transmuaation, with 2 atoms o Hydrogn combining to form one atom of Helium with a
tremendous release of energy. 

All sciences  of the Relative derive from the Science of the Absolute, the Science of

Being, the Vedanta Sastra !
If  Physics averrs that all this is Universal Matter or Universal Energy,( as Matter
is a concentrate of    Energy ) , then the Science of Yoga is not far behind, declaring
that Consciousness is the Base, Cconsciousness is the Substratum, verily Consciousness= Being,
Prajnane pratishtitam prajna netro loka prajna pratishta Prajnanam Brahma!
If Consciousness is the Base of all that is and Consciousness is based on Love and as Truth is
defined as Love cognised, then Universal Love  is the  Base, Universal Love is the Substratum,
verily Universal Love= Being, Premasya pratishtitam  loka Prema pratishta Premam Brahma!
Bacon was right. Scientific  Depth will pull us to Providence & Deity !
As Man is imperfect by defintion. the Perfect Scientist is He !
Bhagavan Patanjali was His Aspect, when He revealed the Wisdom of Yoga to mankind    
Bhagavan Sankara was His Aspect, when He revealed the Wisdom of Advaita to mankind    
Bhagavan Dhanvantarii was His Aspect, when He revealed the Wisdom of Ayurveda to mankind    
Bhagavan Gautama was His Aspect, when He revealed the Wisdom of Nyaya to mankind    
Bhagavan Yaska was His Aspect, when He revealed the Wisdom of Nirukta to mankind   
Bhagavan Kapila was His Aspect, when He revealed the Wisdom of Sankhya to mankind    
All Sciences emanate fromThee,   Sarva sastra prabhavanti Tasmat !

Good that Talks are held at Kashmir. The 12600 cr package  is wonderful.Tourism will get a boost and  the natives will benefit.


THE ESOTERIC  LOTUS        -         May Esoterica Bloom !

Of late, another controversy has erupted. The Lotus like Architecture of the Shimoga Airport. We dont know why some "Secularists" are objecting to it.

Lotus is an esoteric, spiritual, universal, Vedic Symbol.

"Live like the Lotus which lives in water, but is never moistened by water, Padma Pushpam Avambhasi", says the First Science, Vedanta Sastra.   Let not the evils of this world stain thee    !

The world of sense can no more stain his soul
Than waters mar the enamelled lotus leaf !

( The Song Celestial, Gita - Sir  Edwin Arnold ).

In Jnana Yoga, this is a Great Aphorism, but in Bhakt Yoga, it is a Commandment.

The West knows Ten Commandments, but the  East knows more than 100 Commandments !
This statement occurs in the Song Celestial, the Bhagavat Gita. But the Gita is not a Book ! They are the direct instructions of the Absolute  Self ( Krishna) to the discriminative intellect (Arjuna) !
( Sir Edwin Arnold, a Knight Commander of the British Empire and a brilliant poet, had translated the Gita into English Poetry as the Song Celestial ! )
He wrote
This is a discourse between the Prince of India,
And the Supreme Being as Lord Krsna
So have I writ its wisdom here,
Its hidden Mystery,
For England, O our India,
As dear to me as She !                _)
In other words, the Lotus and the Saffron are divine concepts   ! 

Apart from the Ten Commandments, there are some more
Transcend,  Nivarthadwam
Retire from the Gross to the Subtle,  from the Subtle to the unmanifest
And then retire from retiring -             Mahesh Yogi
Be thou a Yogi,    Yoga Yukto Bhava
Just     Be,      Nimitta Matram Bhava
Be without three attributes,     Nis Traigunyo bhava
Be without Dualities,     Nir Dwanda
Be without thought about material welfare  -     Nir Yoga Kshema
Let Sastras, Sciences, be your guide -     Tasmat saastram pramanam the
Search for the Self -     Imam prapya bhajaswa maam
Perform action, grounded in Being,     Yogastha Kuru Karmani
Thou shalt overcome -     Mat prasadat tharishyasi
Vedic Architecture is known as  Stapatya Vidya . If you go to Rome, you will find Roman Architecture and why should  Indians object to Indian Architecture?

Speak the Truth ,    Satyam  Vada.
Follow Dharma -    Dharmam Chara 
Revere Mother as divine-     Mathru Devo Bhava 
Revere Father as divine-         Pthru Devo Bhava 
Revere Guru as divine-         Guru Devo Bhava 
These Three constitute a formula formidable, as the parents' training is imprinted on the child's nervous system !
Revere Guest  as divine-     Athidhi Devo Bhava 
Tapah -    Meditate
Seek Great ones &  Know truth-     Prapyavaran Nibodhata
Know Thyself-    Atmanam Viddhi
Even though poets and other literary blokes have made derogatory remarks about Women,
There was one poet who differed from the " traditional view" .The poet, Scott !
He wrote,
When pain and anguish wring the brow,
A good ministering angel thou !
Another Malayalam poet also rebelled against that ' traditional view"
He likened female mind to a sacrosanct White Lotus
Vella thamarapol vishuddhi aniyum sthree chithame!



India creates record - at 8.8 millon jabs on Jun 21

It wil be a good idea to Ban Pork along with Beef. It will please both communities, Integrative is Indian mind, antithetical to the differentiative, divisive Roman principle of Divide et impera.
Success formulas are
Value Addition
Mass Industrialisation
Non export of raw material
Maximising food processing
Population Control
Uniform Civil Code
Five Zones Formula
Four Language Formula
Anti Conversion Bill
Avoidance of Vote Bank Politics
Improve Quality of   R & D
Improve Quality of   Education
et al
In Mass Industrialisation, manpower becomes an asset. The 325 milion tonnes fruit and veg production, foodgrains 286 mt, milk 190 mt, mangoes 18 mt, fish 18 mt ( result of Revolutions Green, White and Blue) are praiseworthy indeed, but many of these are raw material for the canning industries. High concentrations of Tuna are abound off Andamans & Laccadives.  ( Lakshadweep's generation alone is 100 K  tonnes of Tuna &  2500 K Coconuts ). Factory ships are called for for ths venture. IF thousands of f p factories come, millions will get jobs and forex. All we want is a market share of the $ 5 trillion Food & Beverages market !. A ten percent share will wipe out India's debt of .5 trillion !


We had written in our columns about the formula for World Peace.
Why are these nations called great?
Russian troops liberated thousands from Auschwitz concentration camp.
US troops liberated thousands from Bushwald concentration camp.
Indian troops liberated Bangladesh.
In 1971, 93 K Paki troops surrendered to India forces. After the surrender, they were playing cricket ! India returned
these  POWs unscathed.That is nobilty, greatness. Contrast this to what Julius Caesar did to a POW, Vercingetorix.He killed him

The general impression is that Julius was great and that Brutus was a backstabber..    On the contrary, Julius was a murderer,
despite being a military genius. And Brutus was a noble who saved Rome from dictatorship !

So these noble nations can effectuate World Peace &  will!.
The Divine Force had given different portfolios to different nations. It is for Dharma India exists. IF Arjuna & Bheema
are US & Russia, India is Dharmaputra !
There is another view - that US, with Russia and India as allies will establish the New Atlantis ( World Government ) !
Ardra  is a balanced Solar Transit. Starts tomorrow, 2206.

New  articles at ARTICLES

Hail International Yoga Day

Yoga is the Actualisation  of Potentiality at all seven levels of Being.  Yoga is living in rhythm with Natural Law.

India, with 98% believing in Universal Being, with her allies, is the Nation which can effectuate World Peace.

Said Shaw.  The instruction "Love Peace, Truth  & the Divine " will only appeal to Man, if it is put forth in plain Army regulations! That is where her Allies come in, US and Russia !

World Peace can be effected only if

The Love of Power is replaced by the Power of Love !

Yoga is scientific, Yoga is Universal,
A Yogi is a Universal Man, unattached,
To any caste, creed or Religion,
For, Yoga is a universal phenomenon.
Global Famly Concept - Vasudha  (  Earth ) eva Kudumbakam ( Family)

The Eternal is the base of Indian Philosophy, not the temporal. The beautiful body is a decaying bag of filth, moving deathward, sheeryate iti shareerah.The body lovely is a conglomeration of blood, pus and urine and he who likes this body, verily loves Hell itself.  Wordly wealth is a house built upon the sand ( Wordsworth referred to money making as the ' perpetual stir  unprofitable ") and we are behaving like lunatics in a mad house.   
Basic precepts
When Life revolves around the body, it is grounded in misery.           
When Life revolves around the Self, it is resplendent with  Bliss.
Transcendental Logic
Finite    =  Lack of Bliss ( Na Alpe Sukham Asthi)
Infinity =   Bliss         ( Anandam Brahma )
Man is potentially divine and his life on Earth is to manifest that   divinity, to actualise Existence - Consciousness -Beatitude ( Sat, Chit, Ananda ), the Absolute Triad which is the Universe and which we are and the Great Secret which we must discover in our journey evolutionary !
Love is the golden chain which binds society together and the whole world is linked by Love.
All are brethren and Love alone can confer Bliss, Premam Anandam Brahma !
How does this Amor Intellectualis, Vibhakti, manifest?
Intellectual Love cognised is Truth,
Love Intellectual manifested is Wisdom,
Amor Intellectualis in action is Non Violence,
Vibhakti as feeling is Peace !
This is the instruction we get in Meditation
"It is a Misunderstanding, LOVE"
If Dialectics reign everywhere, if Thesis and Anti Thesis clash in  Courts and Parliament, we have to understand that it is not the end, and that Thesis and Anti Thesis can be integrated by Synthesis and that the highest Synthesis is Love !
The merit of Education is to understand the antithetical perspective, and Synthesis can integrate both arguments and Love alone triumphs ultimately ( Bhavati Parama Bhakti Sahi Mrityor Vijetree ), we can conclude that the Highest Education is Love, Premam tu Vidya !

So we hit upon the principle of Universal Intellectual Love and is expresed in the Great Concept "Vasudha eva Kudumbakam", as all Wisdom is contained in Love!

Love is the greatest Mantra,
Love is the Universal Guru.
Love is the greatest Meditation,
And Tutelary Deity  Great.

Love is mightier than sword,
Love is the greatest Lyric,
Love is the true Epic Poetry,
Love is divine Medicine !

Love is the Seventh Heaven,
Love is the greatest Magic,
Love is the All Conqueror  !
Love is the Alpha and Omega !

The Universe rises from Love,
The Universe exists in Love
Universe will merge back in Love,
Essence of the Universe is Love !

To the Literalists, who see Diversity,
It is always "us" versus "they".
To the broadminded, Monists,
World is One Family.

Ayam nija  paro vethi
Ganana Laghu Chetasam
Udara Chartanam tu
Vasudha eva Kudumbakam.

He who beholds multiplicity,
Is never a Philosopher.
He who sees Unity,
He is the true Sage !

All are Forms and Names,
Substance is Same.
Same, same, friend and foe,
Made up of the same stuff !

But the Stuff, the Substratum,
Is such and so much,
That variations of Form,
Are unimportant. All is Brahman !

All is Being Absolute,
From Microcosm to Macrocosm,
Brahman I will become one day,
Knowing Enemy is also Brahman.

We thank the Assam Govt for enforcing the Two Child policy. Also UP for following suit. Tata had warned Nehru about overpopulation, which Nehru heeded not.

As India had suffered humiliations in the 1947 & 1962 wars, it was imperative that she develop militarily for a credible deterrence, as nobody would back a lame horse. Preparing for war is the best means of ensuring peace.


Recently, the Indian Defence Minister called for a crackdown on global terrorism and a free Indo Pacific. Count Louis Hamon opined that US and UK are two great nations which are held together by a magnetic occult force, to play a dominant role in the destiny of mankind, along with an unknown and unknowable power, Russia !

So India, US & Russia have a divine mission to fulfill !

That 98% Indians give priority to the Eternal and not to the Temporal, confirms the ancient view that India is the Land of Rishis, that this is the land where Vedas and the Upanishads first saw the Light ( a view endorsed by Latin scholars as Oriente Lux  Occidente Lex, Out of the East Light and Out of the West, Laws! ). (Oriere - to rise, Lux Luchis- Light, Occidere - to set , Lex  Legis - Law )


Yesterday, record at 8 million jabs. AP did  1.2 m. 

Mega Vax Drive - with MP doing 1 milion jabs per day

 & UP doing 1.2 million jabs per day


Sarva Dharma Samabhava / Ecumenism/ Syncretism


Sarva Dharma Samabhava,

Known  as Ecumenism/ Syncretism,
Is the Base of World Religion,
The Universal Law / Vishva Dharma.
HG Wells wrote about World Religion,
As Shaw and Russell wrote about World Govt.
HG  wells predicted that NAM, New Age,
Is the world religion which will reign.
World  Govt was established in 1976.
By Mahesh Yogi, at Seelisburg,   Switzerland.
In   response to the call of Time,
A Global Organisation was structured.
 Said He "  Through the window of Science,
We see the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment
The non political non religious W G,
Has expertise to bring Extropy !"
Only One  Religion exists, said Shaw,
Though its hundred thousand interpretations,
Grace humanity; there is only one language,
And it is the language of the heart, said Sai.
New Age is the World Religion,
Prophesied by HG wells to reign
The Coming Redeemer is Lord Maitreya,
Who will  incorporate all Redeemers!
He is the Imam Mahdi, the Bodhisatva,
He is the Second Christ, the Kalki Avatar,
He is the Messiah of the Initiates, Jews,
He is the Emblem of Universal Friendship !
Maitreya means Friendship Universal,
And Friendship is based  on Love,
So Maitreya implies Intellectual Love,
Th greatest quality which alone can redeem !
Purpose of Church, Theology,
Is purification of Man.
Church is not to teach man,
Mysteries of Life.
Its Duty is to take Man
To that level of pellucid purity
At which Deity  Himself
Becomes the aspirant's  Teacher !
Then it is the Duty of Deity
To bring the aspirant to Perfection
If Self Actualisation is the Goal,
Give Him Self Actualisation.
He is sure to keep His Promise
"Verily Thou shalt dwell in Me
By consecrating to Me,
Thou shalt merge in Me".
"Thou shalt overcome all difficulties,
Thou shalt achieve the Goal Evoutionary"
Ma chitta sarva Durgani
Mat prasadath tharishyasi
In Jnana Yoga, it is the Duty of the Guru,
To give Self Actualisation to the disciple.
In Bhakti Yoga, it is the responsibility of Deity
To give Self Realisation to the devotee !
Graduate from Theology to Philosophy,
From blind faith to Intuition and   reason.
For ,Theology is an impediment, an obstacle,
In the higher reaches of Unitive knowledge.
I give Self Actualisation as a Gift, saith He
People worship Me for Wealth & Ambition,
After obtaining these, they waste their lives !
Worldliness is illness, Bhoga is Roga.
Know then they are only seemingly fortunate,
As they have not exhausted their negative karma.
Love all Beings is my instruction to thee,
As Universal Love is the escape route!
Yoga is scientific, Yoga is Universal,
A Yogi is a Universal Man, unattached,
To any caste, creed or Religion,
For, Yoga is a universal phenomenon.

265 million vaccinated. Cases down to 58 K.

When I got  up at 0500  AM, tremendous  rains lashed Kerala and Mumbai  and Kerala seemed to be shivering under the wrath of  Mrigasira, as the Sun transits Lambda Orionis ! ( Makeeryam Njattuvela started yesterday, 080621  at 0644 AM). Another powerful downpour started at 0900 AM (  Remember Kedarnath Tragedy occurred during this Transit). 


    For the time being, it is better  to  hold on and wait for the market to be bullish.  

Last month exports .went up by  68%  to 32 billion

India has vaccinated 234.7 million  so far. It is  reported that the third wave of Covid may  last 98 days.

We find that the stock market fell heavily and then recovered     remarkably and now is at 51 K.

Jove, the planet of finance, in the adverse  8th , is not good. You can see its own reflection in India's negative GDP growth  of -7.3 % .

Indian  metros are  unlocking, but then, unless we exercise prudence and caution, this too can be dangerous. Doctors averr that the 3rd Wave will last 98 days, but cannot predict when !

One friend opined that, if History repeats itself, present circumstances may lead to Depression 2.0 , which may eventually lead to WW3 ! ( like last time, Depression 1.0   ended in WW2 )            

The stock market is expected to play a game of hide and seek, going up and down, so characteristic of a transitional phase!  

The cost of  the 440 million vaccines which India has ordered, along with the cost  of free ration is 20 billion ! China donated  1 million Sinovac doses to Nepal!

With Angular Saturn, Kandaka  SHANI  and Jupiter in the adverse 8th , India is going    through      a bad phase. Only a temporary phenomenon,  as March  marches off !

Ban conversions, as Conversion is perversion. Every soul is providentially planted in some pot and the Initiate should outlive that pot. He must graduate from Theology to Transcendental Philosophy, from Dvaita  to Advaita.

Not Freedom of Religion Act, but implement the Anti Conversion   Bill in all states.     

Now US, India & UK categorically state the origin of Covid is China. It is time to   isolate the Evil Empire!   

India fights back & has so far  vaccinated 215.6 million and will achieve the milestone of one billion by December.   Cases have  come down to  <100 K , from 430 K .  

UP will be vaccinating 10 million in June. 3 million doses have come and India will be creating history. Jupiter is  in the adverse 8th ( Ashtame Harito Bali) and India will come out of this crisis with flying colors.

Recovery Rate is  90%.   
Now everything is  in  the  hands  of Doctors and it is their  duty to warn  us and
effectuate cures. When is  the Third Wave coming up?
Astrologically,  Jove in acceleration  is negative and this period may last for some months.
It is    good   that   India has  backed   US’  global  Covid   probe. China   has   a habit of
fighting  everyone else   and   will  find   herself  isolated   due    to her   Karma   for
illegally  occupying   lands of   6   nations.   The Free World  vs the Evil Empire ! 




The Sanskrit Deva became the Latin Deus Deo Dei and the English Deity.     

The Sanskit Dyo Pitha ( Father of the Heavens) became the Greek Jupiter.  
The English Jove is derived from the Sanskrit Jyok - Jeeveengira Suragurur
vachasnpatir Jyok.       

The Greek Helios is derived from the Sanskrit Heli- Heli Surya Chandrama

The     Sanskrit  Pitha   Guru became  the Greek Pythagoras and this  Guru
or goras  occurs  in such names such  as Anaxagoras &  Protagoras,
Sankrit Hora  became the English Hour and Astrology
became Hora Sastra, the Science of  Time..        

Saptha  became the Latin   Septa and the English   September.
Ashta -  Octa   - October   
Nava  -  Novem  - November           
Dasa     Decem -   December 
Divya   became  Divina  and      divine.
Mata     Mater    Mother
Pita     Pater       Father
Bhratha  Frater   Brother                                



Today  is the   Day  of  Alignment,   when Earth, the Moon & the     Sun    come     in  one line. This happens   only on Full  or New     Moons. Cyclones become more fierce during   these days.

Today, 260521, is a Full Moon Day. It seems that Kala Varsha, the great    Indian Advancing Monsoon, has struck! 

Can Odisha and WB face the fury of Rohini  Njattuvela,  the Solar Transit of Aldebaran?

Let  us   wait and  see!

India has so far     vaccinated 200 million !


It  is abominable, atrocious  to call a Variant by the name of a  Nation.   
"Indian Variant" is a misnomer.  It is  a reprehensible move to  calumnise India .
So far, 191.4 million have been vaccinated and we advocate doorstep jabs to expedite the process.
This verse is effective in bringing down physical afflictions.
Asmin    Paratman    nanu     Padme    kalpe
Thvamithamuthapitha    Padma    yonim
Anantha    Bhooma    Mama Roga    Rasim
Nirundhi    Vatalaya vasa Vishno


India    developed    her    own    drug,
To    combat    the    Kovid    menace
DRDO    &    Dr    Reddys    combine
Produced    2  DG  !

This  drug  reduces Oxygen dependancy,
And  along  with  Covishield,   Covaxin,
Sphtnik    V    and    the    Pfizer    drug,
Can    destroy    the    Kovid    threat.

Scoreboard    -    2105
Vaccinated 191.4   million
Cases  264  K daily
4.2  K deaths Covid
7 K cases Black Fungus 

On 18th  May,      2014
Cosmic  Humanism   ascended
As  the  result  of  a  Consciousness  Revolution
Which   swept   India   entire!’’
Gone was  pseudo  Secularism,
And its sister`,pseudo  Socialism
Direction came  from  the brainy   South,
Which was  taken up by  the powerful  North !
If  I  believe in anybody,  averred Max  Mueller,
It  is Sree Sankara  of  the East !
The greatest Equation was taught  by  Him,
That  Absolute Reality=  Unity !
Kerala, where He was born,
Is   famous for  its Astronomy & Maths!
Also   Holism  & Monism,  Advaita  Vedanta,
And  the Science of   Life, Ayurveda.



Acceleration is the opposite  phenomenon  of  Retrogresson.  The  former  is  considered malign.

Throughout May, Jupiter  will be  in  a  state  of  acceleration,  in  Aquarius. This does  not augur well for  India.

Despite  adverse   circumstances   and  criticism,  India rose to   the   occasion.    India  have inoculated 180   million   ( as against  mighty  America’s   119 million.)    Oxygen   supply  has  gone  up  by   300%  and 3 Billion   doses    have been   envisaged  by December.
This   is  the   biggest Vaccinaion   Drive  ever.
We thank  all   the  40  nations  who   assisted   India.


In view of  the raging    Pandemic, we    suggest    India    shoud    go    in    for a  sampoorna lockdown    for    one month.

Jupiter's acceleration, Atichara, does   not augur well for the world in general and  India in    particular.   Zero Covid    protocols are observed by the     masses. Even Social Distancing is not  maintained.

It    is    a    Herculean     task to  vaccinate   1.3 b. Largest Vaccination    drive  ever.   Get Vaccinated, no  politicisation.   Doorsteps    jabs    needed.

May    the    Great    Geometriciser    redeem    India    and  the world.

What    Temples    should    do    now    is    to    provide   free    O2.e
The inimitable    Temples are    great    in    providing    free    food    (GOLDEN TEMPLE,  Guruvayur,  Mammiyur,  Vadakkunnathan    et    al).    We    request    them
to    provide    free    Oxygen    also.   

Let    us    chant    the    Durga    Roga    Nivarana    Mantra.
Roga    Nivarini   Shoka   Nivarini   Tapa    Nivarini    Jaya Durga

O Mother Mighty ! born    in    the    Heavens,
To    dispense Justice to the    worlds triune
Show Thy Hand    as    the    Annihilator    of suffering,
As    Roga    Nivarini    Jaya    Durga !

Thou    art    the    Executrix    of    Justice,
Creatrix,    Mediatrix    and    Dispensatrix.
Show    Thy    Healing    Power    of    Love
And    bring    solace    to    suffering    millions!

Thou    Art    the    Preserver,
Creator    and    Destroyer,
In Thy    aspect of    Time,
As    the    formidable    Kala    Swaroopini    (Kali)    !

In Thee is    Munificence,    Compassion,
Almighty Love    to       redeem    all    !
Show    Thy    Potent    Healing    Touch,
As    Thou    abidest    as    Healing    Center    in    all!


By implementing   Prana Project,    Trichur  Medical College   has proved to
be an Exemplar.  New Oxygen Plant (600 ltrs/mnute) supplies  O2 to the patient's bed.

Ayur prophylactic   measures   include

  Deconstipate  thy   body
  Detox  thy  body
  Avoid  non     veg
  Keep    PH at 7.3
  Live in   Rhythm   with    Nature
  Practise  Intellectual Love 



Science is  defined  as systematized  Knowledge of   Nature. 
Science  is   organized KNOWLEDGE,  Wisdom  is  organized  LIFE( Kant).
Prakriti    is  the  Healer, natura sanat   medicus  curate. But, then, who is Her Lord?  Purusha, of course,  and   He is the      Doctor   of all  Doctors,  Sree  Vaidyanathaya Namah Shivaya!

Help    in this  situation    is  needed  from    Above.

Let   us chant  the      Vaidyanatha  Octet   !
Sreerama Sumtra  Jadayu  veda
Shadanaditya Kujarchitaya
Sree Neelakantaya Dayamayaya
Sree Vaidyanathaya Nama Shivaya ,

I bow down to the Master Healer !







Today'Star : MOOLAM Moon 250.52 
At : 5.30 AM Standard Time 
Today : 01-05-2021 saturday 
At Place : TRICHUR 
Longitude : 76.15 East 
Latitude : 10.30 North 
Sunrise : 6.07 AM 
Sunset : 6.37 PM 
Time Zone : 5.30 East Of Greenwich 
Local Mean Time : Standard Time -25 Mins 
Sidereal Time : 156.6 Minutes 
SolarTransit-NjattuVela : BHARANI Sun 16.72 
Kalpa : Sveta Varaha 
7th Manvantara : Vaivaswata 
Ahargana - Elapsed Days : 1870870 
Equinoctial Cycle : 28th Chathur Yuga 
Karana - Half Lunation : Panni 
Z Ephemeris / ePanchang 8.0 / 072020 / 02-05-2021 10:31:04 
Software : M 93885 56053 email - 


SUN ARIES 16:43: 4 BHARANI 2 16 :43 : 4 
MARS GEMINI 10:25:49 THIRUVATHIRA 2 70 :25 :49 
JUPITER AQUARIUS 4:11:31 AVITTAM 4 304 :11 :31 
VENUS ARIES 25:55:29 BHARANI 4 25 :55 :29 
SATURN CAPRICORN 18:55:53 THIRUVONAM 3 288 :55 :53 
MERCURY TAURUS 0: 0:30 KARTHIKA 2 30 : 0 :30 
MOON SAGITTARIUS 10:31:13 MOOLAM 4 250 :31 :13 
RAHU TAURUS 18:21:50 ROHINI 3 48 :21 :50 
KETU SCORPIO 18:21:50 THRIKKETTA 1 228 :21 :50 
LAGNA ARIES 5:27:52 ASWATHI 2 5 :27 :52 
GULIKA CAPRICORN 26:29:15 AVITTAM 1 296 :29 :15 



Q - How to find the Hindu month we are in? 

A - From the Sun's longitude - find out the month from the 
above table. 


This is the Table of Lunations 

Lunation = Difference between Longitudes - Solar & Lunar 

Elongation is the angular distance 
From the glorious Sun ! 
Zero is Conjunction 
And 180 degrees - Opposition! 

Q - How do we know which is today's Lunation ? 

A - From Moon's Longitude find out the Lunation from 
this Table. 

Lunation Elongation of Moon 

Prathama   Moon between 0 degrees and 12 degrees from the Sun 
Dwithyeeya Moon between 12 degrees and 24 degrees 
Thritheeya Moon between 24 degrees and 36 degrees 
Chathurthi Moon between 36 degrees and 48 degrees 
Panchami   Moon between 48 degrees and 60 degrees 
Shashti    Moon between 60 degrees and 72 degrees 
Sapthami   Moon between 72 degrees and 84 degrees 
Ashtami    Moon between 84 degrees and 96 degrees 
Navami     Moon between 96 degrees and 108 degrees 
Dasami     Moon between 108 degrees and 120 degrees 
Ekadasi    Moon betw een 120 degrees and 132 degrees 
Dwadasi    Moon between 132 degrees and 144 degrees 
Thrayodasi Moon between 144 degrees and 156 degrees 

Chathurdasi Moon between 156 degrees and 168 degrees 
Pournami    Moon between 168 degrees and 180 degrees 



Gulika Rising is considered malign. Beware ! 


1 Mon         1 30 3 0 
2 Sat         6 0 7 30 
3 Fri         7 30 9 0 
4 Wed        10 30 12 30 
5 Thu         9 0 10 30 
6 Tue         12 0 1 30 
7 Sun         3 0 4 30 


Yamakanadaka is a benign satellite of Jupiter. Ganymede? 


1 Mon        10 30 12 0 
2 Sat         1 30 3 0 
3 Fri          3 0 4 30 
4 Wed        7 30 9 0 
5 Thu        6 0 7 30 
6 Tue        9 0 10 30 
7 Sun       12 0 1 30 

Some Important Dates 


MESHA SOLSTICE      04/14/21 Gross RA Sol 0 Decl 0 Sun 
VRISHABHA SOLSTICE  05/15/21 Solar Month II Su
MIDHUNA SOLSTICE    06/15/21 Solar Month III S
KATAKA SOLSTICE     07/17/21 Holy Ramayana Month Sun@

SIMHA SOLSTICE     08/17/21 Sun crosses 120 degrees Sol
KANYA SOLSTICE     09/17/21 Sun crosses 150 Solar
TULA SOLSTICE      10/17/21 Sun crosses 180 Sola
VRISCHIKA SOLSTICE 11/16/21 Holy Mandala Kala Start Sun crosse
DHANUS SOLSTICE    12/16/21 Solar Month IX Sun 240 
MAKARA SOLSTICE    01/14/21 Sun crosses 270 degree Solar M
KUMBHA SOLSTICE    02/13/21 Sun crosses 300 degrees Solar M
MEENA SOLSTICE     03/14/21 Sun crosses 330 degrees Long


BHARANI Njattu Vela  04/27/21 Sun @ 2nd constellation 
Aswathy Njattuvela   04/14/21 Sun tenants First Star Sun @ First Sta
BHARANI Njattuvela   04/27/21 Sun tenants Second Star Sun crosses 13 de
KRITHIKA Njattuvela  05/11/21 Sun @ 3rd Star 
ROHINI Njattuvela    05/25/21 Sun @ 4th constellation Sun crosses 40 
MRIGASIRA Njattuvela 06/08/21 Sun @ 5th constellation Rainy Solar Trans
ARIDRA Njattuvela    06/21/21 Sun @ 6th constellatio Rainy Solar Transit
PUNARVASU Njattuvela 07/05/21 Sun @ 7th constellation Rainy Solar Tra
PUSHYA Njattuvela    07/19/21 Sun @ 8th constellation Rainy Solar Transi
ASLESHA Njattuvela   08/02/21 Sun @ 9th constellation Rainy Solar Trans
MAGHA Njattuvela     08/16/21 Sun @ 10th constellatio Rainy Solar Transi
PUBBA Njattuvela     08/30/21 Sun @11th constellatio Rainy Solar Transit
UTHARA Njattu Vela   09/13/21 Sun @ 12th constellation Rainy Solar Transi
HASTHA Njattuvela    09/27/21 Sun @13th constellatio Rainy Solar Transi
CHITHRA Njattuvela   10/10/21 Sun @14th constellatio Rainy Solar Transi
SWATHI Njattuvela    10/24/21 Sun @15th constellatio Rainy Solar Transit
VISHAKHA Njattuvela  11/06/21 Sun @ 16th constellatio Rainy Solar Trans
ANURADHA Njattuvela  11/19/21 Sun @ 17th constellation Rainy Solar Tran
JYESHTA Njattuvela   12/02/21 Sun @18th constellatio Rainy Solar Transi
MOOLA Njattuvela     12/15/21 Sun @ 19th constellatio 
POORVASHADA Njattuve 12/29/21 Sun @ 20h constellation 
UTHRASHADA Njattuvel 01/10/21 Sun @ 21 st constellati 
SRAVANA Njattuvela   01/23/21 Sun @ 22 nd constellat 
DHANISHTA Njattuvela 02/06/21 Sun @ 23rd constellati 
SATHABHISHA Njattuve 02/19/21 Sun @ 24th constellation 
POORVABHADRA Njattuv 03/04/21 Sun @ 25th constellation 
UTHARABHADRA Njattuv 03/17/21 Sun @ 26th constellation 
REVATI Njattuvela    03/31/21 Sun @ 27th constellation 


Vishu          04/14/21 Sun    g RA 0 Degree.
Tula Vishu     10/17/21 Sun @ 180 Decl 0 
Makara Bharani 01/22/21 Sun > 270 Moon @ 2nd constel
Kumbha Bharani 02/18/21 Sun > 300 Moon @ 2nd constel
Makara Vilakku 01/14/21 Sun @ 270. Northern Solstice Start.
Meena Bharani  03/18/21 Sun > 330 Moon @ 2nd constel
Trichur Pooram 04/23/21 Moon in constellation Pu Sun in Aries.

Arattupuzha Pooram   03/27/21 Moon in constellation Pu Sun in Pisces 
Thriprayar Ekadasi   11/29/21 Vrischika Krishna Ekadas 11th Lunation in 
Guruvayur Ekadasi    01/01/21 Vrischika Shukla Ekadasi 11th Lunation in 
Patham Udayam        04/25/21 Tenth Rising Sun > 10 
Chithra Pournami     04/27/21 Full Moon In First Lunar Mont
Akshaya Thriteeya    05/14/21 Third Lunation Elongation Luna 24~
Kataka New Moon      08/08/21 Sun @ 90 Cancer Full Moon 
Ashtami Vrit         11/27/21 Eighth Lunation Sun betweeen 210~24
Hindu New Lunar Era  04/12/21 Equinoctial New Moon From Luni-solar Ze
Nava Ratri           10/07/21 Nine Nights Kanya Shukla Moon 0~120 in Shar d.

Kala Varsha     05/30/21 Solar long touches 45 de 
Onam            08/21/21 Moon in Sravana Sun in Simha 
Tula Vishu      10/17/21 Sun @ 180 Initiates Retreatin
Pongal          01/14/21 Sun @ 270 Gross R A Long cro
Makara Bharani  01/22/21 Sun > 270 Moon @ 2nd constel
Kumbha Bharani  02/18/21 Sun > 300 Moon @ 2nd constel
Makara Vilakku  01/14/21 Sun @ 270
Kuchela Day     12/22/21 First Wednesday In Sagm Dhanus 
Meena Bharani   03/18/21 Sun > 330 Moon @ 2nd constel


Trichur Pooram     04/23/21 Moon in constellation Pu Sun in Aries 
Arattupuzha Pooram 03/27/21 Moon in constellation Pu Sun in Pisces 
Thriprayar Ekadasi 11/30/21 Vrischika Krishna Ekadas 11th Lunation in 
Patham Udayam      04/  23/21 Tenth Rising Sun > 10 

Vaisakha Lunar Month            05/12/21 Second Lunar Mmonth After Full Moon

Ramayana Masa        Sun @ 90 deg.           Start of Southern Solstice.

Guru Poornima    07/23/21 Full Moon in Cancer Sun > 90 
Thai Pooyam       01/28/21 Sun in Makaraa Moon in Pushy
Thiruvathira         12/20/21 Moon in Ardra Sun in Dhanus 
Tula Varsha          10/17/21 

Easter                      04/04/21 
Good Friday           04/02/21 
Monte Thursday    04/01/21 

Deepavali               11/04/21 

Patham Udayam        04/25/21 Tenth Rising Sun > 10 
Chithra Pournami     04/27/21 Full Moon In First Lunar Mont
Akshaya Thriteeya     05/14/21 Third Lunation Elongation Luna 24~
Kataka New Moon    08/08/21 Sun @ 90 Cancer Full Moon 
Hindu Lunar Year     12/04/21 From Luni-solar Zer
Nava Ratri                  07/10/21 Nine Nights Kanya Shukla Moon 0~120 in Shar

Kala Varsha    05/30/21 Solar long touches 45 de Start Advancing Mon
Tula Varsha    10/17/21 Retreating Monsoon Start Sun@ 180 
Onam           08/21/21 Moon in Sravana Sun in Simha 

Kuchela Day    12/16/21 

Meena Bharani    03/18/21 Sun > 330 Moon @ 2nd constel
Trichur Pooram   04/23/21 Moon in constellation Pu Sun in Aries 

Arattupuzha Pooram      03/27/21 Moon in constellation Pubba  Sun in Pisces 
Thriprayar Ekadasi       11/29/21 Vrischika Krishna Ekadas     11th Lunation in 
Guruvayur Ekadasi        01/01/21 Vrischika Shukla Ekadasi      11th Lunation in 
Hindu Lunar Year          04/12/21 From Luni-solar Zer0
Vaisakha Lunar Month 05/12/21 Second Lunar Month               After Full Moon
Nava Ratri                        10/07/21 Nine Nights Kanya                  Shukla Moon 0~120 in Sharat

Mithra Jayanti  12/25/21 Nativity of Lord          Sun @ 273 degrees 
Onam            08/21/21 Moon in Sravana           Sun in Simha 
Deepavali       11/04/21 Tula Krishna Chaturdasi   Coincides with Ful
Sankara Jayanti 05/17/21 Vaishakha Shukla Panchami Elongation Luna 

Varaha Jayanti     05/01/21 Incarnation of Lord 
Balabhadra Jayanti 05/14/21 Incarnation of Lord 
Koorma Avatar      07/06/21 Incarnation of Lord 
Parasurama Jayanti 12/21/21 Incarnation of Lord 

Pradosh Vrita 01/25/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 08/19/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 04/25/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 05/24/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 06/22/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 07/21/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 08/20/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 09/18/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 11/16/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 12/16/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 01/26/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 02/24/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 03/26/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 05/08/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 06/07/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 07/07/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 08/05/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 09/04/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 10/04/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 11/02/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 12/02/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 01/10/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 02/09/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 03/10/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144
Pradosh Vrita 04/09/21 Observed at Sayana Sandya Moon between 144

Avani Avittam       08/22/21 Moon in Dhanishta         Sun in Sim
Narayana GuruJayant 08/23/21 Moon in Satabhisha        Sun in Simha 
DURGA ASHTAMI       10/13/21 8th Lunation in Nava Ratr Moon 84~96 in Sh
MAHA NAVAMI         10/14/21 9th Lunation in Nava Ratr Moon 96~108 in
VIJAYA DASAMI       10/15/21 10th Lunation in Nava Rat Moon 108~120 
Start Atham-Onam    08/13/21 Moon in Hasta             Sun in S

Fivefold Ephemeris Data for 2021 - cast at Guruvayur

- Trichur -076 E 15 +10 N 30 and TZ = - 0530. 

Solstice = Solar Ingress into a Sign or Constellation 

Moonstice = Lunar Ingress into a Sign or Constellation 

Lunstice = Lunar Ingress into a Lunation 

T No - Thidhi or Lunation No. 30 numbers given for the 30 Lunations. 1 
is Prathama- 2 Dwiteeya- 15 Pournami- 15 for Prathama" 28 for Trayodasi 

in Dark Fortningt ( Krishna Paksha ) Trayadasi and 30 
for Black Moon ( New Moon ) Amavasi. 

St No - Star No. 
V No - Vara No - Number of Weekday. 
LD - Longitudinal Difference - between Sun and Moon - Thidhi. 
N Yoga- the longitudinal sum of Moon and Sun. 
Thidhi - Lunation. 12 degrees. 
Karana - Half Lunation. 6 degrees. 



Transits  of Planets


305 Mon 01-11-21 194.67 142.75 11 PUBBA EKADASI INDRA 
306 Tue 02-11-21 195.67 156.63 12 UTHARA DWADASI VAIDHRITI
307 Wed 03-11-21 196.67 170.95 13 HASTHA THRAYODASI VISHKAMBH
308 Thu 04-11-21 197.67 185.63 14 CHITHRA CHATHURDAS PRITI
= 8=
309 Fri 05-11-21 198.67 200.58 16 VISHAKHA PRATHAMA AYUSHMAN 
310 Sat 06-11-21 199.67 215.64 17 ANURADHA DWITHEEYA SOBHANA 
311 Sun 07-11-21 200.67 230.68 18 JYESHTA THRITHEEYA ATIGANDA 
312 Mon 08-11-21 201.67 245.56 19 MOOLA CHATHURTHI SUKARMAN 
313 Tue 09-11-21 202.68 260.16 20 POORVASHAD PANCHAMI DHRITI 
314 Wed 10-11-21 203.68 274.42 21 UTHRASHADA SHASHTI SOOLA 
315 Thu 11-11-21 204.69 288.30 22 SRAVANA SAPTHAMI GANDA 
316 Fri 12-11-21 205.69 301.81 23 DHANISHTA NAVAMI DHRUVA 
317 Sat 13-11-21 206.69 314.97 24 SATHABHISH DASAMI VYAGHATA 
318 Sun 14-11-21 207.70 327.82 25 POORVABHAD EKADASI HARSHANA 
319 Mon 15-11-21 208.71 340.41 26 UTHARABHAD EKADASI VAJRA 
320 Tue 16-11-21 209.71 352.77 27 REVATI DWADASI SIDDHI 
321 Wed 17-11-21 210.72 4.96 1 ASWINI THRAYODASI VYATIPATA
322 Thu 18-11-21 211.74 16.99 2 BHARANI CHATHURDAS VARIYAN 
323 Fri 19-11-21 212.75 28.92 3 KRITHIKA POURNAMI PARIGHA 
324 Sat 20-11-21 213.75 40.76 4 ROHINI PRATHAMA SIVA 
325 Sun 21-11-21 214.76 52.57 4 ROHINI DWITHEEYA SIDDHA 
326 Mon 22-11-21 215.77 64.36 5 MRIGASIRA THRITHEEYA SADHYA 
327 Tue 23-11-21 216.78 76.20 6 ARIDRA CHATHURTHI SADHYA 
328 Wed 24-11-21 217.79 88.12 7 PUNARVASU PANCHAMI SUBHA 
329 Thu 25-11-21 218.80 100.18 8 PUSHYA SHASHTI SUKLA 
330 Fri 26-11-21 219.81 112.44 9 ASLESHA SAPTHAMI BRAHMA 
331 Sat 27-11-21 220.82 124.97 10 MAGHA ASHTAMI INDRA 
332 Sun 28-11-21 221.83 137.83 11 PUBBA NAVAMI VAIDHRITI
333 Mon 29-11-21 222.84 151.10 12 UTHARA DASAMI PRITI 
334 Tue 30-11-21 223.86 164.81 13 HASTHA EKADASI AYUSH